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Amazon Giving $5.99 Prime Pantry Credit With No Rush Shipping – Walmart Price Comparison

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Amazon ended their $1 Instant Video credit promotion and is now offering you $5.99 in Prime Pantry credit when you choose no-rush shipping on any order.

I personally rarely use Prime Pantry, but this promotion tempted me to take a closer look at the prices that they have available and how they compare with other giant retailers. Let’s take a look and see how great of a deal it really is.

What Is Prime Pantry?

The essence of Prime Pantry is to get you those everyday essentials at a low-price without the need to buy in bulk. This way, you can “buy what you need, when you need.” Not only that, but with their two-day shipping policy, you get the convenience of having goods delivered to your door.

Only certain products qualify for Prime Pantry, such as food and snacks, beverages, household appliances, personal care, health and nutrition, baby care and pet care.

Amazon wants you to treat their service like you would any normal grocery store. They even offer coupons on some commonly purchased products!

How Do I Use Prime Pantry To Make Purchases?

Prime Pantry makes it simple to make purchases online, and we’re here to walk you through the process in 5 short steps.

1. You can check out the Prime Pantry homepage by clicking this link. Click the “Shop Prime Pantry” to be taken to their wide selection of goods.

2. You can either browse their list of products by using the sidebar on the left side of the page or scroll down to see their featured products for current special offers.

3. You can also view their coupons by clicking the “Exclusive Coupons” link on the left sidebar. Each time you add an item to the cart, the coupon discount will automatically be applied.

4. When you add an item to your cart, it will tell you what percentage of your Prime Pantry box is full. You can add up to a total of 45 lbs per box. Each box has a flat delivery fee of $5.99 no matter how many items you have provided that they don’t go over the weight limit. Delivery only takes 1-4 business days.

5. If you choose no-rush shipping on any order, you will be given $5.99 credit to your account for Prime Pantry, essentially making the shipping free. Just make sure to use the credit before it expires on May 31st, 2015. Amazon frequently changes their promotions, so they may go back to offering $1 credit for ebooks, movies and videos.

Prime Pantry Credit

There is no need to type in a code for Prime Pantry credit. Once you fill up your cart, the credit will automatically be applied at checkout. You will be notified of this credit via email and usually takes a few days before it’s applied.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have access to even more Prime Pantry products. Click here to sign-up for Amazon Prime.

How Does Prime Pantry Compare To Other Retailers?

Aside from the convenience of having everyday essentials delivered to your home at a low cost, we have to compare items from other retailers to see if using Prime Pantry is actually worth it. We decided to take another popular retail giant and compare prices directly: Walmart, mostly because we can quickly see prices online.

With all of these comparisons, we made sure to receive the exact same product from each retailer.

1. Tide Free And Gentle High Efficiency Laundry Detergent

The first product on our list includes laundry detergent from Tide. It turns out that these two tied in terms of the amount you pay per fluid ounce.

Walmart Price: $0.12/Fluid Oz.

Amazon Price: $0.12/Fluid Oz.

2. Lipton Pyramid Tea Bags, Spiced Cinnamon Chai, 18-Count

I was feeling a little thirsty and like to enjoy a cup of tea every morning, so I wanted to see how Amazon compares against Walmart when it comes to Chai Tea. It turns out that we once again have a tie between the two.

Walmart Price: $2.12/18-Count Box

Amazon Price: $2.12/18-Count Box

3. Dove Beauty Bar, Sensitive Skin 4 oz, 8 Bar

I really tried this time to find a product that had a different price, but to no avail. Once again, the Dove Beauty Bar comes out in a tie between Walmart and Amazon.

Walmart Price: $8.68/8-Count Box

Amazon Price: $8.68/8-Count Box

What Does This Mean?

Since Walmart came first, we can conclude that Amazon is most-likely price-matching what Walmart has to offer. Walmart is known for their cheap prices and great savings, so Amazon went to the very best to get their members to use Prime Pantry.

Which One Is Better?

This totally depends on each person, but I have a personal preference and I’ll explain below.

If you like Amazon’s service and want to get your items shipped within 1-4 business days, then I would go with Prime Pantry. Furthermore, I often get gift cards to Amazon at a huge discount. You can also read how to get an 8 percent discount on every Amazon purchase. However, I can’t always get this big of a discount.

If you’re looking solely for price, then I’d have to go with Walmart, which is my personal choice. The reason is because I can use cash back portals and other cash back methods to save 12.5 percent at Walmart each time I shop there.

Even though I personally recommend Walmart for pricing, I know that many people don’t like to support Walmart’s practices. Furthermore, Amazon has customer service that cannot be beat, so sometimes I will switch between the two.

There is one exception, however. Certain products will qualify for Amazon’s Subscribe and Save, getting you a discount of 15 percent or more on Amazon purchases. In this case, I will definitely use Amazon. Note that products in Prime Pantry do not qualify for Subscribe & Save pricing.


If you enjoy using Amazon and want to get everyday essentials at a great price, check out Prime Pantry. Amazon frequently changes their promotions on no-rush shipping, so make sure to get it while you can, earning you free shipping on your next Prime Pantry purchase.

When it comes to comparing prices, Prime Pantry and Walmart are equal in comparison. However, I’m more likely to save money at Walmart by using cash back tricks. Tell us which service you prefer in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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