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10 Amazon Prime Benefits That Will Save You Money Right Now

10 Amazon Prime Benefits That Will Save You Money Right Now
Amy Boyington Dec 23, 2018
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amazon prime benefitsI’m a proud Amazon Prime member and have been for years.

The reason I originally joined was to save on shipping costs because when I shop online, I usually shop with Amazon.

It just made sense to pay the yearly fee, which is far less than the money I’d spend for shipping without the free perk.

Since then, Amazon has made an incredible amount of improvements to Prime, not that it wasn’t already a great program.

If you haven’t checked out the perks of Amazon Prime lately, you probably have no idea about all the money you could be saving every month on deliveries, groceries, cloud storage, books, movies, games, and more.

Amazon Prime covers all of that and more, plus gives you exclusive deals on things you buy every day or special products perfect for gifting.

With the holidays right around the corner, there’s no better time to join Amazon Prime and stock up on savings.

These are some of the perks you probably didn’t know Amazon Prime offers its members:

1. Shipping and Delivery Perks

My biggest pet peeve about online shopping is finding a great deal on a product, only to end up paying ridiculous shipping costs that boost it up to regular price anyway.

Practically everyone who shops on Amazon knows that Prime gives you free 2-day shipping on Prime-eligible items (which are many), but there are more shipping and delivery perks that Amazon’s added over the years you may not know about.

No-Rush Shipping

If you’re not in a hurry to get your items, you can select the No-Rush Shipping option. It’ll take a little more time to receive your shipment, but you’ll get exclusive discounts on future purchases.

I’ve had perks like credits toward songs and movies or cash credits to use on anything you want. No-Rush Shipping is 100% free for Prime members.

Release Date Delivery

When you preorder items like games or books from Amazon as a Prime member, you’ll be able to get them delivered on their release date rather than having to wait for them to ship until that date and not get them until a couple of days later.

Not all preordered items are eligible, but many are.

Anyone can grab their downloadable books, music, games, and other preordered media on Amazon on the day of release, but the shipping perk is for Amazon Prime members only.

Affordable Household Product Delivery

Amazon Prime helps you get your groceries and food delivered conveniently to your doorstep for up to  $5.99 with Prime Pantry. Ever since I discovered this benefit, I’ve been hooked.

Prime Pantry is a collection of household and food items that you’d normally buy when you go grocery shopping. You can find everything from toilet tissue to pet food to snacks and drinks on Amazon in the Prime Pantry section.

Fill up a box with Prime Pantry items. Each item will take up a specific number of “slots” in your box. That box will ship at 100% capacity for only $4.99 when you spend at least $40, or $5.99 for orders under $40, no matter how much you have stuffed inside. That’s a small price to pay for such a convenient service.

2. Restaurant and Grocery Delivery

Prime Now is a delivery service that helps you order food from your favorite restaurants, or groceries from your favorite supermarkets, for delivery. It’s currently only available in select cities like:

  • Las Vegas
  • Columbus
  • Chicago
  • San Diego
  • Specific boroughs of NYC
  • Seattle
  • Tampa
  • Washington, D.C.

When you order from Prime Now, you can have your stuff delivered in just two hours, in most cases. For a $7.99 fee, you can have it delivered even sooner, in just an hour.

You can also pay an additional monthly fee of $14.99 for Amazon Fresh. This is another grocery delivery service available in select cities that delivers your favorite foods and everyday products to your home or makes them available for store pickup. The service includes free delivery.

3. Whole Foods Delivery

Whole Foods is a grocery chain that Amazon bought in 2017 to make it even easier to get groceries delivered fast to customers through its Prime Now service. As an Amazon Prime member, you’ll have direct access to delivery from Whole Foods stores near you if you live within a Prime Now delivery area.

What’s great about this specific partnership is that Whole Foods members who are also Amazon Prime members can double up on savings by using both their Whole Foods membership card and Amazon Prime credit card during checkout. Take advantage of exclusive Whole Foods deals while saving an extra 5% off your purchase with your Amazon card!

4. Storage and Sharing

It’s not tough to find cloud services these days, but many of the free ones don’t give you enough space to bother with. When you sign up for Amazon Prime, you’ll get 5 GB of storage for documents, videos, and anything other than photos. You’ll also get access to Prime Photos, which gives you unlimited storage for photos that you can upload from your computer or mobile device!

As an extra benefit, Amazon also throws in digital sharing for your family members. Those who you want to have access to your photos or files can join your Family Vault for easy sharing.

5. Quick Refills on Products You Use Most

I’ve not yet used this feature, but I love that it’s available should I choose to in the future (and I know a lot of people who swear by it). Dash is one of Amazon’s newer ventures, helping people refill the items they use the most without needing to visit the website or app to place an order.

It’s as simple as the push of a button, literally. Dash is a small device with a button that’s connected to a specific item. When you’re running low, push the button and Amazon will place an order for that item. Some buttons even have exclusive discounts when you order with Dash.

6. Free TV and Movies

If you’re like me and cut the cable cord, Amazon Prime can help you get all the movies and shows you love to watch without paying extra for subscriptions.

Amazon Channels

Only Prime members can subscribe to Amazon Channels, which offers prices ranging up to $14.99 per month depending on the channels you subscribe to. This service lets you get premium movie and TV channels without needing cable, like:

  • PBS Kids
  • Cheddar
  • Comic-Con HQ
  • Sundance Now
  • Cinemax
  • HBO
  • Starz
  • Showtime

If you own an Alexa device, you can program it to work with Amazon Channels to let you watch what you want, on demand and hands-free.

Prime Video

Along with Netflix, Hulu, and Sling TV, I use Prime Video to have a virtually endless supply of TV shows and movies for my family and me to watch. Prime Video is free for Prime members and gives you access to thousands of free shows and movies, plus others that you can rent or buy.

You’ll get unlimited streaming of everything you love to watch and you can store your favorites in your account for quick access.

7. Free Games

Remember that, as a Prime member, you’ll have access to all new games on the actual date of their release, even if you’re getting the game shipped. In addition to this perk, you’ll also have access to Amazon’s partnership with Partnership is a gaming platform where gamers can live stream their gameplay and watch others. The platform partners with Amazon to bring Prime members Twitch Prime for free.

Not only does this service offer exclusive discounts and promotions to Amazon Prime members, but it also gives you access to free trials and free games. You can also access free in-game content of games you already love to play, making your gaming experience even more fun.

To get this benefit, log into your Amazon account and then visit Twitch Prime to link your Prime account.

8. Free Books, Magazines, and Audiobooks

Some of the best benefits available to Amazon Prime members are for those who have a passion for reading. Since Amazon’s the creator of the beloved Kindle reading tablet, it’s put several reader-focused benefits in place for its members over the past few years.

Amazon First Reads

If checking out the newest books is your thing, then Amazon First Reads is perfect for you. All Amazon members can choose one new-release book per month for $1.99 to download to their Kindle. Amazon Prime members get that book for free!

On the 1st of each month, you can browse the selection of new releases in your Amazon account and make your choice. You’ll also find exclusive discounts from Amazon First Reads to help you save money on other books.

Prime Reading

Prime Reading is a little different than Amazon First Reads in that it’s more like a free digital library for book lovers. Prime members are eligible for access to thousands of books, magazines, comic books, and other forms of literature. It’s just like going to the library, but you can download books to your Amazon Kindle instead.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle Reading app for Android and iOS devices.

Audible Channels

Those who prefer audiobooks don’t need to feel left out because Amazon offers its Prime members access to Audible Channels for free. This is normally a $60 per year service.

To get started, you’ll need to download the Audible app and connect it to your Prime account. Click here to enter your phone number and receive a text with a download link to the app. Once you’re in, you can create playlists of your favorite books and audio series, or have Audible create selections tailored to your interests.

Washington Post Trial

The Washington Post is a newspaper for subscribers only and a basic subscription for the digital paper costs $10 for four weeks or $100 a year. As an Amazon Prime member, you can try it out for six months free to see if you like it enough to continue subscribing after the trial.

With your trial subscription, you’ll get full access to the digital library of content on The Washington Post website.

If you already know you want to purchase a subscription, you can buy your first year for a discounted price when you buy it through Amazon.

9. Music Access

Amazon even integrates music into its Prime membership! Ever since the following benefits became available to Prime members, my Amazon account is all I need for non-stop streaming of my favorite tunes.

Prime Music

Prime Music is a 100% free music streaming service for Prime members. Choose from personalized radio stations or customized playlists for streaming. According to Amazon, there are more than two million songs available on Prime Music in a variety of genres.

Unlike similar services, you won’t need to listen to any ads during music playback and you can skip as many songs as you want.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited offers a bit more control to Prime members who want to listen to all their favorite songs, on demand.

The service gives you unlimited access to any songs in its database (there are more here than on the free Prime Music service), plus the option of sharing and downloading music or creating playlists with all your favorites. It also integrates seamlessly with Alexa with more available voice commands and controls.

This service does require a subscription, but it’s cheaper for Prime members. Sign up for a four-month trial for just $0.99 as a Prime member, and then pay $7.99 per month thereafter ($9.99/month for non-Prime members).

10. Try On Clothing Before Buying

One of the newest benefits Amazon announced is Amazon Wardrobe, which lets you try on specially-marked clothing (men’s, women’s, and children’s!) before you buy it. If you’re hesitant to purchase clothing online because you’re not sure how it’ll fit, this service is invaluable.

Look for any clothing with the Prime Wardrobe icon in the description. When you add at least three pieces of clothing with the icon, Amazon will ship you the items for free. You get seven days once they arrive to test them out.

If you don’t love them, return them in the included packaging and mark what you’re returning on your account. Whatever you keep will then get charged to your primary payment method.

11. Discounts for the Family

Amazon Family is a Prime benefit that saves money on things you and your family use most, like diapers, baby food, snacks, books, and more. On eligible items, you can save 20% by choosing the Subscribe & Save option, which sends regular shipments of your most-used items to you and charges you automatically.

You can also head to Amazon Family to see exclusive coupons you and your family can use to save money on Amazon.

12. Discounted Kid-Friendly Content

Kindle FreeTime Unlimited is a subscription service that normally costs between $4.99 and $9.99 per month, but with Prime, it’s only $2.99 for one child and $6.99 for up to four children.

With Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, kids have access to age-appropriate books, movies, videos, TV shows, games, and more, all available on their tablet. You can filter content by age for each child and you’ll have access to parental controls to help you further monitor what your kids watch and play.

13. Access to Affordable Everyday Essentials

Amazon has its own line of health and beauty products you use every day, like vitamins and supplements. It’s called Amazon Elements, and it’s available only to Amazon Prime members.

You can find all Amazon Elements products here, plus exclusive coupons you can clip to save money on your purchase.

14. Early Access to the Best Deals

Amazon conveniently makes its Gold Box deals accessible for every Amazon member. These deals offer deep discounts on new products every day but they only last for a short time. Once enough members claim the deals, they’re gone.

Prime members get an additional benefit when it comes to these deals: They get to snag them 30 minutes earlier than other members! It’s possible that very popular offers can get sold out within those 30 minutes, so this can be a great way to get a head start on items you think will sell out quickly.

15. Helpful Alexa Integration

Alexa is Amazon’s version of Siri and other virtual assistant technologies that help people do more things hands-free around the home or office, like search for something on the web or play their favorite tunes.

Although Alexa will do most of its tasks for any Amazon member, Prime members are the only ones who can get help with shopping on Amazon. If you run out of something and need to make a quick purchase, just tell Alexa what you need and it’ll complete your online shopping trip on Amazon for you.

Final Thoughts

Are you considering becoming a Prime member but don’t want to shell out the annual subscription fee just yet? There are a few ways you can get a discount:

  • New Prime members can get a 30-day free trial before they pay for the full service.
  • Students with .edu email addresses can a six-month free trial, plus 50% off their Amazon Prime subscription through Prime Student.
  • Share Prime benefits through Amazon Household, which allows two adults with separate accounts to share their Prime perks (you can even offer to pay half so you both save money!).
  • Those on government assistance, like Medicaid or EBT, can qualify for a $5.99 per month subscription fee.

Throughout the year, you might also find discounts on annual Prime memberships from Amazon. Be sure to sign up for Amazon emails so you can learn about the deals when they happen.

Do you have an Amazon Prime membership? What are your favorite perks?

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