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10 Cool Gadgets Under $25 That Make Great Christmas Gifts

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Christmas is approaching and sometimes it’s difficult to decide what gifts to buy. We want something really cool, but at the same time don’t want to spend a lot of money. We’ve decided to help out by putting together a list of 10 really cool gadgets that look expensive but are all under $25. Let us know if you see something that’s not here and should be.

1. Moon Wall Lamp – $24.39

This Moon Wall Lamp is perfect for children who need some extra lighting or those who are really into astronomy. The lamp also comes with a moon tour and shuts off automatically in order to conserve battery power (after 30 minutes). In the box you receive the lamp, a bulb, a remote control, and an instruction manual. Unfortunately, no batteries are included.

2. Heated Butter Knife – $19.95

This Heated Butter Knife may look like an ordinary knife, but comes equipped with the ability to melt butter at the small press of a button. This will make it much easier for you to spread your butter and prevent you from utterly destroying your bread. It can also be used for prying cold meats. It’s dishwasher friendly and is easy on the wrist with no electricity or batteries required. If anything, it definitely makes for a fun gift this holiday season.

3. Hairbrush Flask – $24.98

This Hairbrush Flask is perfect for those who have difficulty sneaking alcohol into public places or just want an easy way to carry around some extra liquor. While the brush is meant for women, men who like to keep their hair nice and tidy can also use it while getting a buzz at the same time. The brush will not be detected by metal detectors and as far as anyone can tell, it looks like an ordinary hair brush. You can hold up to 6 ounces of liquid.

4. USB Rechargeable Batteries – $16.00

These USB Rechargeable Batteries are probably one of the more useful items on the list. With a great way to help the battery and save money in the long-run, you’ll no longer have to keep purchasing batteries once they die. To charge them, unscrew the top portion of the lid and put them in any USB port. The complete charging time is anywhere from 5 – 6 hours and can be charged hundreds of times.

5. Pocket Slingshot – $25

The Pocket Slingshot makes it easy to carry around a handy weapon that’s both compact and easy to conceal, unlike normal slingshots and are both bulky and slightly difficult to use. It fires up to speeds of 350 ft per second and the seals are water-tight. In the box you’ll receive the slingshot along with two replaceable pouches. This slingshot is not meant to be used as a toy, but rather for hunting or recreational purposes. Objects that can be used for ammunition include small rocks, marbles and paintballs. Using BBs may damage the pouch, so be careful when using incredibly small items.

6. Desktop Catapult – $23.30

This is great for those who love having fun and enjoy assembling new things. This Desktop Catapult fires up to 33 feet in height and up to a quarter of a mile in length – definitely more powerful than it looks. The design mimics the catapult created by Leonardo Da Vinci, impressing the minds of many engineers and scientists. The kit comes with wooden pieces that are incredibly durable and a complete instruction manual on use and assembly.

7. Self Stirring Mug – $6.57


Feeling a little bit lazy this holiday season, or know someone else who is all-year-round? Remove the need to stir your coffee with this Self Stirring Mug that does it for you. While it’s not taking away that much work, it can be fun watching your coffee spin without you having to do anything. This works great as a gag gift and is incredibly affordable at just $6.57 with free shipping. The cup holds up to 11.8 ounces and takes 2 AAA batteries.

8. Wall Socket Safe – $7.99


If you’ve ever needed to hide your valuables or put a camera in a spot that couldn’t be seen by anyone, the Wall Socket Safe does just that. It looks like a normal outlet and will fool thieves or anyone else looking for valuables inside your home. They say that a burglar takes an average time of 6 minutes looking for valuables in a victim’s home – the last place they’d ever look is within your socket. It comes with a small key that can be used to unlock it along with installation instruction.

9. USB Heated Blanket – $24.99

The winter season can be quite cold around Christmas time. The USB Heated Blanket helps you stay warm and comes with a convenient way to turn on. You can place the blanket on low heat by plugging in one USB cord or increase it to high heat by plugging in two. The blanket can reach a temperature of up to 113 F and measures at 31” x 17”. Perfect for those who can’t stand the cold or who are constantly near a computer with USB ports.

10. Floating Bookshelf – $9.99

Want a really cool way to store your books? You’ll be confused as to whether they’re just floating there or being attached by a string with the Floating Bookshelf. All you have to do is attach it to the wall with the mounting equipment that’s included and follow the instructions. This is great for minimalists who don’t want a large bookshelf taking up a lot of space, and it’s especially convenient to just grab a book off of the wall when you want something to read.

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