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5 Awesome Freebies You Can Get Right Now – October 2015

5 Awesome Freebies You Can Get Right Now – October 2015
Jason Wuerch Oct 30, 2015
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Before I purchase something, I always take a step back to consider if I can get the same product for a cheaper price or for free. As you already may be aware, there are many sites that offer freebies, giving you sample products as long as you provide a mailing address.

However, usually these products aren’t very useful or come in such small quantities. Here I’m going to show you 5 really cool or awesome freebies that you can get right away for the month of October 2015 (and will most likely roll into November).

1. Bananas

Next time you stop at your local grocery store, make sure to pick up a 4 – 5 bananas. We won’t be able to get this freebie directly, but we will end up not having to pay anything by using receipt-scanning apps. By taking a picture of your receipt from your smartphone, you can get discounts on specific purchases at your local retailer. This may include either a specific brand or just a general product. For bananas, there are 2 apps that we can use to scan our receipt that will enable us to get about $.45 cents in cash back.

The first app is Ibotta. After you make your purchase, upload your receipt and within a few days you’ll receive $.20 cents to your account. You can purchase any brand of bananas as long as you purchase it from specific stores (usually large retailers such as Walmart, Safeway, Albertsons, etc.)

The second app we’re going to use is called Checkout51. It works in almost exactly the same way as Ibotta, except for bananas you can claim out $.25 cents from scanning your receipt.checkout51-banana-final

Using both of these receipt-scanning apps, you can save a total of a total of $.45 cents. Since we can find a pound of bananas for as low as $.49 cents, you can probably get 4 – 5 bananas at no cost.

2. VR Goggles

Ever wanted to try virtual reality but never even considered the option because it’s too expensive? Now’s your chance, as you can get a pair of free virtual reality goggles when you fill out a small form. Currently this freebie is on backorder, so you may have to wait an extra 3 – 4 weeks to receive them. However, I can definitely tell you that it’s worth the wait.

Of course you won’t be getting anything that costs thousands of dollars, but it’s something you can use for fun or use with your kids to have a good time. You can fill out the form for free goggles here.

3. Emergen-C Drink Mix

If you aren’t familiar with Emergen-C, it’s a powder or a pill that contains a high amount of vitamin C to help boost your immune system or help you get over a sickness in a shorter amount of time. Most people I know love the taste and claim that it actually works. Fill out a small form with your address and you can get one or two free sample packs of the flavor of your choosing. You can fill out the form here.

4. Free $10 At Efurb

Efurb is a recently-launched website that sells refurbished products at a discount. In order to hit the ground running, they’re offering anyone who signs up with a new account $10 in free credit. You’ll be surprised at how much cheaper their refurbished products are compared to Amazon and other retailers. In order to receive the $10 credit, you must use a referral link when creating an account. You can use this link here. You can also earn another $10 each time you refer one of your friends.

5. Free Peach Papaya Green Sweetened Iced Tea

Now when you go to Carl’s Jr, you can get a free small peach papaya green sweetened iced tea when you show them a coupon. There’s a limit of only 1 per customer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come back every day or even later in the day to get another one. This offer is valid until 11/30/15, so you still have an entire month to get a free drink every day. You can print out your coupon here.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself to something special without spending a lot of money, these freebies will definitely do the trick. My personal favorite is the free tea at Carl’s Jr.

If you’re looking to get more freebies, check out our top 10 freebie site list or find out how you can get free products on Amazon. Do you see a freebie that’s awesome and not on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Jason Wuerch

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