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15 Best Apps To Use To Sell Things To Make Money

15 Best Apps To Use To Sell Things To Make Money
Adrienne Romer-Jordan Nov 4, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

apps to sell thingsSelling items from my own closet or from around the house has been the quickest and easiest way to make extra money. 

And if you have things to get rid of that are in good condition, it can be a great income for you too.

Plus, to make selling even easier, there are several apps available to use for this purpose. 

Working with a lot of different apps extends the reach for your target audience. This makes it easier to make a sale and quickly.

So don’t hesitate to post the same item on multiple platforms. 

If you’re willing to accept PayPal, Venmo and cash (for certain apps) as a form of payment, then you should definitely consider downloading some of the apps I mention. 

Below I’ve listed 15 of the best apps to use to sell your gently used goods and to make some much needed cash fast!

1. Instagram 

I started selling my used clothes and shoes on Instagram two years ago and haven’t looked back. 

There are a couple of ways to go about selling on Instagram. The first is to open a new account that you will treat like your own boutique closet.

Here you will post your items for sale. Be sure to include size, brand, measurements, price, acceptable forms of payment (Venmo, PayPal, etc) and the shipping details. 

It also helps to use a few hashtags to get more views and therefore increase your chance of a sale.

If you only have a few items to sell, than you can find accounts on Instagram that will post your items on your behalf.

You still have to provide all the basic information as above and often these accounts will charge you a small fee.

 But selling through a popular account makes it easier and faster to sell your items versus trying to grow a following through a personal boutique.

2. VarageSale

As you can tell by the name, VarageSale is the modern day, app version of a garage sale. 

Via the app, you can connect with your local community to sell or buy used goods in a safe manner. VarageSale verifies your identity through your Facebook account before you can officially start posting. 

You can find some really amazing deals on VarageSale and you can also make a nice amount of cash simply by decluttering your home for profit. 

It is easy to communicate via the app, to upload your items and to arrange all the details with your potential buyers.

VarageSale has zero fees for the seller, which is one of the main reasons why I love this app.

Plus you can get paid in cash on the spot or workout other payment options directly with your buyer.

3. eBay

When I’m not selling something on VarageSale or Instagram, I usually will post my items to eBay. The app is well designed and it makes posting, monitoring and selling your stuff really simple.

Using eBay you can sell pretty much anything from kitchen appliances to clothing and shoes and sports equipment. 

One thing I love is that you can also have a shipping label generated via eBay which saves you a post office visit if you already have boxes or envelopes. 

The one thing I don’t like about selling through eBay are the fees. Because you are using their platform, you will owe them money at the end of the month.

This amount will vary based on how much you have sold and earned off of using eBay. 

4. Etsy

If you want access to over 33 million buyers around the world than Etsy is a great place to start selling.

Etsy is designed so that you can use the platform to set up your own shop. What you sell is up to you, as long as it is handmade, vintage, or a craft supply. That is what makes Etsy unique.

So for those of you making scarves and hats, try selling them on Etsy. Or if you are a graphic designer, throw a few vector files out there for purchase. 

What you sell is up to you, but does have to be your own work and use your own photos.  

Every item listed comes with a $.20 processing fee. You don’t have to pay this until the item sells. 

Payment comes in the form of Etsy Payment or you can have payments go directly to your PayPal account. 

With Etsy payments you can choose when and how often your money is deposited into your registered bank account. 

5. Tradesy

If you have some high end items that you want to sell on a safe and verified platform, then you should check out Tradesy. 

Tradesy is a nice app for fancy items. You will typically see expensive brands like Gucci and Louis Vutton being sold on there. 

Don’t worry, you can also post Gap, J Crew and pretty much anything you want on Tradesy. You are in control of what you sell and for how much. 

Setting up an account is really easy and after snapping a few photos and writing a description, your items are ready for sale. 

One thing to note is that there is a 19.8% competitive commission that you pay for items sold for $50 or more. This is essentially your cost for using Tradesy, even though to post your items is free. 

Though to be fair Tradesy does take care of providing shipping labels, can assist in cleaning up your images, and they provide a kit that makes packing up and shipping your items easier. 

The money you make on Tradesy can be used to make purchases in the app or you can have your funds deposited into your PayPal or bank account. This process requires a 2.9% safe transfer fee. 

6. ThredUp

I love selling on ThredUp. They have made the process so simple and effective. 

Selling on ThredUp is basically an online consignment shop. You only earn money once your item sells. Most things are listed for 60 days. 

To sell on ThredUp you need to first order a kit. You can either donate your items or sell for cash or store credit. 

Since we’re all about making money here, you are going to want to select the cash option.

Once ThredUp goes through your stuff, they will offer you cash for your items and return or responsibly donate what they don’t accept.

If you want the items returned, you will have to pay $10.99 for the return shipping fee. 

It takes about a week for your kit to be processed. Or you can expedite the process for $16. Keep in mind that ThredUp is only likely to accept about 40% of the items in your kit.

Item payouts range from 5% – 80% of the listing price. The more high end an item the higher the payout. 

The money earned on ThredUp can be used to make future ThredUp purchases or you can get credit to retailers like Amour Vert or Reformation. 

Other cash out options include direct deposit to your bank via Stripe, a Discover gift card or a deposit into your PayPal account. 

7. PoshMark

PoshMark is one of the largest social marketplace available for users to buy and sell clothing or to post fashion inspiration for others. 

As a Posher, you manage your own store and post the items you are wanting to sell. You control everything from the pictures you take to the price you plan on selling. 

Users of PoshMark will typically find and like items in your closet. If you haven’t made a sale after a few weeks, you can go in and adjust your price. 

Or you can have a “flash sale” where you send all your followers or “likers” a temporary discount on something that they liked.

Another option is to offer them a discount plus free shipping if you really want to make a sale. 

To increase your chance of a sale, make sure you put as much information as you can on a listing. This includes the brand, size, material and age of the item. 

Since you are using PoshMark’s platform, you are subject to a few fees. For instance, if you are selling something for $30, you can expect to receive $24 after all fees are paid. 

Keep in mind that you only get paid once your buyer receives and accepts your item.

When PoshMark releases your funds, you can redeem in the form of direct deposit, a check or transfer to your PayPal account. 

8. Depop

Depop is another social marketplace that lets you buy, sell, or simply share your style. This app is great if you have some unique or really trendy items to sell. 

But they still take traditional brands like Adidas, Nike, Vans, Ralph Lauren and so much more. 

The process is simple. Just open your own depop “store” and post pictures or videos of what you are selling.

From there you just need to link your PayPal account so that you can get paid the moment something is purchased. 

Unfortunately Depop charges a 10% service fee on every item that you sell.

9. Mercari

Mercari’s motto is that if you aren’t using something then you should sell it. The Mercari app makes it easy to snap a photo, post your items, and download shipping labels. 

Like eBay, you can sell pretty much anything on Mercari. I’ve seen used books sell for $5, children’s shoes for $10, and vintage jeans selling for $50.

Your closet and house could very well fund your next vacation if you choose to sell on Mercari. 

Like many of the apps I have mentioned, you control the price of everything you sell.

You are also in charge of taking pictures and writing the description, which can really make a difference in how quickly you attract a buyer. 

While posting on Mercari is absolutely free, they charge a flat rate of 10% of every item that you sell. 

10. OfferUp

I was introduced to OfferUp a few years ago, but somehow forgot about how awesome and easy it is to use. 

Like VarageSale, OfferUp is an app that lets you sell within your local community. But, you can also ship items nationally as well. 

On OfferUp you can post anything for sale, from socks and shoes to TVs and cars. List something for as low as a dollar or as much as $1,000 or more. 

All posting and pricing is up to you. Plus you communicate solely through the app with your potential buyers. During this stage you can communicate how you would like to receive payment.

Since most sales are done on a local level, chances are you will getting cash on the spot. 

OfferUp does offer shipping now, but if you choose to go this route there is a 9.99% flat rate fee to have them generate a label for you.

You’ll get paid as soon as the post office scans the shipping label. 

11. LetGo

LetGo is very similar to OfferUp. It’s an app that lets you sell items on a local level, from clothes and shoes to couches and bookshelves. 

LetGo is all about making your old stuff someone’s new treasure and putting cash in your pocket as a result. 

The better you are at communicating with your buyers, the faster you will make a sale. Plus, the more ratings you get the better chance you have of people checking out your items. 

LetGo also offers a feature option for a small fee that will bump your stuff back up to the top of someone’s feed. This feature can last a full week, giving you ample opportunity to make a profit.

If you just want to get rid of stuff, you can always post “free” items on LetGo. But, I would at least try to make some cash first before going this route. 

12. Carousell

Once you download the Carousell app, you can immediately start selling your stuff.

Once you launch the app, you will be prompted to take a photo or choose from your library of photos. Then just fill in all relevant information and you are set.

New posts will always appear at the top of the feed for that day. 

Carousell functions as an intermediary between you and buyers. They pretty much leave all of the details up to you. 

You can use Carousell to sell items on a local level or you can ship things to your buyers. The form of payment is up to you, as well as the method of delivery. 

If you choose to ship something, make sure your buyer pays you first and that the money clears your bank account before shipping.

For local items you can ask for cash on the spot, but for online orders choose a bank transfer or PayPal as a method of payment. 

13. Vinted

With a look very similar to PoshMark and just as easy to use, Vinted is an app that allows users to sell, swap, and buy each other’s clothing. 

With Vinted you are listing your “closet” and making the appropriate tags so your items get noticed. 

Setting up an account with Vinted is free. You just make a profile, snap a picture of whatever you are selling and set your price. 

Once someone makes a purchase, Vinted will provide you with a shipping label. Though It’s up to you to package the piece. 

The money you earn will show up in your online Vinted wallet. Once there, you can transfer to your bank account. Payouts are free of charge and take about 3-4 days to post.

The best part about Vinted is that there are absolutely zero fees for the seller. 

14. Grailed

Grailed is an app specifically focused on the buying and selling of men’s luxury, high-end menswear. 

I think selling on Grailed isn’t just limited to men using the app. Women can use it too if they want to sell their partner’s clothing on their behalf. 

While Grailed is focused on super high end brands like Prada and Gucci, you can also get away with selling vintage Levi’s and and Nikes. You can sell jewelry too. 

While posting on Grailed is free, they do charge you a 6% fee when your item does sell. 

15. The Real Real

Speaking of luxury apps, The Real Real is another app where you can sell your high end goods, except they cater to men, women and children. 

The RealReal functions like a consignment shop, so you only profit if your item sells on the shop. But you do earn up to an 85% commission from that sale. 

The RealReal will provide you with a label to send in your items. From there they will review and authenticate your pieces. 

They’ll post what they accept and send back or donate what they don’t keep. You get paid every month something sells. 

Final Thoughts

We all have something we want to get rid of in our house and closets. Chances are you have something of worth.

If you want to start making money in an easy and simple way, then I highly suggest you give one of these apps a try. 

Selling is not only a great way to make some cash but it is also works to declutter your home.

Let me know your thoughts on these apps in the comments below.

Adrienne Romer-Jordan

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