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4 Steps To Get 20% Off A Macbook at Best Buy

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To be honest, Best Buy usually doesn’t have the best prices on their products. This can be seen in particular when it comes to Apple. Here are four simple steps to get over 20% off on your next Macbook purchase at Best Buy.

1. Get a Mover’s Coupon – 10%

Even though you’re not moving, you can still get a mover’s coupon which will give you a 10% discount at Best Buy. A mover’s coupon can be picked up at any local post office by asking for a change of address application. You will be handed a small packet with a group of coupons inside, and one of them is for 10% off any item at Best Buy.


Unfortunately, this coupon can only be used on in-store purchases and doesn’t apply to Black Friday or other special holiday sales. You can also get one by applying for a change of address online for $1, but you will only be allowed to print off this coupon and can’t be used for online purchases either.

For simplicity’s sake, we will be using this $900 Macbook Air to show how much we save. By using the mover’s coupon, we get 10% off of $900 which is a savings of $90. We are currently down to $810.

2. Get a Student Discount

By having a student email address, you automatically qualify for a college discount. All you have to do is go to the Best Buy website and sign-up to receive special student discounts that apply to those with only a .edu email address. A current coupon that’s being offered is $50 off all Macbook purchases.

college discount best buy

Even though it says that this coupon can’t be used in conjunction with any other coupons on the fine print, it will usually scan through at the register. If it doesn’t work, go back another day and try again. When I bought my Macbook there wasn’t any problem scanning both the Mover’s Coupon and the College Discount Coupon at the same time.

There are also other student discounts available such as discounts on iPads and HP desktops with a student email. If you don’t have a student email, you can try buying the coupon from a friend or ask if they’ll give it to you for free. Click here and type in your student email to receive these coupons in your inbox.

Since the coupon we are going to use is for $50 dollars off, we are now looking at $760 for our Macbook Air. Let’s see how we can save even more money.

3. Best Buy Credit Card

By applying for the Best Buy credit card, you can get an additional 5% back in savings on every dollar you spend. There is currently no annual fee at the time of this writing.

Apply Now

Here are the current benefits that you can receive with this card:

  • Pay your bill
  • Review scheduled payments
  • View account activity
  • Check card balance
  • Update account information
  • Receive 5% back on your purchase toward Best Buy Rewards on every purchase
  • Choose to get up to 18 months financing on purchases of $429 and up

The cash back you receive is distributed in Best Buy Rewards. If you would rather receive cash, I recommend using the rewards you receive to get a Best Buy card and selling it for its value at Cardpool.

From our previous discounts, we are now down to $760 on our Macbook Air. We can now take an additional 5% off of that price which would amount to an extra $38 off of your purchase price. We are currently paying $722 for our $900 Macbook Air.

4. Best Buy Rewards

By signing-up for Best Buy’s reward program, you can earn an additional points which can be later used for additional Best Buy purchases. Currently, each $1 spent at Best Buy gives you 1 point. Earn 250 points and you can cash out for an extra $5.

However, you can actually earn additional points the more you spend by taking advantage of their tier system. By spending $1,500 in a calendar year, each dollar you spend will be worth 1.1 points. If you spend $2,500 in a calendar year, you will be eligible for Elite Plus Status, which gives you 1.25 points per dollar spent.

best buy point rewards system comparisonClick Here to Sign Up For Best Buy Rewards

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll say that we are at the base level in the rewards program. If we spend $760 on our purchase, we will get 760 in My Rewards Points. This can be claimed for an additional $15 dollars in savings.

Extra Step: Save $5 Dollars Using Ibotta

If you’re not familiar with Ibotta, it’s a smartphone app that gives you cash back for buying specific products and uploading your receipt. One of their affiliates is Best Buy. When you spend $100 dollars or more on a single purchase, you get $5 dollars cash back.

After you buy a Macbook, scan your barcode with the Ibotta app, take a picture of your receipt, and $5 dollars will be deposited into your Ibotta account within a couple of days. This money can be deposited directly into your PayPal account or redeemed for a gift card. Just make sure that the receipt includes the date, address, retailer logo transaction number and the total.

ibotta-best-buyIf you’re not familiar with the Ibotta app, you can read my complete guide here.

Final Thoughts

Now we’ll take a moment to add up the savings on our Macbook Air that was originally $900.

  1. Get a 10% discount from using a Mover’s Coupon – save $90.
  2. Use our student discount toward any Macbook – $50 in savings. We are now at $760.
  3. Take 5% off of the now $760 dollars – $32 in savings.
  4. Receive additional points in rewards – $15 in savings.

By taking the total of these numbers, we’ve effectively saved a whopping $187 dollars on our Macbook Air. This comes out to be roughly a 21% savings on our Macbook Air, along with an extra $5 dollars if you use the Ibotta app. If you have any questions on how to use these coupons, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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