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Amazon Cashback: 11 Easy Ways To Save Money at Amazon

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Amazon is one of the most popular retailers out there. If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper like myself, you’re going to want to maximize the amount of Amazon cashback you can earn on every purchase.

For this reason I’ve put together this Amazon Cashback guide. By following the steps outlined here, expect to earn anywhere from 5% to 16% in cash back on all purchases.

With that said, let’s get started.

1. Go Through Shopping Portals – 6%

When you decide to shop on Amazon, you should always go through a shopping portal first. This can easily add an extra 6% in cash back to your savings.

amazon cashback topcashback

Shopping portals are online websites that have partnered with thousands of retailers across the web and have placed all of their links onto one page.

When you click on one of the links and make a purchase at one of these retailers, the portal earns a commission. Instead of keeping all of this cash to themselves, they give it back to you in the form of cash back.

Right now one of the best shopping portals for shopping at Amazon is TopCashback. They’re currently giving 6% back on select categories. Here’s a quick demonstration of how it works:

  1. Sign-up for TopCashback using this link here. Get a $10 bonus as a new user.
  2. In the search bar, type in “Amazon.” You’ll see that they’re currently giving 6% in cash back on select categories such as clothing, jewelry and more.
  3. Click on “Get Cashback” to be redirected to the Amazon page. Make a purchase and TopCashback will automatically track your purchase using cookie technology.
  4. Receive 6% in cash back (rates may change) off of your total purchase price in your TopCashback account within 10 days. Once you receive  a minimum of $10 in earned cash back you can cash out for gift cards or direct deposits.
  5. Use TopCashback for other retailers – right now they have over 1,000 available!

The great thing about TopCashback is that they’re also offering a $15 cash back bonus when you sign-up for Amazon Prime with their link.

Keep in mind that cash back only applies to certain categories, as not all Amazon purchases are accepted.

2. Shop Through The Ibotta App – $10 Bonus

Ibotta is one of the most popular receipt scanning apps out there. Take a picture of a receipt and one of their partner retailers and earn cash back. Save money on groceries, electronics, meals at restaurants, and more.

The best part? Ibotta is 100% FREE. They even give you a $10 bonus when you register and you claim your first offer within 30 days.

Ibotta also has an additional service that gives you cashback by shopping through their partner retailers.

Like the shopping portals mentioned above, you can earn cashback by first going through the Ibotta app and then being redirected to the Amazon site to make your purchase. From there, Ibotta automatically tracks your purchase and gives you cash back.

Once your account reaches a minimum of $20, you can cash out to either PayPal, Venmo or for a gift card of your choosing.

You may be thinking, “Isn’t Ibotta just like the portals mentioned above?” There are 2 main differences to keep in mind.

1. $2 Cashback No Matter The Purchase

Ibotta offers occasional cash bonuses when going through them. For example, right now when you redeem any Amazon offer, you get a $2 bonus. The best part? It doesn’t matter how much you buy.

amazon cashback ibotta bonus

Keep in mind that this offer expires, and once it’s claimed it will be difficult to determine when it comes back. Furthermore, the offer amount may change from $2 to another amount.

2. More Cashback Categories

Like other shopping portals, you can shop through Ibotta and earn cashback, but only on certain categories. As mentioned, TopCashback gives you cashback for shopping in certain categories.

While Ibotta tends to have a lower cashback rate than TopCashback and other shopping portals, they tend to have more categories. For example, Ibotta will give you cashback on Amazon groceries and luggage whereas other shopping portals won’t.

amazon cashback ibotta categories

Before making a purchase, be sure to quickly compare the Amazon cashback categories between Ibotta and other portals.

3. Always Use The Amazon Store Card – 5%

When you sign-up for the Amazon Store Card, you have the option to choose between special financing or cashback.

If you go with the cashback option, you save 5% on all Amazon purchases no matter what you buy.

This cash back amount can be used to reduce your current credit card statement. You won’t find another credit card that pays as high as the Amazon Store Card.

If you decide to go against the 5% cash back, you can also choose between other options when you make a purchase of $149 or more on Amazon:

  • 6 months Special Financing on purchases of $149 or more.
  • 12 months Special Financing on purchases of $599 or more.
  • 24 months Special Financing on select Amazon-sold items. Browse here for items that fall within this category.

The Special Financing option means you don’t have to pay off your credit card for a certain amount of time with 0% interest. However, you still have to pay the minimum balance each month.

If you don’t choose the Special Financing option, 5% in cash back will be chosen as default. You can always change this setting under your account options.

The best part? The card comes with no annual fee. We only suggest that you pay off the minimum balance as to not wrack up interest charges.

Keep in mind that you do need to be a member of Amazon Prime in order to qualify for the 5% cashback.

Here’s a quick summary of what the card has to offer:

amazon cashback amazon store card

More Information

  • No annual fee
  • 5% cashback when you become a member of Amazon Prime
  • 6-month Special Financing on purchases of $149 or more
  • 12-month Special Financing on purchases of $599 or more
  • 24-month Special Financing on select Amazon items
  • Credit card can be used for other purchases outside of Amazon, but with no cashback

Bonus Tip: If you go through the TopCashback portal as mentioned in step 1 and then make a purchase using the Amazon Store Card, you’re getting 11% cash back on certain purchases.

4. Buy A Discounted Gift Card Through Cardpool – 5%

Cardpool is one of the most popular gift card resellers on the web. They buy unwanted gift cards at a discount and then sell them for a profit, usually still much cheaper than their actual retail value.

Last time I checked on Cardpool they had Amazon gift cards at only 2% off, but I’ve seen them as high as 5%.

What I do is setup email notifications with Cardpool to notify me when Amazon cards are in stock or on-sale.

The best part? You get a $5 bonus just for signing-up as a new user that can be used toward any of their discounted gift cards.

Another great gift card website is Raise. They also give a $5 sign-up bonus and also sometimes have Amazon gift cards for up to 5% off.

Bonus Tip: Before going to the Cardpool website, first go to TopCashback. Type in “Cardpool” in the search bar and you’ll see that you get an extra 1% back when buying gift cards.

5. Get Items For Free Or Extremely Cheap With Amazon Review Sites

In the past, Amazon Review Sites were webpages that connected Amazon sellers with buyers. Sellers would offer a discount in exchange for a buyer’s honest product review.

While this is still the case, Amazon Review Sites can no longer require that you leave a review, but they rather encourage it. This means you can still get extreme discounts, but leaving a review is optional.

We still advise leaving a review. Sellers sometimes have the option of checking out your Amazon profile before giving you a discount code.

vipon amazon cashback how it works

Let’s take a look at one of our favorite Amazon Review Sites – VIPON (formerly AMZ Review Trader) – to give a quick demonstration of how this works.

  1. Sign-up for VIPON for FREE using this link here. Type in your email or log-in with Facebook to get started.
  2. Browse their deals page. The great thing I love about VIPON is that you can easily categorize the products you’re looking for.
  3. Click on “Instant Deal” to receive a coupon code right away. If it isn’t an instant deal, a seller may have to approve you first before giving you a code.
  4. Go to Amazon to make your purchase. On the checkout screen enter in your promo code to receive a discount. You can only claim 20 items at a time.
  5. Once you finish using a product, leave a review. It’s not obligatory, but highly encouraged.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite items that I’ve received at a huge discount from Amazon Review Sites:

Keep in mind that the above offers may no longer be available. If you’re looking for other review sites other than VIPON, check out our 50 Amazon Review Site List.

6. Amazon Subscribe & Save Program – Up To 15%

An easy way to get extra cashback at Amazon is through their Subscribe & Save Program.

When you subscribe for a product, you agree to have that product delivered to you every certain time interval (1 month, 2 months, etc) automatically.

Essentially, all you’re doing is “subscribing” to the product and Amazon takes care of the rest. Doing this gives you a 5% discount.

When you have a total of 5 products on your Amazon Subscribe & Save list, Amazon changes this 5% and boosts it to 15% in savings.

amazon cashback subscribe and save

Amazon also has specific coupons readily available for Subscribe & Save products. You’ll always be sent a notification before an item actually ships to you.

Don’t want to subscribe to products anymore? Not a problem. You can easily cancel your subscriptions under your account options.

7. Earn Unlimited Free $5 Amazon Gift Cards

Note: This promotion has ended on June 6th, 2017. Click here for updates to see if it comes back.

When you download the Amazon shopping app for the first time, Amazon gives you a bonus of $5 just for installing it on your phone. This promotion only applies to those who have never downloaded the app before.

If you already have the app on your phone and never received the $5 bonus, I suggest sending Amazon an email.

While this may sound like a one-time thing, there’s a way to keep this bonus going. Each time you refer a friend that uses your sign-up link, you also earn an additional $5. There’s no limited to the amount of friends you can refer.

To find your referral link, click the “Your Account” in the upper-left-hand corner of the app. Select “Personalized Content,” and from there you’ll see a link to invite friends.

amazon cashback refer friends


8. Discover It Card – 10%

The Discover It Credit Card gives you 5% in cash back on certain categories that rotate on a quarterly basis. From the months of October to December, earn 5% in cash back when you shop at Amazon and Target.

However, you can double this amount your first year with the card. Discover It has a cash back match feature, that automatically matches all of your earned cash back at the end of the year.

amazon cashback discover it double cash back

This means instead of earning just 5% in cash back on those categories, you’re in reality earning 10% in cash back.

I even contacted the Discover Chat to verify this. Here’s an image below for proof:

amazon cashback discover it

The only thing you need to be aware of is that there’s a limit.

Discover only allows you to earn cash back at a 5% rate up to a maximum of $1,500 in purchases per quarter (or 10% when doubled). Therefore, at a rate of 10% in cash back you can earn a bonus of $150 when shopping through Amazon.

Reaching the end of the year and still haven’t taken advantage of the promotion by spending a maximum of $1,500? Buy Amazon gift cards and use them at a later time. You’ll still get 10% in cash back on them, as long as your total purchases for cash back for that quarter at both Target and Amazon are under the limit.

Keep in mind you will be rewarded the matched cashback after your first 12 consecutive billing cycles – for those first 12 months you’ll only receive the normal amount at 5%.

The only thing you have to do is activate the cash back offer at the beginning of each quarter to receive the bonus.

You can also use the shopping portals mentioned above in addition to increase your cash back. Get 10% in cash back from using the Discover It Card plus 6% in cashback with TopCashback for a total of 16% in cash back!

Let’s take a look at a quick summary of the card:

amazon cashback discover it amazon

Apply Now

  • No annual fee
  • Free FICO credit score on every statement
  • Earn 5% in cash back on categories that rotate quarterly (10% the first year)
  • Earn 1% in cash back on all other purchases (2% the first year)
  • Refer friends and get a $50 bonus
  • Use your cash back rewards for Amazon purchases

When you link your Discover Card to your Amazon account, you can use your cashback earned to make purchases directly on Amazon. $1 in cashback through Discover is equal to $1 on Amazon.

9. Refer Friends To Amazon Prime – $5

All Amazon customers are eligible to refer friends to Amazon Prime. Each time you refer a friend using your personalized link, you get a bonus of $5 in Amazon credit.

amazon cashback amazon prime refer

A good thing to keep in mind about this promotion is that you can only use each $5 credit one at a time.

Let’s say you have $10 in bonuses, and you wish to purchase something for $30. For that specific purchase, you can only use one $5 credit, meaning you’ll reduce your total by $5, or a total of $25 in this case.

If you’re purchasing multiple products and have multiple referral bonuses, we suggest splitting them up to apply them all.

10. Reddit Gift Card Exchange – 20%

Reddit has a Subreddit called Gift Card Exchange that typically has Amazon gift cards at anywhere between 10% – 30% off.

You’re dealing with individuals instead of companies. These gift cards come from people that don’t want their Amazon gift cards and instead want cash.

This means that if you’re not careful, you could end up getting scammed out of your money. For this reason, we’ve placed the gift card exchange as #10 on our list.

amazon cashback reddit gift card exchange

However, there are a few ways to make a safe trade:

  • View a Redditor’s reputation – if they have a clean history of making safe exchanges, you’ll most likely get your gift card
  • Look at their account history – if a Redditor has only had an account for a short time, there’s a good chance they created a new account just to scam you out of your gift card
  • Use common sense – if something seems off, it most likely is

If you’re interested in using this method to get huge discounts on Amazon, you can checkout our Reddit Gift Card Exchange Guide.

11. Honey Browser Extension – Up To 15%

The Honey browser extension automatically checks for Amazon coupons or discounts.

When you go to make your purchase and have Honey installed, a list of coupons will be displayed in a small pop-up. From there, Honey can automatically try them all.

Honey will see which one gives you the highest discount and automatically apply it to your purchase. There’s no work done on your part – all you have to do is wait a little bit for Honey to do its work.

amazon cashback honey browser extension

It’s difficult to determine exactly how much cash back you’ll earn, but if Honey finds a discount expect to save anywhere between 1% and 15% in cash back. Right now the extension works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers.

Honey also serves as a cashback portal, giving you rebates when you shop through one of their partner retailers.

Final Thoughts

We suggest that everyone at least get the Amazon Prime Store Card if you’re eligible. This will allow you to get a minimum of 5% in cash back on all purchases.

If you’re looking to reach the maximum amount of cashback possible, get the Discover It Card. You get 10% in cash back on Amazon purchases up to $1,500 your first year. Combine this with the TopCashback shopping portal and you can get up to 16% in cash back on certain purchases.

You should also use Ibotta whenever they have bonuses available. The great thing about these bonuses is that you receive a fixed amount of cash back no matter your purchase price. Last time I checked, you get $2 in cash back on your first Amazon purchases through the app.

All the other methods on this list are also great ways to earn Amazon cashback. See one that’s not on here and should be? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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