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10 Money Making Apps You Must Have On Your Phone

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We’ve mentioned a lot of different money-making apps here on FFL, but sometimes it can be a haze trying to sort through the most useful ones, and there’s only so many that we can keep track of. We finally decided to narrow it down into the top 10 most useful apps that everyone should have on their phone.

1. Ibotta

There’s a reason Ibotta is ranked number one on our list. This app helps you save money on specific food items that you buy on a frequent basis at the grocery store in the form of cash back. All you have to do is take a picture of the receipt with that item listed, and Ibotta will give you back a specific amount of cash back. The amount you get back is completely depended on the product. For example, if you buy a gallon of milk (any brand), the first time you upload a receipt with a gallon of milk listed on your transaction, you get $.50 cents back as long as you bought it from one of their participating stores. Sometimes you can get as much as $2 or more back depending on the item. Not only that, but you get a bonus of $10 after scanning your first receipt, but you need a minimum of $20 in order to cash out.

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2. Shoptracker

Shoptracker has to be one of the most passive income apps out there. They give you a $3 bonus just for finishing the registration process, and an additional $3 Visa gift card for each month you leave the app installed on your phone. This totals out to be $39 in passive income your first year! This app works by linking to your Amazon account and then tracking your Amazon purchases for market research. Don’t worry – all of your personal information is spared. They only want to gather information about the products you purchase and when you buy them. Upon registration, take a quick 5-10 question survey about your Amazon purchase history and you’re all setup.



3. Perk TV

We recently wrote an article about how much you can potentially earn with the Perk TV App in 2016. While the earnings are a bit lower than what they used to be, they’re still quite high at around $113 a month provided that you click “Are you still watching?” button every two hours. What makes this app great is that other than clicking that button, it’s pretty much all passive. Very little work is required, all you have to do is watch video ads, and the payout is quite high when compared to other money-making apps. One word of caution I’d like to give is that it may take up a lot of bandwidth, so check with our ISP beforehand to see if there’s a cap on your data usage.


perk tv 14. Swagbucks

Similar to Perk TV, you can also watch videos on your phone and get paid for it with the Swagbucks app. Not only that, but you can complete other tasks and get paid, such as taking polly, filling out surveys, online shopping and more. While the payout isn’t as high as Perk TV, you can still except to make a minimum of $30/month if not more by using all of the Swagbucks apps available across multiple phones. They also give a nice referral bonus of 10% of all your friends’ earnings. Like Perk TV, videos are mostly passive so you don’t have to put much work into it. The only downside is that there’s a limit as to how many videos can be watched per day.

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5. Ebates

Ebates is a shopping portal that gives you cash back for online purchases across thousands of retailers across the web. Each time you click one of their links to make a purchase, they earn a set amount of money and give a large portion of it back to the user – or in this case, you. While the majority of their users utilize the portal on their website, their app has a few key differences. On their app you can now get cash back for in-store purchases as well as online purchases. Furthermore, certain offers are only found on their app, ones that you wouldn’t find on their site. You get a free $10 gift card for signing-up. The one thing that irks me is that you can wait up to a maximum of 3 months before you receive a payment, but I’ve always received mine.

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6. Gift Bay

Gift Bay (bonus code 3b92e05) is almost exactly like it’s brother mentioned above, Boom Gift. Payment structure is the same, most of the apps are similar, and payout rates are just as high. This is because they are both developed and managed by the same company. You also get a 30% bonus of whatever your referrals make. The only reason we have Gift Bay so far down on the list is because it’s just not as popular as Boom Gift since it was released at a later date. You can use both of these apps together, and even if they have the same app on each one you’ll get paid for it twice as long as you download it twice. Unfortunately it’s currently only available for iOS devices.

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7. Drizzle SMS

What if you could get paid for every text that you sent or received? With Drizzle SMS< now you can. In order to make this happen, Drizzle placed a small banner ad near the top of your screen each time you open messaging. Whether you click on the ad or not, you get paid. Registration is completely free, and you even get a small bonus for referring friends. The amount you earn isn’t incredibly high, but with the amount of texting we do these days (the average texter sends 4,000 a month and will earn you $10), it can add up quite quickly. Unfortunately it’s currently only available for Android devices.

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8. Wheel of Bitcoin

There’s never been an easier way to earn some extra BitCoin in your time with the Wheel of Bitcoin app. This app pays you spin a wheel on your phone, and you get 3 free spins every 30 minutes. You can choose to double or nothing each spin, but this is risky since you can also lose all of your earnings for that one spin. The reason why they’re able to give you free BitCoin is because there’s an ad that appears after each spin. Even if you don’t click on it, you still get paid. The payout isn’t much, but it’s a great way to diversify your assets, and Bitcoin has been continuously on the rise lately. You also get 50% of all your friends’ earnings.

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9. GiftMe

This is probably the app that I use the most frequently, yet it’s one of the least well-known. GiftMe is a gift card exchange app in which you can either sell your gift card at a discounted price, or you can buy gift cards from other users. Normally I’ll find gift cards on here anywhere from 5% – 20% off. For example, I can always get 5% off on Amazon Gift Cards on here. The best part about this app is that there’s absolutely no waiting involved. As soon as you purchase a gift card, it’s immediately inside of your wallet ready for use. This means that if you’re waiting in line at a store you can buy a gift card really quickly and then use it for your purchase.

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10. Amazon Underground

If you ever find yourself paying for mobile apps, stop immediately. Amazon Underground is a mobile app that has millions of apps that are available for free. If you happen to see one on the Google Play Store or the App Store and it costs money, check on this app before you buy it. Developers are paid each time their app is downloaded, so they get an incentive to put their apps up with Amazon. Currently they have over $20,000 in apps listed. Registration is completely free, and you can find apps from all categories such as games, education and entertainment.

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