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25 Products That Will Help You Save You Money On Your Water Bill

25 Products That Will Help You Save You Money On Your Water Bill
Diana Star Feb 9, 2017
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Not only does conserving water help out the planet, but it can also help to save a bit of cash. While there are plenty of ways to go about it, many products were designed specifically to help preserve water use. These make the task of reducing water use easier with little effort on your part.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 25 products that will help you save money on your water bill. See one that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Toilet Tank Bank

One area of our homes and offices where we waste a large amount of water is with our toilets. This is especially true for those who have toilets that use nearly a gallon when flushing.

This simple and cost effective item from Niagara Conservation will help to stop that. Simply fill the bag with water, place the cover, and then place the Toilet Tank Bank in your toilet’s tank.

By displacing the water, the Tank Bank reduces the amount of water required to fill the tank, thereby using less water when flushing. And it’s just under $5!

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2. Niagara Conservation Tri-Max 3 Aerator

This attachment for your faucet has three separate pressure settings that let you control the amount of water you want to use or need. Being dual threaded means it will fit most female and male threaded faucets.

The patented pressure compensator by Niagara Conservation will ensure that this aerator will not only save your water usage and money, but it will also deliver a consistent flow of water.

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3. AM Conservation Group, Inc. Low Flow Handheld Shower Head

We all love to take long hot showers after a tough day at the job in order to help us unwind. However, we all waste a great deal of water while we enjoy those stress-relieving showers.

Thanks to this shower head, that’s no longer the case. This handheld shower head from AM Conservation not only allows you to keep enjoying your showers but will do so at a rate of 2-gallons per minute and exceeds water efficiency and energy standards.

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4. Niagara’s Earth 1.5 GPM Shower Head

This water-saving shower head uses less water, around 40 percent less than most low-flow shower heads, but still provides plenty of pressure to enjoy your shower. Even though it uses less water, the patented pressure compensating technology ensures a consistent and powerful flow of water.

In addition to helping you save water, the adjustable head lets you select the type of water flow you desire, from a gentle spray to a forceful stream to help massage away the stress of the day.

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5. Niagara Earth Massage Shower Head

If you love showers but also strive to save water, this product from Niagara Earth is probably what you are looking for. Using only 1.25-gallons per minute, this stingy shower head still provides plenty of pressure to wash away your stress while saving up to 30 percent on your energy and water usage.

As a bonus, this shower head is non-aerated and self-cleaning, meaning there is very little maintenance on your part.

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6. AM Conservation Adjustable Water Saving Flapper

As we have already stated above, we waste a large amount of water when we flush our toilets, three gallons or more per flush. Another option for helping to reduce the waste is with this adjustable toilet flapper.

The built-in control lets you adjust just how much water is used during a flush. The flexible material ensures a tight seal, further adding water-saving benefits, and by adding this flapper, you could save a substantial amount of water and money, especially if you have an older, leaky flapper.

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7. INSTANT-OFF Home 225

If you have children, then you know the challenges you face when trying to conserve water, as well as your paycheck. With the INSTANT-OFF Home 225, you will have one less challenge to face.

This easy to install faucet attachment requires that a lever is pulled in order for the water from the faucet to flow. Once the lever is released, the water automatically shuts off. It’s also a great solution for those drippy faucets.

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8. NRGideas Premium Eco-Kit

If you are serious about cutting back on wasting water and money, then this NRGideas Eco-Kit could very well be the solution you have been looking for. This kit comes with everything you need to help conserve water in your bathroom.

Along with a 2 GPM handheld shower head and house, you also receive two 1 GPM bath aerators, a toilet displacement bag, tablets that will help you find leaks in your toilet, the Frugal Flush flapper that closes early to save on the amount of water used during a flush, a shower timer for helping you to take shorter showers, and flow measuring bags so that you can test the efficiency of your shower and faucets.

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9. Niagara Tri-Max Shower Head

Using the same technology found in the Tri-Max 3 Aerator for faucets, this replacement shower head can help to reduce the amount of water used when showering. With three available settings, .5 GPM, 1 GPM, and 1.5 GPM, you can cut back on as much water as you see fit. It’s easy to install and can save up to 40 percent on the amount of water you use during a shower.

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10. Niagara Conservation Kitchen Aerator with Pause Lever

Want to save money and water but hate turning the faucet on and off while doing dishes? Niagara Conservation has you covered with this aerator designed specifically for this purpose.

With a flow rate of only 1.5-gallons per minute, you can select from a gentle bubble spray or a wide forceful spray, depending on your needs. The pause lever feature allows you to save even more water by dramatically slowing the water flow whenever you release the lever, saving water and energy.

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11. Niagara 1.5 GPM Sava

Who doesn’t enjoy those massive shower heads that make you feel as though you are standing in the middle of a downpour instead of your shower? Hardly anyone.

Yet large shower heads such as these are notorious for using a significant amount of water, until now. With the Sava 1.5 GPM replacement shower head, you can still enjoy those drenching showers while at the same time saving on water usage.

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12. HydroRight Total Toilet Repair Kit

While it may require a little more work than simply installing a displacement bag or an efficient flapper, this dual-flush converter is a great way to cut back on water usage.

By converting to a dual-flush toilet from a traditional toilet, you are saving water, saving money, and eliminating many of the leak issues commonly found on traditional toilets. Not only can you install this kit without any tools, it will signal you if it detects a leak.

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13. Niagara Shower Coach

It is never too early to start teaching our children about water conservation. The Shower Coach is a great tool that you can use not only for your children but also for yourself and other adults in your home.

This timer is a great way to learn better, shorter shower habits, thereby reducing the amount of water needed and saving on your water and energy bills.

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14. Waterpebble


Since all showers are not the same and the rate of water flow varies, devices like the Waterpebble are a great alternative to saving water. The Waterpebble measures the amount of water that is flowing around it and times your shower.

Using a green, amber, and red light system, the Waterpebble will gradually change colors, green when you start, amber when you are at the halfway point, and red when it is time to stop the shower.

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15. Miracle Gro Soaker Hose

You can also look outside of your home for ways to save water. Soaker hoses, such as this one from Miracle Gro, help to save water by reducing the amount of water you need to ensure your plants and lawn are properly watered.

Instead of spraying directly from a hose, a soaker hose gradually lets the water seep out. This lets the water absorb into the soil and helps to prevent over-watering.

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16. Good Ideas Rain Wizard

Speaking of watering the vegetation, consider using free water for your outdoor needs with a rain barrel like this one from Good Ideas. Using captured rainwater for your plants is a great way to help save water.

Instead of using the water from a faucet, simply hook your hose to the rain barrel and you are all set. This particular model has a 50-gallon capacity and is equipped with an anti-debris screen that will help to keep leaves, sticks, and bugs out of the barrel.

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17. RainMachine Irrigation Controller

Nearly 7 billion gallons of water are wasted every day in the U.S. through residential landscaping alone. Yes, we all want to have healthy lawns. However, we also need to conserve water.

One of the best ways of accomplishing this is through the use of controllers like this one from RainMachine. You can control the irrigation of your yard from your cell phone with an easy to understand and use interface.

What makes this controller brilliant is its hyper-local weather intelligence. Not only can you program this controller, but it also monitors the weather to help with reducing water consumption.

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18. Rain Bird Drip Kit

While the irrigation controller mentioned above can do wonders in terms of water conservation, it can be expensive. If you are on a budget, consider using this irrigation drip kit.

The kit provides everything needed for placing emitter tubing in your garden areas. The kit requires no digging and can be installed without any plumbing skills. You can either use this cost effective kit on its own or combine it with the RainMachine Irrigation Controller for increased benefits.

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19. Orbit Digital Water Timer

Since we are talking about outdoor water conservation, let’s take a look at another product we found that can help to reduce the amount of water you are using in your gardens or lawns. A water timer can be programmed to specify how long the water runs, how often, and what at what times.

While a standard water sprinkler is one of the worst products for wasting water, adding a time like this can help to reduce that waste.

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20. Gilmour Hose Mender

Leaks that go unrepaired account for nearly 10,000 gallons of wasted water per year, per household. While a garden hose repair kit might seem like an odd choice for a list of products dealing with water conservation, one of the leading culprits in water waste are leaking garden hoses.

This hose mender from Gilmour will help to patch any holes that might be letting water escape. With a couple of slices and tightening four screws, you can reduce the amount of water your home is wasting in just a few minutes.

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21. Luster Leaf Rainfall Gauge

While a rain gauge might be another product that may seem out of place with many of the other products we have mentioned thus far, keeping an eye on how much water has already been naturally distributed to your lawn and garden can save a substantial amount of water.

Why use your hose and water supply to water your vegetation when it already has plenty?

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22. Rheem RTE 9 Tankless Water Heater


This product not only helps you save on your water bill but it can also help reduce how much electricity you may be currently using. The Rheem RTE 9 Tankless Water Heater can heat water at the rate of 3 GPM.

This means so long as you are practicing shorter showers and reduced water usage, you will not have any issues with running out of hot water. Since it only heats water when it is needed, you also don’t have to worry about a large tank continuously kicking on to keep the water hot.

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23. Frigidaire Affinity High-Efficiency Washer

Clothes washers have a tendency to lose their efficiency as they grow older. If you have an older washing machine, chances are you have a large amount of water being wasted without you even realizing it.

Upgrading to a newer, more efficient washer can help to cut back on the amount of water you use during a wash.

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24. Whirlpool Energy Star Dishwasher

While we are on the topic of appliances, let’s take a look at that old, thirsty dishwasher sitting under your cabinets in the kitchen. Not only do we use more water than necessary by pre-washing before we load the dishwasher, the dishwasher itself can waste a large amount of water.

Upgrading to a newer and more efficient model like the Whirlpool Energy Star can help to reduce the amount of water we waste when doing dishes.

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25. AM Conservation Group Dish Squeegee

If you do your dishes by hand, you can still conserve water with this unique product. By squeegeeing off the dirty dishes instead of pre-rinsing, you can save on your energy and water usage.

The versatile design makes it great for nearly any shaped dish, pan, or pot. By using products similar to this, you can save an average of 6,500 gallons of water every year.

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Final Thoughts

That completes our list of the top 25 products available to help you save water and money. If the convenience and ease of using or installing these products are not enough to convince you that it is time to get serious about conserving water, here are a few facts that might help to nudge you in the right direction:

  • 95 percent of the water being brought into our homes simply goes down the drain, literally.
  • You can waste four or more gallons of water by leaving the faucet running while brushing your teeth.
  • Older dishwashers can use up to 13 gallons of water per cycle, new models use as little as four gallons per cycle.
  • Nearly three gallons of water is used in a single flush on an older toilet, the same amount needed for the average human on a daily basis to survive.
  • The amount of water we use continues to grow. In fact, Americans use nearly 128 percent more water than we did in 1950.
  • A faucet that drips a single drop per second can waste nearly 3,000 gallons of water every year.

Tell us about your experience using one of the products on our list. See one that’s not on here and should be? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Diana Star

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