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35 Foods You Can Regrow From Scraps Inside Your Own Home – Part 1

35 Foods You Can Regrow From Scraps Inside Your Own Home – Part 1
Jason Wuerch May 26, 2015
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Every time I go to the supermarket, it’s always difficult to look at the price tag in the produce section. I know that vegetables and fruit are an essential part of my diet, and restricting them would only impact my health. That’s when I started looking into gardening.

expensive-food-pricesHowever, I don’t really have a small piece of land to plant any fruits or vegetables. I instead got creative and found out which foods I can plant from my window sill using a little bit of water, sunlight and care. All you need to do is hold on to those extra scraps in the kitchen.

Due to the length of this article, we’ve broken it up into 3 parts.

1. Green Onions

green-onions-in-waterDifficulty: Easy

All you need is some green onions with the root still attached, a knife, and a container for holding the onions. Trim off the white roots of the green onions and place them in a small glass of water. Cover up most of the white part with water while leaving a small portion in the air. Place the container on a sunny window sill. You’ll start seeing results in a week and they should be fully grown in 3 weeks. Chop off the white root and repeat the process. This works best if you change the water out every 3 days.

2. Pineapple

regrowing-a-pineappleDifficulty: Hard

Growing a pineapple indoors is a little bit more difficult, but not impossible. All you need to do is cut off the top portion of the pineapple and leave it floating on top of water in a container. You can use toothpicks to make the plant more stable. Keep the container in direct sunlight and wait about a week or two for the roots to appear. Once the roots are visible, transplant the pineapple directly into a pot of soil. Here’s a great youtube video that explains the process in more depth.

3. Lettuce

regrow-lettuceDifficulty: Moderate

Instead of throwing away that white, bottom part of romaine lettuce that no one likes to eat, go ahead and regrow it into a new head of lettuce. Place it in a bowl or glass with a little water at the bottom and wait about 2-3 weeks for it to grow. You’ll notice that roots are beginning to form. After this time you can go ahead and transplant the lettuce into a pot of soil. Make sure to mist the leaves occasionally with with water and change out the water every few days.

4. Celery

regrow-celeryDifficulty: Moderate

Celery is incredibly simple to regrow from leftover scraps. Place the bottom part of the plant inside a small glass of water. Roots take about 2 1/2 weeks to appear or even longer. When the roots appear, go ahead and transplant the celery into a pot of soil. Have some patience with this one as it can take another few weeks once the plant is placed in soil.

5. Avocado

regrow-avocadoDifficulty: Hard

Don’t just regrow the avocado… regrow the entire tree. Cut the avocado in half and take out the big seed in the middle. Wash the seed off and stick a few toothpicks in it to keep it hovered above a glass. It’s important not to drown the seed. You want about half of the seed drenched in water and the other half exposed to the air. The first thing that’s going to happen is that your seed is going to crack and half and grow out the top. After a few months you should see a full grown stem coming out of the seed. At this point it’s safe to transplant to soil and have your very own avocado tree.

6. Ginger Root

regrow-gingerDifficulty: Easy

This has to be one of the easiest foods that you can regrow. Simply buy ginger root from your local grocery store and soak it in water for 24 hours. Cut off the part with a stem on it and stick it in a container with soil. If the root doesn’t have a small stem sticking out of it, leaving it by the window sill will make it eventually grow one. Just take the plant, water it once a day, and in a few days you’ll start to see a tall grass coming out of the dirt. From there the ginger will start to grow more. It’s as easy as that. Just make sure that the temperature stays above 55 degrees farenheit. You can eat the grass that comes out

7. Lemongrass

regrow-lemongrassDifficulty: Easy

Sometimes lemongrass can be extremely difficult to find at your local market. That’s why once you buy some, be sure to hold on to it so you can easily regrow more at home. This one is similar to growing green onions. Cut off a small piece of the end with a sharp knife, stick it in a glass with water and set it by the window sill. After a week you should notice some new grass coming out. From there you can transplant it to a pot of soil. This one can even grow during the wintertime.

8. Bean Sprouts

regrow-bean-sproutsDifficulty: Easy

This one doesn’t take much work, but there a few steps involved. You can either chop off the bean part of the sprout or buy just the beans at your local grocery store. Soak them in a cup of water completely, mixing them around with your hand. Leave them soaked for 24 hours and the seed should start to germinate. After that, cover them in 2 paper towels, one on the bottom and one on top. Wait a few weeks and they should grow tall like grass!

9. Potatoes

potatoes_gardenDifficulty: Easy

Cut off a small piece (about 1/4) of your potato that has at least a few eyes on them. Let it dry for a few days on a towel on the top and bottom. Once they aren’t wet anymore, put them in a pot of soil that’s a few inches deep. Try to keep it out of cold weather and give it some sun if possible. Water every few days and in a few weeks you’ll have a potato plant growing in your own home.

10. Onions

rewgrow-onionDifficulty: Moderate

It doesn’t matter what color of onion you want to regrow, as they all use the same method. Take your knife and cut off a small portion of the top. Leave on the peel to prevent it from rotting and let it float in a cup of water. You don’t want it completely submerged, but just enough so it sticks out. Make sure the stub is the part that is upside down in the water. If green sprouts start growing, you know you’re on the right track. Change the water every other day.

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