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Amazon Prime Benefits Just Got Harder To Share

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If you’re familiar with Amazon Prime, you’re probably aware that you can share your membership with up to 4 other members. While this doesn’t give your friends/family access to the other benefits of Prime such as free movie streaming, they still get free two-day shipping, making it worth all the while.

What’s Changed Exactly?

In the past, you were pretty free to share Amazon Prime with whomever you wanted, whether it be your friends or family members. All the invitee had to know was to confirm the account holder’s birthday on their account, and then access to free two-day shipping was theirs.

As of July 31st, a new feature named Amazon Household kicked in. What this means is that now you can only share your account with only one other adult. With this change, not only does that other person have access to the free two-day shipping, but also access to all other benefits that a Prime membership has to offer.

This includes, free music and video streaming, free two-day shipping, access to over a million books on the Kindle library, among others. But the torture doesn’t stop there. When you enroll that one other adult onto your Prime account, both account holders have to authorize each person to use their credit cards or debit cards linked with their accounts.

What this does is make it so you completely have to trust the person you’re sharing your Prime benefits with (hence the name ‘household,’ meant only for family members). Amazon is cutting people who share their account to cut down on costs and get more people to sign-up for their Prime membership.

You Still Get 4 Children Accounts

With Amazon Household, you can still add up to 4 children on your Prime account. While they don’t have permission to buy anything, they can still have access to the other benefits that Prime has to offer.

What Will Happen To My Accounts That Are Already Linked?

If you already have friends or family members enrolled under your Amazon Prime account, nothing will change and they will still continue to get the benefit of free two-day shipping. It’s just that you can’t add on new members to receive the same benefit. This is only for new subscribers.

Final Thoughts

Current members may be a little disgruntled at Amazon for changing their current benefits, but you have to admit that Amazon has some of the best deals on the web… that is until the new shopping site arrived on the scene. We did a price comparison of Jet vs Amazon and found that on average, Jet had better prices by a wide margin.

If you’d like to try Amazon Prime, you can always sign-up for a free, 30-day trial. Just don’t forget to cancel if you’re not interested. For other ways to save money on Amazon, we recommend the following:

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