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How To Save 55% On Amazon Family Diapers

How To Save 55% On Amazon Family Diapers
Jason Wuerch Mar 28, 2016
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If you’re the head of a busy household and want to save on typical family products, Amazon Family (originally Amazon Mom) can save you up to an additional 50% on specific products given that you’re an Amazon Prime Member. We’ll also show you how to save an extra 5% on all Amazon products as well as other tips for getting cash back.

What Is Amazon Family?

Amazon Family has been renamed from Amazon Mom, a service intended to help mothers save money on baby products. They recently changed their name to Amazon Family to also include not only products that are meant for babies, but also for your entire family as well.

As long as you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get exclusive family-oriented offers and coupons that give you anywhere up to 20% diaper subscriptions as well as a 25% Baby Registry completion discount. In order to access Amazon Family, all you need to do is create a child profile.

If you don’t create a child profile you’ll be unable to access certain deals, or more specifically diaper discounts.

What Are Some Deals?

Right now Amazon has bumped up their original 20% off on Pampers Diapers to 30%. Not only that, but if you’re an Amazon Subscribe & Save member, you can get an additional 20% off, or a total of 50% off! What used to come $50.35 now only costs you $25.17.

Keep in mind you might have to pay a little bit more with taxes added in. In the image below you can also see some coupons for common household products with coupon discounts.

Most products will save you either 15% – 20% off, but check back often for promotions to save an additional 10% like in the diaper example above. Subscribe & Save will add another 15% – 20% provided that you have at least 5 products registered under the subscription at one time.

How Can I Save An Additional 5%?

The savings doesn’t stop there. You can save an additional 5% by buying a discounted Amazon Gift Card using GiftMe and then use it to make your final purchase. GiftMe is a free mobile phone app that serves as a gift card exchange service.

People who don’t want to keep their gift cards can sell them on the app at a discount and others can buy them at a discounted price.

Most Amazon Gift Cards on the GiftMe App go for 5% off, but I recommend you snag these up quickly since they tend to sell out fast. GiftMe also has a 100% guarantee that states you will get your money back if your gift card code doesn’t happen to work.

Add this amount to our 30% Subscribe & Save + 20% from the coupon and now we’re at 55% savings.

How Can I Save Even More On Amazon?

You can even get more savings at Amazon when you use a cash back portal. These portals are online shopping websites that partner with thousands of retailers across the web. When you click on one of their affiliate links and buy a product, you get a percentage back in the form of cash back.

Right now the TopCashBack Portal is offering up to 10% off Amazon products. These discounts only get you cash back on specific categories, but one such category that you might find on Amazon Family is STEM Toys & Games at 6% off. Right now the highest is 10% in cash back for Amazon Home Services.

These portals change their rates quite frequently, so it’s best to check all of them to see which one offers the highest percentage off. You can view our Top 10 Shopping Portals here.

Final Thoughts

If you need to save some cash on diapers or any other Amazon products, be sure to check Amazon Family to see if they have discounts for the item that you’re looking for.

They also have special deals & promotions, and they come quite frequently so I usually find it best to wait for these. If you have any other ways to save on Amazon, we’d love to hear about it down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Jason Wuerch

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