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10 Great Uses for Baking Soda: Clean Your Home For Less

10 Great Uses for Baking Soda: Clean Your Home For Less
Justin Stewart Dec 9, 2019
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When it comes to keeping a clean home, being able to optimize your cleaning products and use non-corrosive products on your furnishings and furniture are important things to keep in mind.

Baking soda is the kind of product that you can use on many surface without causing any damage to them, its safe to use on food grade items and even safe to use on your body and on your pets.

Baking soda is an easy product to get your hands on and it’s cheap, making baking soda something really handy to have around as it can find its way into many practical uses throughout your home.

If you’re wondering how you can use baking soda to clean your home, you’ll be surprised at how easily you can concoct little batches of safe cleaning products that will do wonders for different areas of your home.

There are countless uses for baking soda, and if you take a look at this quick guide you will find your way to easy savings on cleaning products and different ways to know exactly what you’re using to clean your home.

10 Ways to Clean with Baking Soda

The number of ways you can use baking soda to clean your home is astounding, and if you want to know what applications you can use baking soda for right now, then you’ve come to the right place.

For a quick flash of insight, take a look at these various ways you can implement baking soda into your cleaning regimen.

1. Clean Your Bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom can be something that makes your eyes roll.

The tedious scrubbing and dealing with the most germ filled areas of your home can make you cringe, and putting it off gets easier and easier when you think about getting down to scrub a toilet or remove the mildew from your shower.

Instead of fighting the feelings, turn that worry into relief by using baking soda to clean your bathroom.

There are multiple uses in your family bathroom alone that baking soda can be used for.

Store bought chemical cleaners are intense to be around, their smell and the overpowering strength of the chemicals can leave you gagging.

Natural cleaners that you buy at your local grocery store can be expensive, making it smarter to make your own at home.

Some ingredients that you should keep in mind to buy the next time you’re at the store are essential oils like lavender, rose, geranium, lemon, or any favorite essential oil you may like, and vinegar.

Creating combinations of these ingredients with baking soda and the added dilution of water, you can create a powerful scrub for your bathroom.

Once such great application is creating a toilet bowl cleaner.

Toilet bowls are notoriously difficult to clean, especially when it comes to the buildup of urine scale inside your toilet.

Urine scale is the buildup that makes the vicinity of your toilet stink like old urine.

This can be seen in your toilet bowl, but more commonly it’s coming from your pipes and making your bathroom reek of pee out of sight.

That unpleasant odor can be eliminated with a concoction of baking soda and vinegar.

Leaving the ingredients in your toilet bowl overnight can get rid of that nasty urine scale, and using it as a toilet bowl scrub can bring the shine back to your toilet bowl.

Your bathroom will smell like vinegar for a short while, but the smell dissipates quickly and you don’t have to worry about gagging on the awful scent of chemical cleaners.

Another use for baking soda in your bathroom cleaning process is using it to clean your shower curtains!

This would involve you throwing your shower curtain into a washing machine to get them really clean.

Shower curtains are easy enough to clean, but they’re also easy to neglect until you start noticing visible soiling from a build up of mildew, soap scum, mold, bacteria, and natural oils from our bodies.

Get your curtains clean as new by throwing them in with some white towels and laundry detergent.

Add about 10 drops of tea tree oil to your wash and a cup of baking soda, and watch the magic happen after one cycle.

Cleaning your grout can be back busting process thanks to all the scrubbing.

To avoid cramped shoulders and burning biceps, drop baking soda on your grouts, making sure to cover the area with built up dirt completely.

Take a clean plastic spray bottle and fill it with vinegar, then spray the area where the baking soda is and let it break the dirt down for about 5 minutes.

After that, all you’ve got to do is scrub out the loosened dirt and grime and wipe the nastiness away with a damp washcloth.

These are just a few ways to clean your bathroom with baking soda but these are a great way to start utilizing this versatile product to fight off dirt, grime and all kinds of build up.

2. Clean Your Appliances

When it comes to cleaning the different appliances you use, you may find yourself at a loss when trying to figure out the best way to do so without causing any damage to them.

Chemical cleaners can be corrosive to different materials, so using baking soda can be one of the safest ways to clean different appliances, especially ons that come in contact with food.

One such surface is your stovetop, and if you use it every day it can get pretty dirty quickly.

Cleaning your stovetop with baking soda can be quick and easy, all you have to do is sprinkle baking soda across the grimy areas and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

After the allotted time has passed, scrub the grime with a damp sponge and finish the process by wiping off the loosened up dirt with a clean washcloth.

You can also clean your oven with baking soda.

This process takes a few steps.

First, you’ll want to mix a cup of vinegar with half a cup of lemon juice in a clean spray bottle.

You’ll spray this mixture on the bottom of your oven, letting it sit for at least 10 minutes.

After the time has passed, sprinkle baking soda overtop the lemon and vinegar mixture and let that sit for another 10 minutes at least.

When ready, wipe the loosened buildup on the bottom of your oven with a clean washcloth.

You can clean your microwave with baking soda by simply scrubbing baking soda over stuck on food with a damp sponge.

Your dishwasher can be cleaned by putting some baking soda in the machine and running a regular dishwashing cycle with or without dishes in there.

Another thing to try is to run your garbage disposal with some warm tap water flowing and pouring baking soda into the drain as it runs to freshen up the area.

These are excellent uses for appliances, and once you try them, you’re not likely to go back to using those fussy chemical cleaners.

3. Mop Your Floors

If you’re looking for a great way to clean your floors without using cleaners with strong chemical ingredients, then baking soda is the answer.

You can easily wash the floors in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms, patios, and other areas of your home with a simple concoction of warm water and half a cup of baking soda.

If you want to add a fresh scent to your floors while you clean, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to create the perfect aroma and add some extra floor cleaning power.

Some good options are lemon oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, or any of the other many delightful scents you can find at your local health food store or online.

After you’ve mopped your floors with the baking soda mixture, run a clean mop with warm fresh water over the mopped floors to clean off the baking soda residue.

It’s that easy!

4. Unclog Your Drains

Having clogged drains can be an annoying thing to deal with, especially when you’re in a rush to shower or brush your teeth in the morning and the used dirty water keeps filling your tub or sink, building up grime along the sides.

Unclogging a drain can be a pesky task, especially if you figure out that you need a drain snake to fish out all the obstructions that have accumulated in your pipe.

Before you resort to that gross out experience, try busting up the hair, toothpaste, or whatever else could be in your drain with a bit of baking soda and vinegar.

The first thing you’ll want to do is run your tap, then shut it off and pour half a cup of baking soda into the afflicted drain.

The tap water will help make the baking soda stick to the areas that need the most attention.

After you drop the baking soda down the drain, pour half a cup of vinegar after it.

Cover the opening to the drain with a clean cloth to help seal in the chemical reaction that happens between the vinegar and baking soda.

Let this mixture sit in your drain for at least five minutes, if it’s really clogged up you can leave the mixture on for ten or so minutes, then flush the drain with hot water.

This should clear your drain, but if it doesn’t do the trick all the way don’t be afraid to take your pipe through the same process to achieve a full flush out of any obstructions that have built up inside the pipe.

5. Deodorize Upholstery, Trash Cans, and More

One awesome power that baking soda has is that it deodorizes pretty much anything that needs it.

If you need to freshen up different parts of your home that can build up a stink over time, there are tons of different places you can apply baking soda without damaging items in your home.

One such application is to the fabrics in your home.

Baking soda is a powerful oder absorber, so all you have to do to get its oder fighting action going is to sprinkle it on the fiber surfaces that need it.

This means you can sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and your chairs or cloth sofa.

You can let the baking soda sit on these surfaces for around fifteen minutes, then vacuum the baking soda powder and take away the stink with it.

You can use this exact same method to clean your mattress if it has started to get musty from nights of sweaty sleep, or on your pet’s bed to get those strong pet orders out after a few weeks of consistent use.

Another great use for baking soda as a deodorizer is for your trash cans.

You can sprinkle some baking soda in your trash can once a week and put the can liner over it to keep foul odors from building up between garbage days.

Getting the stink out of your refrigerator can also be a breeze with baking soda.

All you have to do is place an open box in your refrigerator and the baking soda will take care of the oder and keep from having these odors and other particles absorb into neighboring foods, changing the taste and smell of them in the process.

Just remember to change the baking soda boxes that you use in your refrigerator at least once every two to three months, and you’ll be able to stay on top of your fridge’s freshness without a problem.

If you use the same pair of sneakers often and they start to get stinky, you can sprinkle some baking soda in them to freshen them up and keep them useful.

These are excellent ways to use baking soda as a deodorizer, feel free to test out baking soda as deodorizers in your cabinets, closets, drawers, and other storage areas as well!

6. Shine Silver

If you are the proud owner of silver cutlery and other dining or drinking tools made of the precious metal, then you should consider brightening them with baking soda!

This is an old trick that is easily done with a piece of aluminum and a large metal stew pot or a small sauce pot for smaller pieces.

The way it’s done is simple.

Fill your desired pot with enough water to cover the silver item and bring it to a boil.

Add one tablespoon of baking soda per cup of water to the pot.

While it is boiling, you can either wrap a portion of the silver item in aluminum or drop a decently sized piece of aluminum into the boiling water.

You can then place the silver item in the water itself to let this process do its work.

The aluminum and high heat will remove the tarnishing that naturally occurs on silver within a matter of minutes.

Usually a time between 2 and 10 minutes is sufficient to get the job done, but be careful not to leave small thin pieces of silver in the boiling water for too long as this may soften the metal while it’s hot and make it very fragile.

After the process is finished, fish out the silver pieces from the hot water with a pair of tongs, rinse it then dry it thoroughly.

You’ll be amazed as you watch this process cleanse your jewelry and the notion of the power of baking soda will reinforce itself once again!

7. Whiten Your Clothes

When it comes to keeping your whites white and your colors bright, you could count on your traditional laundry detergent that says it’ll do what you need it to, or you can trust the proven use of baking soda for this job.

All you need to do to get your clothes white the right way and keep the colors of your favorite garments crisp is to add a half a cup of baking soda to your laundry load.

You can use baking soda on its own, especially if you want to test it’s stain fighting powers and color charging abilities to see the difference it makes, or you can add it in with your detergent at the start of the wash cycle.

Baking soda is a powerful stain fighter and can get even the toughest grease, coffee, wine, and other stains out of clothes if the need arises.

Baking soda is especially effective against extra stinky stuff in the wash too.

If you’ve got sports gear that’s been beat with the stinky stick, throw the foul sports gear in the laundry with some extra stinky socks and drop a half cup of baking soda into the soap dispenser to smell the best difference you can get for the price.

You can easily tell the difference, and once you see it with your own eyes, you’ll want to use baking soda every time you wash a load!

8. Clean Your Walls

Forget those magic erasers that have been on the market for years.

You can save money on these brand name cleaning sponges and use baking soda instead!

You can easily fight the horrid marker or crayon stains your lovely children leave on your dining room wall, or get the gritty smudges left by the fingers of your guests off the walls with ease.

All you have to do to make this happen is grab a damp sponge and sprinkle it with some baking soda.

Use this sponge to scrub off the stains on your walls, and you’ll find them glistening.

You can use this trick on baseboards, crown moldings, and other interior fixtures that need sprucing around your home.

Don’t be afraid to scrub hard, baking soda won’t peel your paint off or cause corrosion to the finish on your moldings and baseboards.

9. Use it on Your Dishes

When you get to the sink in your kitchen and find its filled with dishes that are covered in left over food that’s hard to scrub off, you can use baking soda to help make this job easier.

If your dishes are extra greasy and covered with stuck on food, then you can easily start the process of removing it by soaking these dishes in hot water that’s been mixed with dish soap and baking soda.

This mixture will cut through grease and grime and won’t be tough on your hands.

A good scrub will clean off the harder areas easily, cutting your cleaning time down exponentially.

You can even use baking soda to clean the sponge itself!

You can soak the sponge in a mixture of baking soda and water for a few minutes to get out any mold or musty smell that’s been built up from your sponge not properly being dried after use.

To clean you kitchen sink after an extra tough batch of dishes, you can make a paste out of baking soda and white vinegar.

You’ll use this paste to wipe down the inside of your stainless steel sink with paper towels that have been soaked in this mixture, giving it a clean shine.

10. Clean Your Body!

Believe it or not, baking soda is a powerful cleaning agent not only for your home but for your body too!

There are a few ways that you can use baking soda on yourself at home, and it’s safe to use on pets too.

You can gargle a mixture of baking soda and water to combat bad breath and give your teeth a whitening rinse.

If you want an extra whitening boost for your teeth, make a mixture of baking soda and coconut oil and use it as a tooth paste.

This mixture will work just as well, if not better, than your store bought tooth paste.

Baking soda can be used on your skin as a way to brighten your complexion.

If you’re short on time and can’t do a face mask, you can easily make a paste out of three parts baking soda and one part water.

Take the mixture and rub it on your face in a circular motion, making sure to exfoliate away dead skin cells to help you perk up your skin.

You can use this same mixture on your elbows and heels to get exfoliate rough skin and soften it all at once.

For an extra special moment of relaxation, and baking soda to your next foot soak to help soothe feet that are achy and tired.

This will also help deodorize your feet in the process, adding a boost to your overall cleanliness.

You can also use baking soda as a deodorant if you want to avoid the harsh metals and other chemicals found in store bought deodorants.

Just mix an eight of a teaspoon with warm water into a paste and use under your arms as needed.

In a pinch, you can use baking soda as shampoo by making a mixture that is comprised of two table spoons of baking soda and two cups of warm water.

You can give your conditioner a boost as well by adding half a cup of baking soda into your conditioner.

Be careful with this if you have dry or frizzy hair as the pH in baking soda is pretty high and will dry your hair out more.

Final Thoughts

Baking soda is a versatile cleansing tool, and if you’re looking for an alternative to cleaning products that have harsh chemicals and strong odors, this is the cure-all.

Baking soda can be safely used on your body, on your pets as, and around your home.

It’s safe around children, and won’t cause harm to the different materials that can be found around your home.

This is the perfect tool for making your home cleaner and keeping your cleaning supplies expenses as low as possible.

With a few other natural ingredients and common household products, you can turn baking soda into the central agent for a clean home.

Justin Stewart

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