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9 Websites And Apps That Pay Fast (Updated 2019)

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It’s no secret that there are many legit money-making apps and websites.

They offer cash, gift cards, and other rewards for completing small tasks. You’ll find tons of helpful Frugal For Less posts to help you pick the best options for you. This particular post features the best sites and apps that pay fast.

For many people, waiting several weeks to get free gift cards or cash isn’t worth it. That’s totally understandable, but there are some apps and sites that pay very quickly.

Below you’ll find nine different options, and most of them pay within a week or less. Read on to see our top picks, helpful details, and much more.

1. Ibotta

How To Earn Money Fast With Ibottta

Ibotta is one of my favorite apps for getting quick cash, and it’s very popular here at Frugal For Less.

Ibotta is a receipt scanning app that pays you cash back for buying thousands of items from partner stores. You’ll find cash back deals on food, toiletries, pet care items, household supplies, and more.

The app also features plenty of bonus opportunities and online cash back deals.

You need at least $20 in your account balance to cash out with Ibotta. If you sign up using a referral code or link, you’ll receive a $10 bonus once you scan your first receipt.

You can earn a few dollars in cash back during one shopping trip. I’ll use the current Ibotta offers for Target as examples.

You get $0.25 cash back for buying any pint of ice cream, $1.00 cash back for Tropicana juice, $1.50 cash back for select K-Cups, and $0.75 cash back for Colgate toothpaste. That puts you at $13.50 including your welcome bonus, so you can easily reach $20.

Lastly, you earn $5 for every person you refer to Ibotta. You’ll find your unique referral link and code in the Ibotta app. Once your referral scans their first receipt, you get a $5 bonus. Your referral also gets a $10 bonus, so mention this great perk to them. Referral bonuses make it even easier to cash out fast with Ibotta.

Ibotta Payment Options

Once you earn $20, you can get paid cash via PayPal or Venmo. You can also opt for gift cards from Amazon, Best Buy, Fandango, and dozens of other merchants. Some gift cards cost more than $20, but it isn’t too common.

How Fast Does Ibotta Pay You?

Ibotta states that you’ll usually receive PayPal earnings within two hours of requesting payment. They do note that it may take up to 24 hours during high traffic times. In my experience, Ibotta always pays within two hours or less.

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2. Shoptracker

How To Earn Money Fast With Shoptracker

Shoptracker is one of the easiest ways to make money fast online. Shoptracker is a rewards program that pays you when you allow them to track your Amazon purchases. Their secure system collections information about shopping habits for market research. You also get paid to take a short 2-3 minute survey each month.

Once you download Shoptracker, you’ll spend a few minutes linking your Amazon account. This automatically earns you $3. You get $3 every month that you leave Shoptracker installed. All you have to do is complete the short survey once per month. Payments are automatically sent, and there are no minimum earnings. It’s incredibly simple and convenient for Amazon shoppers.

Shoptracker Payment Options

Shoptracker pays in digital VISA gift cards. You can use these gift cards online like regular credit or debit cards. If you’d like to stack your $3.00 gift cards, you can save them for a period of time. Just make sure to check the expiration date.

How Fast Does Shoptracker Pay?

Once you download and sign up for Shoptracker, you’ll get your first $3.00 digital VISA gift card within 48 hours. Shoptracker will e-mail you once per month so you can allow them to continue tracking your Amazon shopping habits. Answer the short survey when prompted, and you’ll get another $3.00 gift card within 48 hours. In my experience, I always receive the gift card within a few hours.

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3. Shopkick

How To Earn Money Fast With Shopkick

Shopkick is another receipt scanning app, and it has a very good reputation. It’s unique from other receipt scanning apps in many ways. You earn cash back by purchasing certain items from partner merchants, but that’s not all. Shopkick pays you to walk into stores, scan product barcodes, link credit and debit cards, and make online purchases. Having all of these options makes it easy to earn money fast.

Shopkick uses a point-based system with points called Kicks. You need at least 500 Kicks to redeem for rewards. Each item you buy or task you complete is worth a specific number of Kicks. For example, cash back purchases may earn you about 100 to 500 Kicks. Walking into a store is usually worth 25 to 75 Kicks. Scanning product barcodes typically pay about 10 to 50 Kicks per barcode.

When you link a card, you’ll earn about 2 to 5 Kicks per dollar you spend. Card linking is not an option for all Shopkick partners, but you can clearly see which ones offer this. The same system works for online shopping. Current online Shopkick deals are worth 2 to 18 Kicks per dollar you spend.

Lastly, signup and referral bonuses are excellent for extra Kicks. You can earn 250 Kicks by using the link above to download Shopkick. This bonus will show up in your account as long as you earn Kicks with seven days. You also earn 250 Kicks when you refer new users. They just need to follow the same signup process using your referral link.

Shopkick Payment Options

Shopkick pays users via gift cards. You need 500 Kicks to get a $2 gift card, 1,250 Kicks for a $5 gift card, 2,500 Kicks for a $10 gift card, and so on. Gift card options include Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Best Buy, eBay, and dozens more.

How Fast Does Shopkick Pay?

Shopkick states that most gift cards are available instantly once you request them. In some cases, it may take a few hours to receive your gift cards. You’ll either see the gift card code in the ShopKick app, or it may be sent via e-mail. I’ve received mine instantly every time.

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4. Swagbucks

How To Earn Money Fast With Swagbucks  

Swagbucks is easily one of the most well-known ways to make money online. Since 2008, this GPT (get paid to) platform has given users more than $300 million in rewards. You can use their website and/or smartphone app to complete thousands of tasks. Earn money for taking surveys, watching videos, signing up for free trials, playing games, completing cash back offers, browsing the Internet, and more.

Each task is worth points called SB, and one SB is equal to about $0.01. You need at least 300 SB in your account balance to get paid. Since there are so many tasks, I’ll highlight examples in the following list. These examples are based on current tasks available to me.

  • Surveys pay between 5 to 150 SB each.
  • Signing up to receive e-mail advertisements pays 15 to 50 SB each.
  • Buying certain items from major brands is worth 350 to 4000 SB each.
  • Cash back offers are worth 1 to 10 SB per dollar spent.
  • Referring new users is currently worth a bonus of 300 SB – referral offers like this change periodically.
  • Referring new users will always net you 10% of each user’s earnings. If your referral earns 500 SB, you’ll receive 50 SB.
  • Taking a one question daily poll is worth 1 SB.

As you can see, there are tons of ways to earn SB. Thousands of tasks are always available, so meeting the 300 SB minimum is easy. Read How To Use Swagbucks: 15 Easy Ways To Earn Free Money Online for some great tips.

Swagbucks Payment Options

Swagbucks pays via PayPal and gift cards. You can get $3.00 gift cards starting at 300 SB and $25 PayPal cash for 2,500 SB. Gift card options include Amazon, VISA, WalMart, Target, Starbucks, eBay, Best Buy, and dozens more.

How Fast Does Swagbucks Pay?

Swagbucks says to allow up to 10 days to receive PayPal payments and gift cards. However, the majority of user reviews say they get paid much faster. I’ve always gotten my gift cards within 1-3 days at the most.

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5. Dosh

How To Earn Money Fast With Dosh  

Dosh is a cash back that automatically earns you money. You don’t have to scan receipts or buy specific products. You start by linking your credit and debit cards to the highly secure Dosh app. They are partnered with thousands of popular retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and more. You can shop in stores or make online purchases to get cash back. When you shop at a Dosh partner retailer, you earn cash back for every dollar you spend.

You need to earn at least $15 in cash back to get paid by Dosh. There are several ways you can reach that goal. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Earn $1 to $5 when you sign up using a referral link. Our referral link is above for easy access. The signup bonus varies from $1 to $5 and changes periodically.
  • Earn $1 when you link your first credit or debit card.
  • Look for the best cash back offers that suit you. For example, one fast food restaurant may earn you 3% cash back per dollar spent. Another may earn you 7% per dollar spent or more. Explore your options before you shop.
  • Earn $5 every time you refer a new user. You’ll get the $5 bonus once your referral makes their first purchase.

The current signup bonus is $5, so that puts you at ⅓ of the minimum cashout amount. Link your first card and you’re at $6. You only need to earn $9 more to meet your goal. This is easily done with a few shopping trips or two referrals.

Dosh Payment Options

Dosh pays via PayPal or direct bank deposit. You can request payment once you’ve reached the $15 minimum.

How Fast Does Dosh Pay?

Most user reviews say that Dosh pays instantly once you request payment. It reportedly takes no longer than a few minutes, which is very impressive for any money making app.

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6. Cardpool

How To Earn Money Fast With Cardpool

Cardpool is very different from the other sites and apps on this list. Cardpool is a website where you can buy or sell used and new gift cards. If you have unwanted gift cards, this is a super easy way to earn some cash. You can sell physical and digital gift cards for up to 92% of their retail value. The only catch is that the balance must be $25 or higher.

There are two things you can do to get paid as fast as possible. Your first option is choosing to get paid via Amazon gift card instead of a paper check. You’ll receive your digital gift card via e-mail within one business day. You earn 6% more if you choose an Amazon gift card, too. It takes considerably longer to receive a paper check via mail.

Your second option is to sell your gift card in person. Cardpool partners with various stores and companies where you can go in and instantly get paid. The Cardpool website will show you locations in your area; some options include Target and Check Into Cash. A store associate will assist you, and they’ll offer you a cash or gift card payment. If you accept, you get paid immediately. There are automated kiosks for this, too.

Cardpool Payment Options

Cardpool pays via paper check in the mail or a digital Amazon gift card.

How Fast Does Cardpool Pay?

How fast you get paid depends on a few factors. If you choose an Amazon gift card for payment, you’ll get paid within 1 business day. Paper checks usually take 5 to 10 business days to receive. The process also takes longer if you’re mailing in a physical gift card to sell. If you live near a Cardpool partner store or kiosk, you can get paid instantly.

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7. Drop

How To Earn Money Fast With Drop  

Drop is another popular cash back app, and the concept is pretty similar to Dosh. You link your credit and debit cards to the secure Drop system. Shop at Drop partner retailers, and you instantly earn money. You get a certain number of points per dollar you spend. The major difference is that you can only select five Drop partner stores. Once you choose them, you cannot change them.

Drop uses a point-based system, and you need at least 5,000 points to get paid. Fortunately, there are several ways you can quickly meet that goal. In addition to shopping:

  • Get a signup bonus of 1,000 or 5,000 points by using a referral code. You can use our link above or type the code frugal4less into the app. Then link your first debit or credit card to earn your bonus. The amount changes periodically, so you’ll either get 1,000 or 5,000 points.
  • Complete a few small tasks for 10 more bonus payments. You can find details about each bonus in the Drop app. For example, you get 50 points for liking Drop on Facebook and another 50 points for joining their mailing list. Get a 30 point bonus simply for earning your first points through any other method. As of November 2018, there are 11 bonuses that range from 10 to 500 points each.
  • Check out In App Offers for more cash back opportunities. Drop features limited time shopping offers in their app. For example, you can earn 1,500 points for ordering Dominos through the app. If you shop online at Forever 21 through the app, you’ll earn 40 points per dollar you spend.

These few tips can drastically change how quickly you earn points. Make sure to turn on Drop app notifications to stay updated on all bonuses and special deals.

Drop Payment Options

Drop pays via digital gift card if you have at least 5,000 points in your account balance. 5,000 points will get you a $5 gift card. There are also gift cards available for 10,000 points, 15,000 points, and more. Options for $5 gift cards include Starbucks and iTunes.

How Fast Does Drop Pay?

Drop states that they aim to deliver all gift cards within 3 business days. This is consistent with my own experience and reviews from other Drop users.

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8. Prolific Academic

How To Earn Money Fast With Prolific Academic

Prolific Academic is my favorite paid survey site, and it’s easy to see why. Their professional research surveys pay much higher than other platforms. You’re never screened out of a survey halfway through, so you won’t waste your time. When you’re eligible for a survey, you’ll receive an e-mail about it. The e-mails tell you how much the survey pays, how long it is, and more.

Prolific Academic surveys pay in Euros. You only need to earn €5 to request payment. The easiest way to earn money fast is to fully fill out your profile. There are several profile questionnaires about your demographic info. If you are completely thorough with filling out the questionnaires, you’ll receive a higher amount of survey invitations.

I receive at least one survey invitation via e-mail per day. User reviews report receiving at least a few invitations per week on average. Surveys I’ve taken paid anywhere from €0.20 to over €6. Payment depends on how long the surveys take. Within a week or so, you will likely reach the €5 minimum.

Prolific Academic Payment Options

Prolific Academic pays via PayPal. You can request payment if you have at least €5 in your account. If you’re in the United States, a €5 payment converts to a payment of $5.62. So you’ll actually get paid even more!

How Fast Does Prolific Academic Pay?

Prolific Academic recently launched an instant payment option. Users who have made at least three regular cash-outs are eligible. Otherwise, they send payments to PayPal every Tuesday and Friday. You’ll receive your payment based on when you requested it, but twice weekly payouts ensure users get their money fast.

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9. UserTesting

How To Earn Money Fast With UserTesting

UserTesting is a platform that pays you to test out apps and websites. This is done to improve the sites and apps of all types of businesses. UserTesting is essentially the middleman between businesses and site testers. You can sign up to be a tester as long as your computer has a microphone. You review websites verbally and in writing by giving your honest feedback.

UserTesting pays $10 per test, and each test takes approximately 20 minutes. There aren’t too many ways to speed up your earnings. You automatically get paid per test without a minimum account balance requirement. Your access to test mainly depends on your demographic information. Businesses want testers to meet specific criteria.

The best thing you can do is give high-quality feedback on each test. Tests are scored based on how thoroughly you answered questions and followed instructions. Many user reviews say that higher scores equal access to more paid tests.

UserTesting Payment Options

UserTesting pays via PayPal. You get paid automatically each time you complete a test.

How Fast Does UserTesting Pay?

UserTesting sends payments exactly one week after you complete a test. You don’t have to request payments; you’ll receive an e-mail alert from PayPal once you get paid. One week is a bit longer of a wait than other options here. However, payments are higher and conveniently automated.

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More Real Ways To Earn Money Online Fast

The apps and websites featured in this post all pay quickly, are 100% legitimate, and they are very popular. But there are so many more ways to earn money online fast. There are plenty of ways to earn a bit of spending money each month. But you’ll also find opportunities to make hundreds of dollars per month or more. I recommend reading these posts:

Now you have access to dozens of great paid online jobs, money making apps, and more. Take the time to see which of them suit you. I’m confident you’ll find one or more great options, so you can quickly start earning money.

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