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10 Apps That Save You Money On Groceries

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Grocery shopping can be overwhelming if you’re on a budget. I plan out grocery trips for my household, so I’m always looking for ways to save money. Going to stores with the lowest prices may be your go-to strategy. While this is a great idea, there are still plenty of other ways to cut food costs.

In this post, you’ll find 10 apps and sites to save money on groceries. Use these resources for coupons, cash back, gift cards, and much more. Some of them offer discounts both in-store and online.

I’ve highlighted the features of each app and website along with their retail partners. Explore this list to instantly save money on your next grocery trip.

1. Ibotta

Ibotta is our top recommended receipt scanning app for many reasons. With this app, you get access to thousands of cashback deals. For example, you may get $1.00 cash back on a name-brand yogurt or $0.25 cash back on any produce.

You simply buy the item, take a picture of your receipt, and get cash back in your Ibotta account.

Ibotta works with hundreds of retailers – I use this app pretty much everywhere I shop. During my first month of use, I got about $45 in cash back. New users get a $10 bonus when they download the app and scan their first receipt.

You’ll also get $5 every time you refer a friend. Ibotta offers frequent bonus deals where you can double or triple your cash back earnings.

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Ibotta Grocery Partners

Ibotta partners with Walmart, Shop n’ Save, Target, Food4Less, Costco, Harvest Market, Trader Joe’s and several dozens more grocery retailers. Their diverse options make them my favorite receipt scanning app for groceries.

Ibotta Coupons

Ibotta doesn’t offer traditional coupons. They focus on cash-back offers for specific items you buy. From frozen goods to snacks, they cover tons of grocery items.

Ibotta Payment Options

Once you earn $20 cash back, you can get paid via PayPal or gift card. I use the PayPal option, and I always receive my payment within 24 hours. Gift card options include Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, and More.

2. ShopKick

ShopKick is another popular receipt scanning app, but it’s a bit different than others. Like Ibotta, you’ll earn cash back when you purchase certain items and take photos of your receipts.

But you also get paid just to walk into stores or scan product barcodes. It turns shopping into a fun little treasure hunt, so I use it whenever I buy groceries.

ShopKick uses a point-based system. Each item you buy or task you complete is worth Kicks. For example, I’ll earn 25 Kicks just for walking into many grocery stores. Scanning items will net you a few points – it often ranges between 10 to 50 Kicks per item. Cash back offers are often worth 100 Kicks or more.

Additionally, you can earn extra Kicks by referring new users and linking your credit card. ShopKick typically has a lot of in-store offers, but their online offers continue to expand. When you shop online, you earn Kicks for every dollar you spend at certain retailers.

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ShopKick Grocery Partners

ShopKick partners with over 25,000 retailers and brands. Some grocery partners include Wal-Mart, Safeway, Target, Kraft, Ragu, Barilla, and 7-Eleven.

ShopKick Coupons

ShopKick typically doesn’t offer traditional coupons. They focus on cashback deals and the earning options mentioned above.

ShopKick Payment Options

ShopKick pays you cash back through gift cards. Some popular gift card options include Amazon, Target, and Walmart. You only need 500 Kicks ($2 cash back) to redeem for gift cards. It’s easy to earn a few gift cards per month if you use the app every time you grocery shop.

3. Drop App

Drop lets you earn cash back simply by linking your credit/debit cards to the app. You choose five retailers that you want to earn cash back from. When you shop at those retailers using your linked cards, you automatically earn cash back. You don’t have to scan receipts or buy specific items.

Drop uses a point-based system; 1,000 points is equal to $1.00. Each retailer is worth a certain number of points per dollar that you spend. For example, Whole Foods earns you 10 points per $1.00, and HEB earns you 20 points per $1.00.

To earn as much as possible, choose five grocery retailers that you shop at frequently. Get a $1.00 signup bonus using promo code frugal4less. The bonus will show up in your account once you link your cards. You’ll also earn 1,000 points every time you refer a friend and they link their cards.

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Drop App Grocery Partners

Drop partners with many grocery retailers including Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Safeway, HEB, Fred Meyer, Walmart, and Target. It’s pretty easy to find five grocery partners in the app.

Drop App Coupons

Drop doesn’t have a specific coupons section in their app. However, you’ll often find limited-time offers for certain items or retailers. These allow you to earn extra cash back when you shop.

Drop App Payment Options

Drop pays you cash back via gift cards. You need a minimum of 5,000 points to access payment. Gift card options include Starbucks, Whole Foods, Amazon, Groupon, and other major retailers.

4. Trunow

Unlike the first few apps on this list, Trunow only gives you cash back specifically on gas purchases. The reward is so high that we couldn’t refuse to put it. You get 1% cash back on all fuel purchases. If the station is a Trunow partner, you get 2% back!

Make a fuel purchase for $50? That’s $.50 – $1 back on your gas purchase, and it takes less than 30 seconds to do so. You get a $2 sign-up bonus when you sign-up using promo code TOF19 and scan your first receipt.

Not only that, but Trunow also helps you find the nearest gas station with the cheapest price. You’ll save money not only by scanning your receipt, but by finding the gas station with the best deal.

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Trunow Partners

It doesn’t matter where you make a gas purchase. Any gas receipt is accepted. It may take up to 48 hours before your rewards are approved. Just keep in mind that you get 2% instead of 1% in cash back if it’s a Trunow partner.

Trunow Rewards

Trunow goes above and beyond by also giving you a referral bonus of $1 each time you refer a friend that scans their first receipt. You can also redeem your rewards for Trunow partners to make your cash go even further.

Trunow Payment Options

You can either redeem your balance at Trunow partner stores or for PayPal. Keep in mind that you can only redeem half of your earnings for PayPal, unfortunately. Given the high payout of the app, we still find that it’s worth it with just PayPal.

5. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a receipt scanning app that gives you cash back for buying certain products. But unlike other apps, Fetch Rewards doesn’t limit you to specific stores. You get rewarded as long as you buy the qualifying items. All you have to do is scan your receipt after you’ve made a purchase.

Fetch Rewards uses a points system where 1,000 points equal $1. Cashback per item typically ranges from $0.25 to $2.00. Earn a $1.50 bonus when you sign up using promo code HH3MN. The bonus will show up in your cash back balance once you make your first purchase.

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Fetch Rewards Grocery Partners

As mentioned above, it doesn’t matter where you grocery shop with Fetch Rewards. You simply buy featured cash back items wherever you prefer to shop. The items listed are from different brands that Fetch Rewards partners with. Some featured grocery brands include JELL-O, Godiva, Coors Lights, Pepsi, and Maxwell House.

Fetch Rewards Coupons

Fetch Rewards doesn’t use a classic coupon system; you simply get cash back for buying grocery items.

Fetch Rewards Payment Options

Once you earn $3.00 or more, you can get cash back in the form of gift cards. Fetch Rewards offers gift cards for Amazon, Target, VISA, Best Buy, and several other retailers.

6. Makeena

Makeena is relatively now to the receipt scanning app world, but that doesn’t make it any worse. In fact, Makeena is quickly rising to become one of the most popular receipt scanning apps out there due to its promotion of eating healthy.

The majority of foods you’ll find on Makeena are both organic and healthy. This includes items such as organic apples, organic broccoli and much more. Expect to earn an average of around $.25 cents to $1 per item redeemed.

You need a minimum of $20 to cash out to either PayPal or Venmo, but you shouldn’t have difficulty reaching this due to their wide variety of offers. Use promo code lizzod to get a $1 bonus upon sign-up.

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Makeena Grocery Partners

That’s the great thing about Makeena. It doesn’t matter where you shop – as long as the item shows up on your receipt you’ll earn cash back. Most of the items included are healthy such as chia seeds, organic items, fruits and vegetables.

Makeena Coupons

Makeena works by analyzing what’s on your receipt and giving you cash back for certain offers.

Makeena Payment Options

Once you reach a minimum of $20 you can cash out to either PayPal or Venmo. While the minimum may seem like a lot, it’s actually not due to the fact that Makeena has quite a large variety of offers.

7. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is another one of the most popular receipt scanning and coupon apps. You don’t have to shop at certain stores to get cash back. Simply buy the features items and take photos of your receipts.

Currently, there are cash back grocery offers ranging from $0.25 to $1.00 per item. According to Checkout 51, you can easily find hundreds of offers at any given time. Featured items are updated weekly on Thursdays, so it’s easy to find new deals regularly.

Checkout 51 also focuses on offering coupons to save you money. You’ll typically find several grocery coupons, and these are also updated every Thursday. These coupons may be used at Wal-Mart, Target, and other major retailers.

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Checkout 51 Grocery Partners

Checkout 51 partners with grocery brands instead of specific retailers. They currently have cash back offers for Honey Maid, Culturelle, Nabisco, Oreo, and dozens more.

Checkout 51 Coupons

If you enjoy using coupons, Checkout 51 is a great tool. Their app features plenty of digital coupons for groceries and more. You can easily combine the coupons with cash back offers, too.

Checkout 51 Payment Options

Once your cash back balance reaches $20, Checkout 51 will send you a check in the mail. All you have to do is click the Cash Out button in the app. Checkout 51 is currently beta testing PayPal as a future payment option.

8. BeFrugal

BeFrugal is one of the highest paying cash back portals. You can earn up to 40% cash back on purchases you make, and they partner with over 5,000 retailers. BeFrugal focuses on online shopping, so it’s a good option for buying dry foods. You may also earn cash back when you place online orders for in-store pickup.

Additionally, BeFrugal features daily deals for limited time discounts and offers. They also focus on coupons that you can instantly use while shopping online. You get a $10 welcome bonus when you sign up for BeFrugal. You also get $10 every time you refer a friend, and your friend gets a $10 bonus, too.

BeFrugal Grocery Partners

BeFrugal partners with several retailers that offer grocery items. Some examples include Amazon, Target,, Blue Apron, World Market, Omaha Steaks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Keurig. You can find a full list of partners under the “Food & Restaurant” section of BeFrugal’s website.

BeFrugal Coupons

BeFrugal has an entire section of their website dedicated to coupons. There’s a specific section for grocery coupons as well as online, printable, and restaurant coupons. There are currently over 4,000 grocery coupons listed.

BeFrugal Payment Options

BeFrugal pays you cash back via paper check, direct deposit, PayPal, or digital gift cards. You need a minimum cash back balance of $25 to receive a check or direct deposit. You only need a $0.01 balance for PayPal payment. All payment types are sent within 10 days of submitting your payout request.

9. Ebates

eBates is definitely one of the most well-known cash back portals. When you shop at certain stores, you earn a percentage cash back. For example, you can currently earn 8% cash back when you shop in-person at GNC stores.

If you order online through Sam’s Club, you’ll get 1.5% cash back. Their fresh grocery partners are a bit limited, but you’ll find lots of options for dry food items.

New eBates members get a free $10 bonus just for signing up. Every time you refer a friend, you’ll earn $25 when they sign up. This feature is unlimited, so making money via referrals is easy. eBates frequently features limited-time bonuses, double cash back offers, and more ways to save and earn money.

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eBates Grocery Partners

With eBates, you’ll mostly find grocery retailers that offer shelf stable items. Some examples include Target, World Market, Adagio Teas, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Cookies By Design, and more. You can find a full list of retailers under the “Food & Restaurants”  section of their website.

eBates Coupons

eBates is an excellent choice when it comes to coupons. If you install the eBates Shopping Assistant, you’ll receive automatic notifications for any coupons you can use for groceries. For example, they currently list 20 coupons for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. These coupons can always be combined with cash back offers, too.

eBates Payment Options

eBates pays out your cash back earnings via paper check or PayPal. Payments are automatically sent out every three months as long as you’ve earned $5 cash back or more. They occasionally offer cash back via gift cards, too.

10. Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart Savings Catcher is unlike other money saving options on this list. You earn cash back if items you buy are advertised at a lower price somewhere else. The system is based on price matching, so you don’t have to go out of your way to buy specific items. Simply use your phone to scan your receipt after every shopping trip.

For example, say you purchase cereal at Walmart for $3.50. You scan your receipt, and the Savings Catcher app finds that a competitor advertises the same cereal for $2.75. You’ll earn $0.75 cash back to make up the difference. Just make sure to scan your receipt with seven days of your purchase.

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Walmart Savings Catcher Grocery Partners

Walmart Savings Catcher can only be used for Walmart purchases. You don’t have to shop for certain brands in order to scan your receipts.

Walmart Savings Catcher Coupons

The Walmart Savings Catcher app doesn’t feature any coupons. However, you can easily find hundreds of grocery coupons through their website or the Walmart Mobile App.

Walmart Savings Catcher Payment Options

Walmart Savings Catcher pays you cash back in the form of Walmart gift cards. You can choose Walmart Pay for in-store purchases; this is a feature in the Walmart app. Alternatively, you can use digital gift cards to shop on the company’s website.

Final Thoughts

These apps and websites make it so easy for you to save money on groceries. From receipt scanning to browser extensions, you have plenty of great options. I suggest using a combination of these tools – it’s the simplest way to get the most cash back!

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