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11 Things You Should Never Purchase Without a Coupon or Promo Code

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Coupons and discount codes are powerful and you should try and use them whenever you can. They’re so useful that there are some products that you should hold off on buying until you have some sort of promotional code. Here are 11 product categories that frequently go on sale.

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most expensive product categories around. Even if you get a coupon that saves you as little as 10% on your next purchase, you’re still going to be saving a lot on a purchase that costs over $1,00.  

Another reason to never buy jewelry without a coupon is that jewelry usually has a large mark-up when you buy in a store. Take advantage of this by using your coupons during big clearance sales, where most of these markups are heavily reduced. That way you’ll get a price closer to the fair sales price.

How Do You Find Jewelry Coupons?

Jewelry coupons are much more common than you might think. You should look for them on websites like Retailmenot.  You can even shop through cash back rebate websites such as Swagbucks or TopCashback.

When it comes to jewelry, be sure to read the terms and conditions of the promotion. Some stores are sneaky and will prevent you from using a discount code in the middle of a big sale.

2. Apparel

Clothing for men, women, and children only seems to get more expensive every year. This applies particularly so if you’re purchasing designer items. There’s no reason not to wait for a coupon when it comes to clothing since there’s so many of them around.

This is arguably the most populated niche for finding coupons and discount codes.  Typically, you’ll find coupons that take between 15% and 25% off your entire purchase. Wait around until the main Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays and you’ll regularly find coupons for up to 50% off.

There are certain retailers that release coupons on a regular basis. Shoppers who prefer Macy’s, JCPenney, Kohl’s, and Sears will find some great online deals.

How Do You Find Coupons for Apparel?

You can find clothing coupons practically anywhere. Sites like provide a great chance to find coupons. Yet we recommend visiting the sites of your favorite clothing stores on a regular basis.

Sign -up to their newsletters and register with any clubs/programs they have. Members can get access to exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else.

Another great option for apparel is the mobile app Coupon Sherpa. It works the same way as normal coupon sites but you can access it directly from your mobile device.

3. Food Delivery Sites

The cost of delivery food can quickly add up. This is an industry with so much competition that outlets are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. The main way they do this is through discount coupons. Saving a few dollars here or there can lead to significant savings over the course of a year.

These types of promotions are so common that we even put together a list of 10 food delivery services that give away free food on the first order.

There are different types of coupons for delivery food. Some will take off a portion of the price of an order. Others will throw in freebies, such as free drinks and sides. 

How Do You Get Promotional Codes for Delivery Food?

Normally you can go directly to the food delivery site to find a discount. Otherwise, is a fantastic option for finding promotional codes on delivery food.

Sometimes you might even get a special offer when you place an order within the promotional leaflets that come with the delivery. Lastly, when those mail brochures come in your mailbox, look through them before putting them in the trash as they often have numerous coupons for those who like takeout and delivery.

4. Routine Car Maintenance

Routine car maintenance can include anything from a car wash to tire rotations. Anything that isn’t considered to be ‘major’ work can fall into this category. Since most people use independent mechanics, it’s hard to imagine that coupons would ever become available.

Coupons tend to come from native providers. This means that you should expect to get most these offers from the providers themselves via their literature or through becoming a member of their network.

Coupons tend to come in the form of added extras on top of your usual car maintenance routine. Straight price cuts are rare.

Where is the Best Place to Get Promotional Codes for Routine Car Maintenance?

A lot of coupon sites will never feature routine car maintenance coupons. You must search to find them. As already mentioned, signup to any newsletters your usual maintenance provider has. Groupon is one of the few major coupon websites that include deals on routine car maintenance.

Sometimes you can even get free or discounted maintenance through other discount programs. For example, Sam’s Club offers a few different perks, including free wheel rebalancing to its wholesale members.

5. Rental Cars

Rental cars can make a vacation that much more expensive. Not including fuel, these rentals can add a few hundred dollars to the average trip. Many rental car businesses that supply promotional codes aim to do so through their own website and through traditional daily deals websites.

One of the best rental car deals in 2016 was a 35% off deal featured on RetailMeNot. Some of these deals will even feature a full tank of fuel on the house.

Where Should You Get Rental Car Deals?

As already mentioned, most coupons tend to be found through daily deals websites. But you can also find them through the sites themselves. For example, Hertz has an entire page dedicated to different rental car deals.

You should also look at your vacation provider. It’s common to book a package deal and for the rental car to be thrown in at a lower price, if you book the whole thing together with your hotel, flights, and the rest of it.

Lastly, you can use an app that will locate the best deal for you. One that I have found to be incredibly easy to use is Kayak.

6. Household Items

Household items tend to be extremely specific. It’s why you often don’t find coupons for them on the daily deals websites. If you can find them you shouldn’t pay full price for those items. These non-regular purchases can be costly and the savings large.

Most household items discount codes are segregated by category, rather than item. So, you may find a coupon for cookware, rather than a specific set of cookware.

How Can You Find Household Items Coupons?

By far the best way to find them is to sign up to the sites themselves and obtain the emails from the retailer. One example of a special deal in 2016 was 20% off on Bed Bath & Beyond just for agreeing to receive promotional emails from them. These offers are not out of the ordinary.

As with most retailers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide the best opportunities for obtaining these deals.

7. Baby Supplies

New parents nearly always pay out more than they need to when it comes to baby supplies. Sadly, there’s no way to get around it. Baby wipes and baby formula can quickly burn a hole in your pocket. These coupons are smaller, with savings of usually less than a dollar per purchase. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking these coupons aren’t worth it though.

Coupons for baby supplies are some of the most popular, so there’s certainly no shortage of coupons to be found here.

What’s the Best Way to Get Discounts on Baby Supplies?

You will always find these coupons on the big daily deals websites. But we recommend also signing up to rewards programs offered by Huggies and Pampers. Major retailers allow you to earn points and when you reach a certain number of points you get a significant discount.

8. Gifts For Others

Traditional gift items are relatively easy to find coupons for because retailers are operating in an extremely competitive environment. For example, buying at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and at various other times leads to a range of retailers competing. They want to clear their stock fast, even if it means compromising on their mark-ups.

Finding coupons on gifts for others is simple because practically every coupon site is open for use during major gift buying periods.

Sites That Are Great for Finding Coupons and Discount Codes on Gifts

When shopping for gifts for others I would recommend checking the Amazon Daily Deals page as they highlight various items that make great gifts, but only a limited amount is available for a limited time.

Additionally, if you are shopping for a gift for a holiday, check out blogger gift guides as many times they collaborate with companies that provide them with exclusive discount codes for their audiences that cannot be found anywhere else.

Lastly, other sites that have great deals available for gifts include Dealspotr and Promo Pro.

9. Makeup

Even the most basic makeup user understands there are literally thousands of brands and product lines to choose from. Makeup is relatively easy to find coupons for because there’s usually one brand or another offering something.

You should always use coupons to buy makeup because individual items tend to be more expensive. It’s common to find a simple bottle of mascara costing nearly $10. Combine a coupon with a sale and that new bottle of mascara can cost you as little as $5.

I also recommend saving your coupons and using them when new products appear on the market. During their initial sales periods, they’re always more expensive. You can bring them down and try out new creations with a coupon.

Where Can You Get Makeup Coupons?

Makeup coupons can often be found by signing up to the brand’s newsletter. You can also use Target’s dedicated beauty coupon page to find some great deals. Be sure to check out Walmart’s coupon page as well.

10. Hygiene Products

Hygiene products like toilet paper and wet wipes are necessary for any household. To cut down on how much you pay for this type of merchandise you need a coupon before you buy.

The best way to save money is to make sure that you buy in bulk because this is how many promotions and discounts work. You’re rarely going to find a big discount on one package of wet wipes, for example.

On a side note, remember that coupons for many hygiene products have size restrictions. Make sure you’re picking up the right size before you toss them in your shopping cart.

Where Can You Discover Promotional Codes on Hygiene Products?

The supermarket Kroger offers a free mobile app you can use to discover active coupons. Another option is to register with Charmin, Angel Soft, and Cottonelle, among other brands, to make great savings.

One of my favorite ways to save on hygiene products is to purchase them from Usually, they have e-coupons that are automatically applied when I buy at least two of a specific product and free 1-2 days shipping is available when $49 or more is spent.

11. Medication

Medication is another type of product you can find coupons for. These can allow you to purchase more expensive brand name medications, which often come with fewer side effects, for less. Coupons tend to take off about $2 each time you buy.

Coupons tend to be seasonal, just like flu. During the fall and winter seasons you’ll see most coupons appear on the big websites.

How Should You Go About Getting Discounts on Medication?

The best way to get discounts on medication is to sign up to the newsletters from the big brands. You should register with Vicks, Nyquil, Mucinex, and Delsym, to name just a few. Try to take advantage of these coupons, even if you don’t need the products just yet, due to the seasonality.

Other websites for coupons are GoodRX and Lowest Med. The latter also tracks coupons on a few prescription drugs.

Lastly, when purchasing prescription drugs, make sure you keep the prescription cards they send in the mail. I cannot tell you how many times they have made my medications more affordable when I had to have something filled for an illness.

Bonus Tip – Combine Your Coupons With Sales

You should always aim to combine your coupons with active sales for even bigger savings. Reserving your coupons for these periods will amplify your savings. Most retailers have no issues with applying coupons to active sales.

When buying online you may even want to combine multiple coupons, if you can. If you do this make sure you always apply the bigger coupon first and the smaller coupon second. Doing it the other way around will reduce the amount you save.

Final Thoughts

The key to couponing is to make it a daily habit. Gather together coupons and plan your purchases based on the discounts you have at time. Don’t marry yourself to a brand. Be willing to be flexible with the brands you buy.

If you have any other great products in mind that should typically be bought with a promo code, let us know down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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