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9 Ways To Make Money Online By Selling Your Used Clothing

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Sell Your Used Clothing Online For Money

Do you have clothing, jewelry, and accessories that you never wear? If so, they’re likely cluttering up your closet and causing quite the inconvenience. From old bridesmaid dresses to blouses that no longer fit, we’ve all been there.

However, there’s no reason to let your threads collect dust when you can get cash for clothes. Going to a consignment shop can be a hassle, and you’re often given an insanely low offer for your clothing. In fact, the average consignment shop takes 40% in commission.

That’s why selling used clothes online is the latest trend; it’s simple, convenient, and you can often set your own prices. Below you’ll find 9 ways to make money selling your clothes online. Each way is unique and has different benefits. Check out the list along with some helpful tips!

1. Download the Depop App To Sell Clothes Straight From Your Phone

What Is Depop?

Depop is a mobile app that allows you to buy and sell clothing. It was launched in 2013, so it’s pretty new when compared to some other options. However, it has over 15,000 downloads on Google Play and stellar user feedback.

In 2015, favorably discussed Depop and called the app a “part Instagram-style social network and part eBay marketplace”.

How Does It Work?

To sell your clothes on Depop, you start by creating a store and choosing a store name. Then take photos of the clothing and accessories that you want to sell and provide information for each item.

You’ll need to write an item description, set a price, and state what type of product it is (jewelry, dress, and so on). Once you’ve done this, other users can see your listings. Users can also follow one another, ‘like’ each other’s items, and even message each other.

How Much Can You Earn?

You have the freedom to price your items at whatever price point you’d like. You can also negotiate prices via the messaging system if you’re open to doing so. Depop takes a 10% commission for each item that you sell, so make sure to factor that into your pricing.

You receive Payments via Paypal, so you are also responsible for any applicable PayPal fees. Learn more about fees, payment, and shipping on Depop’s help desk site.

2. Sell Your ‘Like New’ Items On

What Is thredUP?

thredUP is an online consignment shop where you can buy and sell like-new clothing. The company was founded in 2009 and dubs itself “the largest online consignment and thrift store”. With over 1,400,000 “likes” on Facebook, thredUP is an extremely popular choice for online clothes sales.

How Does It Work?

You start selling by ordering a Clean Out Kit from thredUP, which they send to you via mail. Make sure that the clothes you send in are truly in ‘like new’ or are completely new.

thredUp themselves state “We have high quality standards and typically accept less than 40% of the clothing we receive.” How quickly you get paid depends on if you’re making  ‘Upfront’ and ‘Consignment’, which you can learn about here.

How Much Can You Earn?

thredUP has somewhat of a gray area when it comes to how much you earn. Their website states “The amount you’re paid depends on the original price, brand, and category of each item”.

They provide a payout estimator to help you determine how much money you can potentially make. Payments are made via PayPal, or you can opt for thredUP store credit or donating funds to charity.

3. Download The Poshmark App To Sell Clothes

What Is Poshmark?

According to Poshmark, “Poshmark is the leading fashion destination where people come together to buy and sell clothing and accessories from each other. We have built a community where our members can buy and sell with confidence and ease.”

Their app has over 28,000 downloads on Google Play and they’ve got over 220,000 followers on Facebook.

How Does It Work?

Download the Poshmark app to your Android or iPhone device, and you can begin the process of listing and selling your items. You take photos of the item(s) you want to sell, and you can choose from different Poshmark photo filters to enhance the photo. They call this the ‘Covershot’ for your item.

The app has community-based ‘Posh Parties’ where users virtually join together to buy and sell their clothes. You can even use PoshPost to ship your items; they send you a shipping label that’s prepaid and pre-addressed.

How Much Can You Earn?

If you earn $15 or less per sale, Poshmark collects a fee of $2.95. If you earn more than $15 per sale, Poshmark collects a 20% commission fee. Poshmark pays via direct deposit to your bank account, or you can request a check. A full explanation of earnings and fees is available in the Poshmark FAQ section.

4. Become An eBay Seller

What Is An eBay Seller?

As you likely know, eBay is a humongous online marketplace where you can buy and sell goods from all over the world. There were reportedly 25 million eBay sellers as of 2015 and 165 million users overall. With such a huge audience, eBay is certainly one of the most popular places to sell used clothing of all types, sizes, and styles.

How Does It Work?

Setting up a Seller Account on eBay is fairly easy. You need to provide basic information like your name, address, and phone number. You’ll also need a verified PayPal account if you don’t have one already. Creating a product listing is a pretty simple process, too.

Though the default way to sell is via auction, you can offer a “Pay Me Now” option to let users instantly buy your product. When you create product listings, eBay pretty much walks you through the process. However, you can also read this detailed guide that the company provides to get a headstart.

How Much Can You Earn?

You set your own prices for listings, and your first 50 listings on eBay are free. These are both very attractive benefits. If you list more than 50 items, you’ll be charged $0.30 per listing.

It’s also free to upload 12 photos per listing and to add the ‘Buy it Now’ option. eBay will charge you 10% of your final sale amount. There are advanced listing options available, and the fees for those options vary. You can read a full explanation of eBay’s selling fees here.

5. Create A Boutique For Vintage Or Handmade Clothing On Asos Marketplace

What Is Asos Marketplace? is a very popular British online fashion retailer; their target audience is 20-somethings who are interested in trendy and unique clothing. Asos Marketplace allows you to sell vintage, handmade, or gently used clothing.

If you’re considering starting an indie clothing brand or have a knack for finding vintage gems at thrift stores, Asos Marketplace may be ideal for you.

How Does It Work?

You’ll begin by signing up for an Asos Marketplace account. Once you do this, you can fill out a Boutique Application. You will get a response regarding your application within 3 business days, according to

If your application is approved, you can begin setting up your online boutique. Asos requires you to have 10-15 items available for sale in your boutique at all times.

You’ll also need to shoot and upload high-quality photos of each item in natural lighting. I highly recommend reading the 2015 Boutique Standards Guide to learn as much as possible before applying.

How Much Can You Earn?

Asos takes a 20% commission from each sale that you make. Running a boutique costs £20 – $21.20 USD according to – per month. You are paid via PayPal for your earnings.

Personally, I only recommend Asos Marketplace if you’re committed to consistently selling clothes online or want to make a part-time income from it. It’s a great resource for budding vintage apparel sellers, but otherwise, your profits may not be worth the fees and effort.

6. Sell High-End Fashion On Tradesy

What Is Tradesy?

Tradesy is an online consignment shop that focuses heavily on high-end fashion. Some examples of brands I found for sale on Tradesy include Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and Free People.

If you’ve got some brand name apparel, shoes, and jewelry, this platform may be perfect for you. Your potential to earn here is typical than the payout from the average consignment shop.

How Does It Work?

Listing on Tradesy is a pretty simple process. Simply snap photos of your high-end items that are in good condition. Tradesy helps edit the photos to make them look as professional as possible.

You’ll have access to digital and phone support if you’ve got questions or comments about listing, sales, and shipping. I suggest browsing Tradesy’s retail site to see what’s popular; this will give you a good idea of what items to sell.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

You get to set your own prices for each listing you create. Tradesy takes a 14.9% commission fee, which is fairly low compared to similar platforms. You’re also charged a small fee of 2.9% to transfer your earnings to PayPal, your debit card, or your bank account.

This fee is used to help cover the payment processing costs that Tradesy covers during sales. To ship your items, you can choose from eight different shipping kits. Learn all about Tradesy shipping processes here.

7. Make An Ad On Your Local Craigslist Page

What Is Craigslist?

Founded in 1995, Craigslist is a classified ads website where you can post and browse local ads for your city or region. People use Craigslist as for job listings, discussions, promoting local activities, selling tons of different items, and much more.

Selling clothes and accessories on Craigslist is extremely common. You’ll find everything from baby onesies to wedding dresses being sold.

How Does It Work?

You can create listings on Craigslist whether or not you create a free account. Start out by visiting and choose your city or region. In the top left corner, click “post to classifieds”.

From the button menu, select “for sale by owner”. Then choose the appropriate category from the next button menu. You’ll likely list in “clothing and accessories”, but “jewelry” is another option.

From there, you go through a simple series of actions to create your ad. You’re directed through the entire process, and it only takes a few minutes.

How Much Can You Earn?

Craigslist is another platform where you set your own prices, and you get 100% of the money earned. Craigslist does not charge any type of membership or listing fees.

In my opinion and experience, it’s the easiest and most straightforward way to make money selling clothes!

8. Use Mercari To Sell Clothing Of All Styles

What is Mercari?

According to their Google Play store description, “Mercari is a fun, fast-paced and secure mobile marketplace app available on Android smartphones. It’s free, easy and simple to use.

Browse millions of new and used items or make a quick sale.” From men’s fashion to children’s shoes, you can sell all kinds of apparel on Mercari. With over 67,000 Google Play downloads and 20,000 Twitter followers, it’s certainly a well-known online marketplace.

How Does It Work?

Start by signing up downloading the Mercari app, then click the red “sell button” on the bottom of the screen. Create an account by signing up via Facebook or using your e-mail address.

Once you’ve created your account, you can start selling your items! Simply take photos of them, write a description, and set your price(s). Read the Mercari Seller FAQ if you have any questions or confusion.

How Much Can You Earn?

Mercari has very straightforward fees; they take 10% commission on any sale you make regardless of the sale price. Listing items on Mercari is free, which makes it stand out from similar platforms.

You can get paid via direct deposit, and there’s a $2 fee if you request a payout that is less than $10. Currently, direct deposit is the only payment option that Mercari offers.

9. Local Facebook Buy, Sell And Trade Groups

What Is A Facebook Buy, Sell And Trade Group?

If you use Facebook, you’ve likely seen Groups before – they’re created for anything and everything. From political parties to T.V. show discussions, there’s a Facebook Group for everything.

Groups are commonly used in a manner similar to Craigslist or a virtual garage sale. You can sell clothes, jewelry, and accessories of all types and conditions to local buyers. It’s a pretty simple process, and you’ll see below that it can be pretty profitable.

How Does It Work?

Use the search function on Facebook to look for buy, sell, and trade groups in your area. You can use terms like “(your city name) swap” or “(your city name) buy, sell, and trade”. This should bring up local results.

On a group’s page, there will be a “join group” button; some group approvals are automatic while others require an administrator’s approval.

Every selling group has unique rules, but you’ll typically upload photos of your clothes, add product descriptions, add prices, and talk with buyers via messages and comments. Some groups allow transactions involving shipping; others may require you to arrange in-person sales.

How Much Can You Earn?

Like Craigslist, Facebook groups don’t charge you to create posts about items you have for sale. They also don’t charge any type of commission, so you make 100% of the profits.

How much you earn will simply depend on the price of the items you sell and buyer interest. Negotiating prices is a common practice in Facebook buy, sell, and trade groups.

Bonus: Tips For Making Money Selling Your Clothes

Learn About Fees

I really like using The Fee Calculator to determine how much I will be charged in PayPal fees. It’s a free tool where you input your potential sale price. This will tell you how much you’ll be charged when you receive payment via PayPal. You may use it to adjust your prices accordingly.

Play It Safe

If you use Craigslist or Facebook groups to set up sales, use caution and implement safe practices when meeting in person. Meet during the day in a public space, and take a friend or family member with you. I’ve always had positive transactions when selling via Craigslist, but I still take these precautions each time. It never hurts to play it safe!

Take High-Quality Photos

The photos you use in your listings can truly make or break your sales. You don’t need a fancy camera, but there are some simple measures you can take.

Take photos during the day in a room with natural light to get high-quality photos. For each product, take photos from multiple angles. This kind of detail gives off a professional vibe and may draw in more buyers. Ebay provides a seller guide for taking photos, and it is very informative.

Be Honest And Detailed

Being honest and detailed are two of the most important aspects of making money selling clothes online. If your clothes or accessories have small blemishes, make sure to include this in the product description.

Some buyers won’t mind little defects at all, but it’s crucial to be honest about them. Excluding details can lead to upset buyers, and you may receive negative feedback or lose sales. That’s the last thing you want!

Additionally, make sure to include as much detail as possible in your listing and your shop description (if applicable). Do you accept negotiations? How long does it take you to ship out an order?

If you sell homemade clothing or jewelry, what materials do you use? Little details like this can help increase your buyer’s trust and interest.

Turn Closet Clutter Into Cash

As you can see, there’s no need to toss your clothes into a storage tub. With the 9 options on this list, you have plenty of options for selling clothes online. Whether they’re used clothes or brand new items, these Internet-based outlets are ideal resources.

Turn your unwanted apparel into cash! If you’d like to learn more about fashion and thrifty tips, check out 7 Websites That Will Help You Save Money While Shopping Online and 9 Money Saving Tips For Beauty And Fashion Lovers. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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