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45 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50 You Can Buy Online

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to find the perfect gift for that someone special. However, it can sometimes be stressful on your wallet. Here are 45 great Valentine’s Day ideas that cost less than $50.

1. AmorFeel His and Hers Couple Bracelet (2pcs)

Celebrate your unique bond as a couple this Valentine’s Day with these his and hers bracelets.

These cute matching bracelets are the ideal substitute for promise rings. Keep yours and bond yourself to your lover with the appropriate message. Whether it’s for your king or queen, this stylish, lightweight bracelet screams love with “Her King”, “His Queen” messaging.

Packaged in a beautiful box, the set includes a 7” bracelet for her, and an 8.6” for him, these stainless-steel accessories will steal your heart.

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2. Jstyle Stainless Steel Pendant Love Heart

Love is about connecting, and this stunning heart-shaped puzzle pendant lets you do just that. With various chain lengths available, the pieces of the steel heart interlock. Complete with “I love you” messaging on each piece, there’s no better way to show where your affection lies.

This quality piece passes 3 quality tests to ensure you give your loved one the very best. Spoil your better half with something unique.

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3. His and Hers Couples Bracelet

These matching, hand-crafted bracelets are an adorable Valentine’s gift for couples who love a simple, rustic style of jewelry. Made from alloy and rope, the timeless, enduring design even features corresponding lock and key alloy charms to illustrate just how well you fit together.

The adjustable bracelets, marked as his and hers, are sold as a pair, and are adjustable to fit anybody. What a great choice to celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day.

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4. Crown Pendants for Couples

Celebrate your king or queen this Valentine’s Day with these gorgeous matching crown pendant necklaces. These laser cut, polished stainless steel charms feature a crown for each of you, and the enduring message “Keep me in your heart” – so you’re wearing a reminder of what you mean to one another.

The male crown is striking in black, while the delicate gold-plated crown is perfect for your queen, complete with sparkling cubic zirconia highlights. These stunning pieces come with a display box and there is even a returns policy if you’re not completely satisfied with the 22” chain.

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5. King and Queen Beer and Wine Glasses

Looking for a unique Valentine’s Gift?  These high-quality glasses are ideal for everything from a house warming to a romantic dinner, especially for an outgoing couple. Made in the USA, the 16 Oz. “King” beer mug is perfect for a man who loves his beer and it comes with a lifetime quality guarantee.

And for the ladies, the “Queen” wine glass holds 12.75 Oz. of your favorite wine – again, it comes with a lifetime quality guarantee. Packed for safety, these are ideal to raise a drink to your love this Valentine’s Day.

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6. Our Story Scrapbook

Capture your love forever with this scrapbook and decorative box. The set, which includes 40 pages, a pen, 12 vintage stickers, and a storage box easily holds 80 4” x 6” photographs of you and that someone special.

The black pages won’t fade, meaning you can add love messages to each memory. Plus, there is a transparent sheet to keep each photo untouched. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a couple who loves arts and crafts.

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7. Matching Love Pendants

These comfortable stainless steel pendants are perfect for couples who are completely intertwined. The polished stainless steel design features engraved bands, interlinked forever to represent hearts in love. The set is presented in a gift box and you’ll receive a Lucky Bean full of best wishes for Valentine’s Day.

Connect with your significant other and wear your love around your neck with these stunning pendants – and if you’re not smitten, you can claim the 30-day money back guarantee.

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8. 752 Uncommon Dates: A Couple’s Adventure Guide for Praying, Playing, and Staying Together

Keep the romance alive with these creative gift ideas. This is a book about a love experience rooted in the world of spirituality. Based on the popular love languages, you can find ideas and how to make them real.

Each date is linked to a Biblical verse and theme, and there’s something new to experience every week for a whole year of love. Learn how to love this Valentine’s Day.

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9. Matching Superhero Aprons (Plus key ring)

Think your lover is a bit of a hero in the kitchen? Then spoil them with a superhero cooking apron this Valentine’s Day. The matching Superman and Wonder Woman designs are sure to make you feel like an unstoppable team in the kitchen, and get your guests talking at dinner parties.

The deal even includes a free bottle opener key ring, so pop the champagne and cook up some super love in these 23” x 28.4” novelty aprons.

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10. Conversation Starters for Husbands & Wives

Even the most passionate couples sometimes need help sparking conversations. This set of 44 double-sided cards is designed to help your kick-start conversations with your spouse or loved one. Get the discussion flowing this Valentine’s Day!

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11. Kissing Pig Keychains

These adorable matching keychains are perfect for a couple looking for sweet matching presents this Valentine’s Day. Hers is a polished rose gold color, while your man will get a black alloy piggy. Let them lock lips with the hidden magnets for plenty of giggles.

The high quality, damage-resistant keychains come in a gift box and are a cute way to remind each other of your love.

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12. Couples’ Shot Glasses

Toast to Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right this Valentine’s Day with these novelty shot glasses, a perfect way to celebrate the classic battle between the sexes.

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13. Lock and Key Matching Keychains

Lock up your love with a matching set of lock and key keychains. The stylish minimal design is a subtle way to say that your love is locked down for life – plus it’s a functional gift for him and her.

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14. King and Queen Pom Pom Beanies

Show the world who your king or queen is with a beanie that’s going to keep your lover nice and warm in winter. The matching set of 2 beanies is finished with high-quality embroidery, and one size fits all so you can rest assured your loved one is going to look great this Valentine’s Day.

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15. Hugging Coffee Mugs

These adorable ceramic mugs look like they’re reaching out to hug one another – perfect for Valentine’s Day. Dishwasher safe and made from high-quality ceramics, you can even throw these in the microwaves for a steamy cup of something warm when you want to snuggle up and hug.

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16. You’re My Person Keychains

Spoil your person with a matching set of “You’re my person” keychains. Whether you use it as a pendant or keychain, these antique silver charms are an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day – plus they’re great for friends and someone special. Packaged in a velvet carry bag to add to the occasion.

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17. Silicone Wine Glass Set

These food-grade, reusable, washable wine glasses are ideal for a night out when you want to have fun without worrying about breaking glasses. The fact that the glasses have no stem adds a sense of fun, plus drinking is convenient and easy.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. branding, you’ll also know which glass belongs to which partner, too. This cool Valentine’s gift also comes in an attractive gift box.

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18. Adjustable Crown Rings

Declare your love this Valentine’s Day with an adjustable set of matching rings. Your queen will enjoy wearing a crown while the man wears a cross.

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19. Decorative Pillow Cover Set

Sleeping alongside that someone special is an honor. Show your king or queen what they mean to you with a set of pillowcases that will help you dream about one another every night. They’re breathable and easy to clean, safe for machine wash and will fit standard size pillows.

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20. Date Night Box

Spoil your Valentine with the perfect date packaged in a convenient date box. The box includes a fun Scatterbirds game and everything you need for an unforgettable 2 hours. Designed to bring you closer together, this book is full of themes and ideas to help you keep the love alive.

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21. Couples Key Holders

These easy-to-install key holders are a cute, quirky way to add a bit of romance to your home this Valentine’s Day. The wall-mounted key holders are also practical – no hooks to get snagged on. And they’re easy to install. A practical gift to keep yourself organized in a special way.

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22. Novelty Bells

Ever wished you could get a kiss or maybe something more just by ringing a bell? Well now you can with these “Ring for Sex” and “Ring for a Kiss” adult bells. Whether you use them to reconnect or just as a naughty gift at a party, these are necessary!

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23. Love Heart Lock and Key Keychain Set

Looking for a convenient way to keep your loved ones close? This 2-piece set of matching lock and key heart keychains is made from high-quality stainless steel zinc alloy and comes in a beautiful gift box – perfect for Valentine’s Day. The key rings won’t fade or rust.

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24. Matching Couple Flasks

Marked with Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right designs, these high-quality flasks will warm up your love this Valentine’s Day. Made from stainless steel, these BPA-free flasks will keep your liquids warm for up to 12 hours. Ideal for dates or daily use to remind you of the love you share.

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25. Starbucks Bundle

This is the ideal bundle for lovers looking to share a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in a designer Starbucks mug. The set includes Starbucks blend coffee, Salted Caramel cocoa mix, and two tall mugs with the classic Starbucks design. Snuggle up and relax with your favorite drink.

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26. Couple’s Kindle Cards

Get the spark back with this card game designed to bring you and your partner closer this Valentine’s Day. These weekly tips and exercises are an affordable, effective way to enhance every element of your relationship – from sexual connection and romance to mental and physical wellbeing. Make this year your best yet starting on February 14th!

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27. Matching His and Hers Watches

It’s time for love and romance, so what better Valentine’s Gift than matching watches? These stylish black-faced watches are housed in stainless steel bands, sized accordingly for men and women. With a luminous analogue display and sophisticated feel, light up your lovers face with this matching set.

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28. Matching Bangle Set

Does your lover have the key to your heart? Then why not make it official with this beautiful set of matching bangles? Made from polished, laser-cut titanium and steel, these corresponding lock and key designs are comfortable and light.

They come as a set in a gift box, and you’ll also receive a lucky bean for good luck. An absolute must this Valentine’s Day!

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29. Moxeay One Piece Bodysuit

Show your lady how sexy you think she is with this flattering romper suit, designed to show off her assets this Valentine’s Day. Available in a range of colors, the blend of polyester and cotton gives her enough support and confidence to release her inner goddess.

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30. Toraway Lingerie

Your man is going to have a Valentine’s Day he’ll never forget if you surprise him in nothing but a set of this high-quality, seductive underwear. Designed to show off your derriere, this thong is as much a tease as it is comfortable thanks to stretchable Terylene fabric used.

If you’re a US 4 – 8 then make sure you shop this naughty surprise today! Available in black or white.

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31. The Romantic Coupon Book

Coupons for a cuddle or foot massage make a great Valentine’s Day gift for men or women, but often the handmade version isn’t as romantic as you would like. This beautifully-illustrated book of 22 coupons is sure to add a little spice and intimacy to your relationship – no matter how long you’ve been in love!

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32. Soap Set with Teddy Bear

If you’re unsure what to spoil your lover with this Valentine’s Day, then this stunning combination is the gift you should choose. It combines flowers, scented soaps, and a teddy!

The gift box contains a bunch of flowers– 12 rose scented soaps perfect for a relaxing bath. There’s also a teddy bear with an important message for your lover – “I love you”. Don’t choose one Valentine’s gift – give a gift box that offers your someone special the choice they want!

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33. Flameless Candles

Candles are a great way to create romantic ambience, but they eventually burn out and are a definite fire hazard – especially if you’re focused on your partner. This set of 6 battery-powered rose candles is a great option to set the mood safely.

They come in 7 colors and you can enjoy their gentle glow for up to a year – guaranteed. Batteries are included so all you need is a Valentine and you’re ready for the perfect date.

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34. Silk Rose Petals

There’s almost nothing as romantic as coming home to a trail of rose petals leading you to a romantic evening. Set the mood this Valentine’s Day with this 2000-piece collection of silk rose petals, which are available in an array of colors including romantic red.

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35. Kama Sutra Getaway Kit

Planning a weekend away to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Be sure to pack this erotic travel set for a weekend you’ll never forget! The set includes travel-sized oils and things to treat your lover well – plus it’s all designed to fit snuggly into your luggage.

Apart from the Oil of Love, have fun experimenting with the Honey Dust body powder and French Vanilla Body Soufflé. Once you’re ready, add the Feather Tickler and Love Liquid lubricant to the mix for a night of unforgettable pleasure. The travel bag also contains a candle, and can be zipped up for repeat use.

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36. Beasts of Prey

Men are very strange animals indeed, and this book celebrates all their flaws in a fun, engaging way. Track the history of man’s urges and bad behavior from start to finish as the author explores mating habits, psychology, and evolution in a stunning read that will make you cry with laughter while you learn everything there is to know about your man’s strange, animalistic habits.

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37. Romantic Heart

The heart is a symbol of love that we’re all used to seeing on Valentine’s Day, but this one has a naughty secret. Open the heart to reveal seductive instructions and messages on how to please your partner. A great erotic gift if you want to celebrate February 14th in the bedroom.

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38. Entice Her

Most ladies would do anything for love, but this romantic game for couples is all about spoiling the woman in your life. Select the actions and do as you’re told for a great Valentine’s Game that will give your lady a chance to relax and let you spoil her for a change.

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39. Novelty Fundies

A quirky Valentine’s gift for a couple who loves to laugh, these stretchable undergarments have holes for four legs – perfect for a couple to try and squeeze into this February. This is guaranteed to get you laughing and literally bring you closer.

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40. 47 Little Love Boosters

We’re all busy and sometimes it feels difficult to reconnect with a partner. This book gives you practical tips, ideas, and suggestions of little ways that you can reconnect. Designed to be quick and easy, it’s perfect advice for bringing couples closer, whether you’re married or just starting out.

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41. Perfect Match Rings

These stunning, high-quality rings are designed to send a powerful message – my heart is not complete without you. Thanks to the split heart design, this is a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift that will make you feel closer no matter where you are.

Packaged in a beautiful gift box, the rings also come with a 30-day return policy if you’re not entirely satisfied.

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42. Wooden Cake Toppers

These versatile Valentines’ gifts allow you to express your creativity as a couple. Whether you paint them, use them as home decorations, or add them to a cake you serve on February 14th, they’re a cute representation of a couple.

Standing just under 4 inches tall, they are made from unfinished maple, meaning you can have loads of fun making them your own by painting or even carving. And even if you only use them to adorn your wedding cake, they can be kept as simple toys for little ones.

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43. Our Adventure Book

Whether you love the outdoors or just spending time together, every moment spent together in a relationship is an adventure worth celebrating.

This 11.61 x 7.48-inch scrapbook allows you to capture every moment and memory. With 80 pages of thick card and craft paper, as well as postcards and corner stickers, it’s a great Valentine’s Day gift for couples who are passionate about writing their own fairytale.

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44. Infinity Bracelets

The symbol of infinity is beautiful and special – especially when you’re in love. These unique, hand-woven couple’s bracelets allow you to celebrate your infinite love through their elegant, durable design without having to shout the word love or rely on a phrase.

The symbol of the infinity clasp is powerful enough. Choose from an array of colors and adjust to fit your loved one’s wrist. This set of high-quality bracelets makes an ideal romantic gift for Valentine’s Day.

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45. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Soulmate Shirts

These matching t shirts are a great way to show the whole world that you’re in love this Valentine’s Day. The back features a design of these two famous mice holding hands, which is a cute way to show you’re together.

With so many romantic, affordable gifts available, making this Valentine’s Day extra special should be easy – and you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it special.

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Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a stressful holiday. With these 45 gifts, you can get something for that special someone without having to break your bank. If you know of any inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts that aren’t on this list, let us know down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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