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AMZ Special – Get 70% Off Or More On Amazon Products

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Amazon is one of the most popular retail sites across the globe for their great prices and convenience. There’s now a way to get the products you love at an even bigger discount by using an Amazon Review Site called AMZ Special.

Not only that, but we’ll show you a neat trick on how to save an extra 7% on all Amazon products.

What Is AMZ Special?

AMZ Special is an Amazon Review Site that helps out both sellers and buyers alike. Retailers need a way to improve their ratings quickly. In order to do so, they’re willing to give you a discount on their products.


Agree to leave a review after purchasing and testing a product, and the seller will give you a coupon code that will get you a large discount on their product. These discounts consist of discounts of up to 70% of more (sometimes even free!). Just apply the promo code at checkout to get the discounted amount.

In comparison to other review sites, AMZ Special works a little bit differently. Instead of selecting from specific deals on their site, they send out daily emails with discounted products. From there you can select which products you like. If you don’t want to buy any products, simply ignore the email and wait for the next one.

AMZ Special can send as much as 3 – 6 emails per day with special offers. However, you need to act quickly as sellers usually only offer a limited amount of discounts. You can choose as many as one deal or all of them.

How Should I Leave Reviews?

For those of you familiar with how this exchange works, the goal of the seller is to get you to leave an honest review after your purchase. Most review sites require you to leave the review or risk getting your account banned. Yet AMZ Special works a little bit differently: you are not required to leave a review of any kind.

It mentions right in their FAQ that buyers will not be limited or penalized for not agreeing to leave a review. While it’s highly encouraged (and is what helps keep the site going and sending you great deals), it’s in no way obligatory.

What Are Some Great Deals?

I’ve gotten a lot of great deals through AMZ Special. Let’s take a look at some previous deals that have been featured on their site.

1. Dual USB Charger – $.95
  • Normal Price: $9.99


View on Amazon

2. Essential Oil Diffuser – $2.00
  • Normal Price: $29.99


View on Amazon

3. Men’s Swimming Trunks – $3.99
  • Normal Price: $9.99 – $11.99


View on Amazon

How Do I Get Started With AMZ Special?

1. Register. You can register with AMZ Special absolutely free. All you need to do is go to their website and enter in your email address to start receiving daily deals.

amz special register now

2. Claim code. You’ll start receiving deals in your inbox almost immediately with a list of promo codes. Be sure to snag them up quickly before they get taken away. Each code can only be used once, and there’s a lot of other members. If you see something you like and agree that it’s a great price, don’t wait!


3. Buy your product. Copy the promo code that you see into the promotion code box upon checkout. Your discount will be automatically applied. We encourage are readers to leave reviews in order to keep the AMZ Special service going.


How Can I Save An Additional 7% On Amazon?

We’d like to show you an incredibly quick and easy way to save an additional 7% on all Amazon products. It doesn’t matter what category the product is in, and anyone can do it. Just follow these 2 steps below.

1. Get A Cash Back Credit Card

We always recommend getting a cash back credit card for all of your purchases. In order to maximize our savings on Amazon, we need a card that gives us cash back on everything no matter what it is. That’s why we recommend the Visa Blispay Card.

It gives you 2% in cash back on all purchases (the highest out there) and comes with no annual fee. Not only that, but you also get 6 months of interest-free financing when you make a transaction of $199 or more.

Here’s a quick summary of the card below:


More Information

  • No annual fee
  • No cap to amount of cash back earned
  • 2% cash back on all purchases
  • Cash back automatically applied to statement as credit
  • 6-months interest-free financing on purchases of $199 or more
  • Works anywhere Visa is accepted
2. Purchase Amazon Gift Cards Through GiftMe

GiftMe is a free mobile app that sells gift card at a discount from their actual retail value. One of the more popular retailers on the app is Amazon. You can get all cards for 5% off their actual value.


Registration is completely free. Just be sure to verify your credit card a little bit in advance before you want to make a purchase since it can take up to 24 hours. Just make sure it’s the Blispay Card or another cash back card when you buy the gift card.

The great thing about GiftMe compared to other gift card vendors is that the card is delivered immediately. You won’t have to wait more than a couple of seconds to receive it on your phone.

We save 2% from using the Visa Blispay Card and another 5% by using the GiftMe app. This adds up to our gift card being 7% off from its retail value, meaning we’re essentially getting 7% off all Amazon purchases.

Save Even More On Amazon With Shopping Portals

Shopping portals are websites that partner with thousands of retailers across the web and post their links onto one page. When you click on a link to a retailer and make a purchase, you’re given a certain amount of cash back depending on the store. With Amazon, you can get up to 10% off your purchase when you use the TopCashBack Portal.


Register for a new account and type in “Amazon” in the search bar. The results (in the image above) show that you can get up to 10% off. Click on the “Cashback” button for more details. On the next page you’ll notice a list of categories that you can get cash back for along with their respected amounts.


Registration is completely free, and you even get a $10 bonus as a new member. Once your account reaches a minimum of $10 in earned cash back, you can withdraw your money to PayPal or for gift cards.

If you’re still confused on how shopping portals work, you can read our full guide. You can also view our list of top 10 preferred online shopping portals.

Final Thoughts

AMZ Special has gotten me a lot of great deals on products that I wouldn’t normally buy. On average I would say that I receive a discount of around 80% off. Just be sure to act quickly on a deal you like or it will disappear quite quickly. It doesn’t cost anything to sign-up.

Do you have any experience with AMZ Special? We’d love to hear about it! Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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