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35 Foods You Can Regrow From Scraps Inside Your Own Home – Part 2

35 Foods You Can Regrow From Scraps Inside Your Own Home – Part 2
Jason Wuerch May 26, 2015
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This is Part 2 of our three-part series on foods that you can easily regrow inside your home just by using kitchen scraps. Stop buying produce when you can keep a mini-garden inside your own kitchen.

11. Sweet Potatoes

regrow-sweet-potatoesDifficulty: Moderate

When we talked about growing regular potatoes, we mentioned that you need to cut the potato into small pieces and places it in a pot of soil watering it regularly. There’s also another method to grow regular potatoes or sweet potatoes. Instead of placing them in the soil, you’ll have much greater success if you cut them in half and use toothpicks to suspend them over a glass of water. The great thing about sweet potatoes is that they are an excellent staple food and lost a lot longer than normal ones. This is one of the healthiest vegetables you can grow and just a few will produce hundreds. Once they start to grow roots, you can put them in soil.

12. Garlic

regrow-garlic-31-vegetables-regrow-at-homeDifficulty: Moderate

Garlic is another easy food to grow that can be done from taking one clove. Peel the skin off the clove and place it in a glass with a little bitter of water, completely soaking the garlic. Change the water every couple of days to avoid bacteria. Once shoots start to sprout after a couple of weeks, place the garlic in a pot of soil. Before you know it, you’ll have your own garlic cloves and shoots. Garlic really likes sunlight, so if possible place it near your window sill as much as possible.

13. Pumpkins

regrow-pumpkinDifficulty: Moderate

While very simple to grow, we marked growing pumpkins as having a moderate difficulty due to its sheer size. After carving pumpkins on Halloween, save the seeds and spread them over soil and make sure to cover them completely. Water them daily and in a few months you’ll have a brand new pumpkin. This food is great as it can usually survive harsher weather conditions. Since pumpkins can grow to be quite large, it may be difficult to grow indoors in a small pot of soil.

14. Fennel

regrow-fennelDifficulty: Moderate

Just cut off about an inch from the bottom of the fennel bulb and place it in a pot of soil. Give it about a cup of water daily and leave it in as much sunlight as possible. You’ll usually have to wait several months before you can harvest the crop. This is one of the easier foods to grow, but does require some soil. Just make sure that the fennel bulb is completely covered when planting it in soil.

15. Mushrooms

regrow-mushroomsDifficulty: Easy

This technique can be used for any type of mushroom. For those of you who have bought portabellas before, this type of mushroom can be extremely expensive, so growing them at home can save you lots of money. The process of regrowing this plant from scraps is very easy Take off the head of the mushroom and plant the stalk in a pot of soil. Make sure to leave a little bit of the top area exposed and try to leave the plant in an area with high temperature and lots of humidity for best results. Wait a few weeks and you’ll have a new mushroom head. If you want, you can even watch this video on how to regrow you mushrooms in used coffee grounds.

16. Peppers

regrow-peppersDifficulty: Easy

Whether it be bell peppers, cayenne peppers or jalapenos, any type of pepper is extremely easy to grow. When you cut the peppers in half, take the white seeds that you see inside and spread it over a pot of soil. Cover the seeds and water them daily with a nice dose of sunlight. Wait a couple of months and you’ll have a whole bunch of peppers growing in your pot of soil.

17. Tomatoes

regrow-tomatoesDifficulty: Easy

Just like peppers, instead of throwing away or eating the seeds inside of tomatoes, cut them out, dry them off with a paper towel and cover them in a pot of soil. After a couple of weeks you’ll notice that the plant starts to be a couple of inches above the soil. At this point you can plant outside if desired. However, tomatoes don’t do well in cold weather so it might be best to leave indoors depending on where you live. Water every couple of days until you get a full-grown tomato plant in your very own kitchen.

18. Basil

regrow-basilDifficulty: Easy

Sprouting basil is just as easy growing green onions. Every stem has the ability to grow into a new plant. Take a stem that’s at least 6 inches long and place it in a small glass of water. After a about a week, you can transplant the plant into a pot of soil. It’s important to use high quality soil or else the plant will die and start to fall over. Give the plant water every 2 to 3 days, and in a few months the plant will be fully-matured. The plant will get quite big if left to keep growing, so use plant stakes to hold them up.

19. Cherries

regrow-cherriesDifficulty: Hard

A pound of cherries can easily cost $5 dollars or more. Instead, grow your very own cherry tree. It may take a long time before your cherry tree is fully grown, but it will definitely save you some money on this expensive, but delicious fruit. Take the pit of the cherry, clean it off and place it in a container full of soil. Water it regularly and after a few months you can transplant it into a pot of soil. Due to its size, I highly recommend moving this one outdoors, although it can be done from inside.

20. Cilantro

regrow-cilantroDifficulty: Easy

Regrowing cilantro is very similar to regrowing basil. Take a small stem that’s at least a few inches long and place it in a small glass of water. Don’t leave the plant completely submerged. When the roots grow to be 2-3 inches long, take the stem and transplant it into a pot of soil. In just a few weeks the plant will be ready to harvest and eat.

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