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7 Steps To Save 23% On All Products At Starbucks (28% Online)

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A while back we made an article that showed us how we can save 10% on all Starbucks purchases. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t matter what we buy or whether it’s in-store or online. Fortunately we’ve found a way to increase this amount to 23% due to some minor changes.

Just follow the steps in this guide, and make sure to do them in order in order to maximize your cash back.

1. Get A Cash Back Credit Card

It doesn’t really matter which card you get, as long as it gets you a high amount of cash back on all purchases, not specifically at Starbucks. This is because we’re not going to be using our credit card to make a purchase directly. The card we recommend for this is the Discover It Card.

It comes with no annual fee, double the cash back the first year, and they have an excellent cash back portal called Discover Deals. Here’s a quick glance:

Apply Now

  • 1% cash back on all purchases (2% the first year)
  • 5% cash back on categories that rotate quarterly (10% the first year)
  • No annual fee
  • Free card replacement
  • No international fees

If you have another cash back credit card that works for you, great. We just wanted to show you this one because it’s one of the highest for all purchases, I’ve never personally had an issue, and it will be used in our calculations to get 23% off Starbucks. If you want to try another card, you can also get 2% back with the Citi Double Cash Card.

You can read more specifics on the Discover It Card here.

2. TopCashBack

We’re eventually going to want to use our credit card to buy a gift card, but before we do that we can save another 2% by first going through a cash back portal. These portals are online websites that reach out to retailers across the web. They form partnerships with them and put affiliate links on their page.

Each time someone comes in and clicks on one of their affiliate links, they’re redirected to a specific retailer’s page. When the consumer (you) makes a purchase, they receive affiliate commission and give the majority of it to you.

The one that we’re going to want to use is called TopCashback. If you’re not familiar with these portals, I highly suggest that you start using them for literally all online purchases, or else you’re just losing money.

After you make a purchase using one of their links, wait up until 30 days (usually a lot shorter) for the money to be credited to your account. You can cash out once you hit a minimum of $20 to either PayPal, or you can get a bonus of an extra 2.5% when you redeem for Amazon gift cards.

Click on their registration link to sign-up. It’s 100% free and you get a $10 bonus just for signing-up. The only requirement is to create a username and verify your email. For now we’re just going to register, but we’ll be using this site a couple of steps down.

3. Raise

Now we’re going to sign-up for a website that allows us to buy Starbucks Gift Cards at a discount. However, do not make the purchase just yet. Raise is a gift card reseller that buys your unwanted gift cards for cheap and then resells them for a profit.

You can register for free and you get a bonus of $5 in credit when you register. You just need to verify your email. If you’re interested in buying gift cards at a discount, we’ve put together a list of gift card resellers you can trust.

4. Use TopCashBack

Now that we have accounts for both Raise and TopCashBack, we can finally get to work. Go back to the TopCashBack website and log-in. In the search bar you’re going to want to type in “Raise.” You should see the Raise Gift Card Reseller appear, and it should also say that you can earn 2% cash back on gift cards that you buy.

Click on the “Cashback” button to be redirected to the Raise homepage. At this point, cookies will be stored in your browser and TopCashBack will be tracking your purchase. This means that they will know when you make a purchase, you’ll automatically be given back 2% in cash back into your account.

5. Make The Purchase

Now that we’re on the Raise homepage, we can finally make our purchase. Go ahead and log-in and type in “Starbucks” in the search bar. A list of gift cards should appear with their specified discounts. Currently the highest discount for a Starbucks gift card is at 19% off, which is a great deal.

When you go to checkout, use your Citi Card that we mentioned above or another cash back card to get an additional 2% off of your purchase. Electronic gift cards are sent directly to your inbox within 24 hours, but usually you’ll get them within an hour or two.

Keep in mind that this gift card can be used for any Starbucks purchase, whether it be online or in-store.

6. Online Purchases – Another 5%

We’re going to show you how you can add an additional 5% when you make online purchases from the Starbucks website (with the exception of gift cards and a few other products). With our gift card in hand, we’re going to go back to the TopCashBack portal page.

Instead of searching for Raise, this time we want to search for Starbucks. Notice that you can get 5% off the Starbucks Store when you use their links. This brings our total of 23% savings to a maximum of 28%.topcashback-starbucks

If you’re going to going to the Starbucks brick-and-mortar, you’ll be stuck with the 23%. However this is still a great rate.

7. Let’s Recap

Let’s do a quick recap of how much money we’ve saved so far:

  • Cash Back Credit Card – 2%
  • TopCashBack Portal – 2%
  • Raise Discounted Gift Card – 19%
  • TopCashBack Online Purchase – 5%

This means we’ve saved a total of 23% on all Starbucks purchases, or 28% on all Starbucks online purchases.

Final Thoughts

It may seem like a lengthy process… and that’s because it is until you get the hang of it. Now that I’ve done this so many times for different retailers, it only takes me a few minutes at most, and I end up saving a lot of money. If you had trouble following any of the steps, we’d be more than happy to help out. Just let us know!

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