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39 Twitter Accounts To Follow To Start Couponing And Finding Discounts

39 Twitter Accounts To Follow To Start Couponing And Finding Discounts
Victoria Heckstall Dec 27, 2016
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Couponing is one of the best ways to save lots of money in a short space of time. A lot of extreme couponers have been known to reduce their regular shopping bills to almost zero.

One thing that it requires to maximize your savings is lots of experience and in-depth knowledge. Most avid couponers look to experts and gurus to do it for them, and Twitter is a great place to look to find them.

Whether it’s a series of tips or a pointer towards a new couponing opportunity, here are 39 Twitter accounts to follow for practical tips on couponing and finding discounts.

1. @TrueCouponing

TrueCouponing is not just a Twitter handle – it’s a brand. TrueCouponing is a  faith-based ministry dedicated to helping their followers save money. However, that doesn’t mean everyone isn’t invited to join in on the fun.

Every single day new deals will be posted, and they will sometimes link towards spreads relating to major savings events such as Black Friday. Sometimes TrueCouponing also frequently posts freebies.

2. @KrazyCouponLady

The Krazy Coupon Lady is all about being able to help normal people live like rich people. Many of the deals presented on this Twitter account are geared towards buying premium brands at a fraction of the price. This brand was created by a one-woman army who wants to share her knowledge with the rest of the world.

Krazy Coupon Lady posts every single day with brand new deals. She includes images from the actual stores she saw the offers in, in order to show you that the deals are still active and valid.

3. @couponwithtoni

Coupon with Toni is a popular YouTube Channel that has come to prominence for showing people how to coupon. Follow this Twitter feed to receive regular updates about the latest videos posted on her YouTube channel and exclusive offers not found anywhere else.

Most interestingly,  she also deals in helping people to coupon via online shopping. Videos are posted onto Toni’s Twitter feed every so often with the steps on how to claim the discounts available.

4. @MoneySavingMom

MoneySavingMom is the Twitter handle of Crystal Paine. Paine is a New York Times best-selling author and she has unveiled her Twitter feed to help ordinary people save money on everyday goods. What you will quickly discover about this Twitter feed is it’s born from years of experience.

This Twitter handle has existed since 2008 and she has become one of the veterans of couponing. It’s one of the most active Twitter feeds, with updates coming every few hours. As well as ordinary goods, there are big savings to be made on big-ticket items from sites like Amazon.

5. @Coupons

Another big name in the world of couponing is the Coupons Twitter handle. It’s existed since 2007 and has spent many years showing people the best online and printable coupons. They post daily and don’t just post brand new coupon codes.

They also include special features such as the opening hours of major stores during the Black Friday sales. Many of the features found are unique to this Twitter handle and shouldn’t be ignored.

6. @CouponCraving

Kate at Coupon Cravings is an expert when it comes to coupons. Her Twitter handle specializes mainly in clothing and accessories, as well as some inclusions of groceries. If you’re looking for a Twitter handle that focuses more on niche areas, this is the one for you.

The accessories available here are perfect because they include big ticket items for less than ten dollars. Kate doesn’t just scour the big stores, as you’ll quickly discover coupons for stores selling brand name items that you’ve never heard of.

7. @dealspotr

Dealspotr is so much more than just a platform for finding coupon codes. It’s a platform designed to make sure that the coupon codes you come across are still active, one of the biggest frustrations coupon hunters have to deal with.

Every time new offers are published it only takes mere hours before they’re withdrawn again by the store in question. The Dealspotr Twitter handle is about teaching you how to be a better coupon user, rather than just pointing you in the direction of brand new coupon codes.

8. @couponing4you

Regular couponers do more than just enter discount codes online. To maximize their gains, they regularly enter competitions and sweepstakes to win big discounts and free items. This is a great way of stocking up on big ticket items without paying a penny.

Yet what you must also keep in mind is that these competitions are hard to hunt down because they can appear from practically anywhere. This Twitter handle will show you where you can take advantage of terrific coupons and where you can take advantage of competitions.

9. @FatKidDeals

Amazon happens to be one of the biggest marketplaces online. It also happens to be one of the harder ones to find major deals on. Their easy-to-use search platform means it’s hard to find goods that are priced incorrectly, or goods that are cheaper than anywhere else, since Amazon tends to price match.

Fat Kid Deals specializes in helping shoppers find those deals on Amazon. They will post multiple deals every single day on everything from baby wipes to 3D animal backpacks. If you’re a regular user of Amazon Prime, it’s worth following this Twitter account for those less common purchases.

10. @amazondeals

If you’re looking for another avenue to find great deals on Amazon you might want to look into the Amazon Deals Twitter feed. They don’t post every single day, but when they do post they tend to come in bulk. In the last month alone, they’ve revealed offers for everything from Swiss watches to arts and crafts classes.

It’s possible to easily find hundreds of dollars of savings. What makes this Twitter account stand out is that it’s officially supported by That means you always know the deals are genuine and active when they’re put up.

11. @slickdeals

Slick Deals opened its Twitter account as an offshoot of its website. This platform is driven by a wide community of users. The various tips you see on their Twitter feed were originally submitted by ordinary shoppers, and then verified before they were released to the general public.

Slick Deals won’t give you deals on your groceries, but if you’re in the market for a big ticket item you should keep tabs on them. Just recently they had offers on an Epson home cinema system and the Warcraft movie.

12. @BookBub

BookBub is known as one of the biggest author marketing platforms in independent publishing. They have enormous newsletter lists that they send messages to every day. Every communication is about a series of free or deeply discounted books. Following their Twitter feed will show you which books are available every single day.

You should remember that the books posted are always going to vary by genre and by quality. Most books posted have a large number of reviews and are rated positively, however.

13. @sneakersteal

Buying sneakers at discounted prices typically requires you to live in a big city. The competition would force retailers to discount their sneakers, but in small towns there may only be one store in town. Now there’s hope for everyone as Sneaker Steal scours for Internet for huge discounts on brand name sneakers.

The majority of their deals relate to the Nike brand, but you can find them for practically any brand if you wait long enough. Sneaker Steal looks for ‘steals not deals’, so the offers posted here may be as much as 50% off. If you can move quickly to snag these offers shoe shopping never needs to be expensive again.

14. @DealNews

The Deal News Twitter feed posts a selection of content on their handle. Sometimes they will post the best deals they’ve seen in a specific category. Other times they will provide a link to their website, where you will be presented with a list of their favorite deals.

Every deal comes from a reputable merchant, so you have no need to worry about entering your credit card details on a site you’ve never heard of. Deal News presents every deal with a hint of comic humor, making a visit to their brand a treat in itself.

15. @KicksDeals

Kicks Deals specializes in sneakers in the same way as Sneaker Steal, but they branch out into Asics and Adidas footwear. The feed posts regular updates relating to deals they’ve found on perfectly new, genuine brand name sneakers and fitness wear.

They also have a few accounts for location-specific deals. You should check out both the Canadian and European account. A lot of the offers also come with free shipping.

16. @RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is so much more than a Twitter feed with a long list of different deals you can take advantage of. They’re almost like a personal shopping assistant. On their feed you’ll find links to articles that will come with complete compilations of discounts on beauty products, vacations, and on items that you should and shouldn’t buy around a certain period.

RetailMeNot is there to stop you from making many of the most common shopping mistakes. All the products they promote at any time are heavily discounted, so you have nothing to worry about there. But this feed will also give you ideas about what you should and shouldn’t buy at the same time.

17. @DealsPlus

Many of the ordinary coupons you find on Twitter include little discounts that typically never go higher than 10% off. These are nice to have, but they’re not the coupons that will exactly have you staggering around looking for your wallet. Deals Plus commonly publishes offers where you can get up to 70% off your chosen products.

They solicit offers from stores like Best Buy and NewEgg. And they have your back because if the offer is available from multiple retailers they’ll help you compare the two. In other words, they will show you the price on all the relevant websites.

Sometimes stores might have an offer on the same product, but one site’s discount will be bigger than the other. Deals Plus will ensure that you have the best available offer at any given time.

18. @SmartSourceCpns

The SmartSource grocery coupon flyer is the weekly flyer normally given out in-person. People can use the grocery coupons to get money off when they shop. This Twitter feed is dedicated to grabbing that flyer every week and putting its contents online. Every week you can check in to get the best discounts on your food.

You’ll never find huge 90% off sales with this Twitter feed, but if you love a ‘buy 3 for the price of 2’ offer you’re going to enjoy this selection of coupons.

19. @9to5toys

Electronics are among the most expensive purchases you’ll make throughout the year. It’s not always easy to find great deals because they usually only come around the biggest sales of the year. This is not so with 9to5Toys. You’ll quickly discover with this Twitter feed that you can find everything from iPads to cell phone cases for a fraction of the price you’d find in stores.

The offers sourced for this Twitter feed generally only come from the big stores. You’ll discover offers from Amazon, Best Buy, and Apple here. You never know when a slew of deals are about to come in, so it’s wise to get notifications for this feed.

20. @Starbucks

Starbucks makes good coffee, but they often tend to be on the expensive side. Dropping $5 every time you go to Starbucks can get pretty heavy on the wallet. Look to their Twitter feed and most of their statuses are about the special offers they have in-store right then and there.

They also regularly throw up competitions to win a gift card. Despite your small chances of winning, it’s worth entering these due to the fact that it takes mere seconds to do. A lot of extreme couponers have found that they’ve won a couple of these gift cards over time. Even a few dollars saved per week can really start to add up.

21. @KinjaDeals

Kinja Deals is essentially user-powered because they only want to post deals that users are likely to find interesting. The deals they post are many and varied, from basic consumer goods to high-rated electronics. You’ll find deals on the Twitter feed and on the links they post to round-up blogs.

Kinja Deals also takes coupon tips from the general public. They employ a full team dedicated to filtering out these deals. Not only do deals have to be genuine, but they can’t have specific rules.

For example, Kinja Deals ensures that no coupons will be posted that require specific credit cards, paid memberships, or any further steps online and offline. This is a great relief to professional couponers who find that many great deals turn out to be just the first step in a long line of hoops that they have to jump through.

22. @TheFlightDeal

If you want to find deals on airline tickets, be sure to follow The Flight Deal. Finding discounts on airline tickets has always been difficult. We recommend this account to couponers who’re looking to travel in the near future.

Most of these deals involve internal US flights between major cities. If you’re going on an impromptu trip, and you can afford to be flexible, you’ll get the most value from this Twitter feed. Be aware that most deals may require you to fly within a few days.

You should also be aware of the fact that most of these coupons will only cover the cost of the flight and won’t include added extras like luggage.

23. @VideoGameDeals

This account specializes in hunting down the best deals on video games and consoles. With the cost of both of these products going up every year, pursuing your hobby through your local store could cost you hundreds of dollars. This Twitter account will help you put a serious dent in that through looking at both online stores and traditional game shops.

You’ll find a trickle of deals throughout the year, but during the holiday season this account blows up with great deals. Look to this account if you’re looking to purchase a major release in the near future.

24. @CheapTweet

CheapTweet does things a bit differently than the other Twitter handles on this list. They don’t source deals by going to the stores themselves. The people behind CheapTweet, since 2010, have used Twitter itself to source deals. Every day they will post a few offers on various goods and services. They pick them out at random but attempt to appeal to everyone.

Many of the offers consist of extreme discounts. For example, in the last week they have posted about an offer of 50% from Toys R Us when you buy toys from them. They also include a selection of helpful articles to make you a savvier shopper and help you learn how to source deals by yourself.

25. @HeyItsFree

Sometimes you don’t want to pick up something that’s heavily discounted you want something for free. HeyItsFree provides you with only free offers. The free offers may be mundane, such as a free tube of toothpaste or a free slice of pizza. Yet sometimes you can find freebies that would ordinarily cost twenty or thirty dollars in the store.

HeyItsFree includes a lot of offers from food chains, so be prepared to wade through these to get to the more lucrative free offers.

26. @FreeStuffROCKS

The Free Stuff Rocks Twitter handle contains free items garnered from the Fat Wallet forums. There are multiple freebies every single day. While most think of this as a blessing, it can also be a problem since a lot of the offers are on extreme niche items such as diet supplements. Once you wade through them you can find offers on free cups of coffee and free samples at your favorite stores.

27. @survivingstores

Surviving Stores is an account run by Rachel Holland. She’s a mother from Texas who has been couponing and digging up great deals since 2008. She spends her week digging up deals from the major brands, so they’re likely to be applicable to your area.

Every week she posts a round-up of the best discount she’s come across throughout the week. As well as major discounts from big stores, she also has a selection of free offers. They could include something as simple as a free coffee or something as big as the chance to win a free DVD box set. As you would expect, the better offers come in around the holiday season.

28. @TargetDeals

Target is one of the biggest retailers in the country. They also have to compete with the likes of Walmart, so it forces them into offering deals to the general public. Target came up with the novel idea of creating a specific Twitter account for its deals. They used to own a different account dedicated to daily deals, but they have since started limiting their deals to once every few days.

The big discounts published on the Target Deals account could be on anything. Sometimes they will even promote big discounts on expensive items, such as GPS systems. To snag these deals, you need to follow this account throughout the year since their deals are often unpredictable.

29. @JetBlueCheeps

Jet Blue is one of the most prominent airlines in the country. Like many airlines, any last-minute seats not filled means lost money. Jet Blue use this Twitter account to advertise deals at short notice. If you’re willing to drop everything to fly to another city within 24 hours, this is the account for you. You might even get lucky and find a deal for your preferred destination.

The account has posted some incredible deals before. One such deal includes a cross-country flight from New York to San Francisco for less than $100. You’re never going to find a deal like that anywhere else.

30. @drecoverycoupon

Electronics can be expensive. What few people mention are the maintenance costs involved with keeping your PC or Mac in the best possible condition. The Data Recovery Coupon feed will include discount codes not just on smartphones and tablets, but also on the accessories that come with them.

You can pick up heavily discounted phone covers to protect your smartphone from falls. There are also discount codes to pick up on backing up your devices externally, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your data again.

31. @ihartcoupons

Sometimes you need to find coupons for the daily essentials. I Hart Coupons is a relatively small Twitter feed that includes coupons for the daily purchases you make. It’s not as popular as some of the other accounts on this list, and you might only save a few dollars every time, but it’s definitely worth adding this account to your list.

Many of the coupons are printable coupons that you have to take into the store. It’s a little bit of extra legwork, but if you have the time, saving a few dollars is worth that time.

32. @every1lovescoup

Everyone Luv Couponing comes from the ‘extreme couponing’ community. At first glance this Twitter feed may seem dedicated towards makeup products and other items mainly aimed at females. Alea – the woman behind the brand – makes a strong effort to include a variety of products for all couponers.

Many of the items are heavily discounted. For example, she recently marketed a deal on a makeup set that was only $25, which was down from its standard retail price of $65. This feed is not just for the people who enjoy pinching pennies.

33. @er1ca

Erica Hart’s Twitter feed is another small feed for those who love to save a dollar here and there. Straight from the extreme couponing community, Erica wants to help you learn the art of saving money as much as she wants to provide you with great deals.

The type of discounts available will vary heavily. Some of them are online coupon codes you can enter into a website, whereas others require you to print them off and take them directly into the store. You won’t find many enormous deals here, but the few dollars you save each time you enter one of these codes will soon add up.

34. @SaveTheDollar

The What’s Your Deal Brand is a website that will show you how to save money throughout the year. On their Twitter account you’ll find a lot of free offers on little trinkets and other small items.

Right now you can find offers such as a watch for under $5 plus shipping. You can also claim free little snack packs if you follow through on another offer. The content here is a selection of straight offers and helpful guides to help you with your couponing in the long-term.

35. @silverlight00

Lisa Marie is both an author and a professional coupon chaser. Her Twitter feed includes a selection of free and discounted items. They’re heavily influenced by her own shopping habits, so don’t expect this to be a database for all shoppers and all preferences.

Some of her latest deals include free sponges and Christmas trees for under $15. Not all the content on her feed is to do with couponing, but if you check back every few days there are usually a selection of deals to be checked out.

36. @yeswecouponinc

Yes We Coupon is dedicated to sourcing the best coupons across the United States. You’re never going to find online promotional codes for a couple of dollars off. These deals are solid discounts across multiple brands. Lately they’ve been promoting huge discounts, including 25% off on select products at JC Penney.

They will even post news regarding things like recalls, which is always of interest to extreme couponers. They recently reported on many Weight Watchers readymade meals that were recalled because of a viral outbreak.

37. @couPWNing

CouPWNing is the perfect companion for the holiday season. Not only do they produce promotional codes for specific items, but they also come up with discount codes for individual stores. CouPWNing is an account that will also teach you how to use coupons to save money.

The majority of these promotions are linked to the big brands, including Target. You’ll find this feed useful if you shop at more well-known stores.

38. @SavingAplenty

Saving A Plenty is run by a mother who wants to help other mothers find great deals on the essentials they need to bring up their kids. The majority of this feed is taken up by items designed for childcare.

One example of a recent deal unveiled by Saving a Plenty is a discount on a baby kit. In addition to childcare items being discounted, she’ll often post about competitions and sweepstakes she’s seen. One big competition is the chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card just by taking a survey.

39. @AccidentalSaver

Accidental Saver has always been dedicated to helping people save money. The Twitter feed for this brand comes up with regular offers on little treats that will make you smile. You’re not going to find 50% off on that TV you’ve been looking for, but you’ll find little freebies, such as a free bag of candy.

Final Thoughts

Couponing can save you a lot of money when used correctly. These Twitter feeds will enable you to save much more than you normally would. Have any other tips on saving money or couponing? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Victoria Heckstall

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