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10 Best Apps For Cash Back For Free Money Back (Updated 2019)

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Who doesn’t like free cash?

How about getting free cash for something you’re already doing?

Get cash back every time you do your regular shopping – online and in retail stores.

All from a handy app on your phone – here are the 10 best apps for getting cash back.

1. Ibotta

  • Registration Bonus: $10 when you scan your first receipt.
  • Join Ibotta

You may be already familiar with Ibotta, the shopping App.

It’s so simple to use as you just search for offers from your favorite retailers, or places you plan to shop at, buy those items, claim the offers by scanning your shopping receipts.

You can also attach your loyalty cards from various stores to earn even more.

The amount of cash back you can earn depends on the retailer but let’s use – you can earn anywhere from 1% on Health products, 5% back on Electronics, to 10% on Patio and Gardening.

You also get free money from referring friends and joining a Facebook “team”, answering an occasional question that pops up from a retailer as well as getting money back on generic purchases such as “25¢ on Any Milk Purchase”.

You can get started on Ibotta with a free $10 bonus.

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2. TopCashback

TopCashBack claims to have the highest cash back offers around.

The highest cash back offer on this site is 65% from PeopleFinders, followed by 50% back from, FreeTaxUSA, and FenderPlay.

The way to earn with this App is to open the App and find a retailer you want to shop at and click through.

They also offer exclusive coupon codes that you can add onto your purchase for even more money savings.

Signing up gives you a $10 bonus.

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3. Shopkick

This is another receipt scanning app.

Shopkick awards “kicks” for scanning your receipts as well as purchases made through their app.

Start with a $2 sign up bonus and they say there’s 8 ways to earn – visiting online stores, viewing online products, make online purchases, watching videos, checking in at retail stores (walk in), scanning barcodes of products, purchase with linked card, and scan a purchase receipt.

You redeem for gift cards and not cash which isn’t bad because you can redeem them online and shop for free.

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4. Ebates

Another popular cash back App is Ebates, the coupon and shopping rebate site.

First get started with a free $10 bonus – either in the form of a Walmart Gift card or in your Ebates account, do your shopping through the App, earn the various cash back percentages, and receive your payout through PayPal or a check with no processing fees.

The various cash back percentages are different for each retailer but the bonus here is that with coupons and promo codes it’s possible to earn 3 times cash back.

Ebates also offers double cash back sales frequently for more earning power.

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5. BeFrugal

You can earn up to 40% cash back at over 5,000 stores through the BeFrugal app. Join to get the $10 bonus, click on any coupon, deal, or “shop now” button, and just shop as normal – that’s it.

The deals can be combined for more savings, such as claiming a 25% coupon with a 10% cash back offer.

You can claim your earnings via PayPal, check, direct deposit, or a gift card.

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6. Checkout 51

Another grocery shopping app but this one actually offers a $5 signup bonus as well as accepts online food purchases as well. Just like the other apps, on Checkout 51 you search for offers and scan your store receipt or packing slip to claim your cash back.

I think this app is “fresher” as offers are posted Thursday morning and some are only good for a week. Perfect for the weekend grocery trip.

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This app is for grocery shopping only but has a large selection of stores (they claim over 60,000) and food products to choose from. You look for available offers and add them to your list, use your store’s loyalty card or scan a receipt and get cash back.

Even though SavingStar doesn’t offer a signup bonus, you’ll earn quickly with your weekly grocery shopping as well as your drugstore purchases.

They also have an option called “One or Many” where you can claim an offer in one trip or one of many trips, so you earn for the same product until you’ve reached your goal.

This is great because we buy some products on almost every trip we make right? You can cash out $20 by PayPal, bank account, or gift cards.

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8. BerryCart

This is another app for grocery shopping, except this one focuses more on organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, Vegan, and allergy-free products. So, if that’s your eating discipline you can earn big on this program.

You may think purchases will be limited because of its specialty, but this app works in over 100,000 locations including Walmart and Target. You earn by finding deals, read product information and take small quizzes and then just scan your receipt.

I couldn’t find if they have a signup bonus but you can cash out to PayPal or Gift Cards.

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9. Walmart Savings Catcher

This is a good app if you shop almost exclusively to Walmart only. This app lets you order online, fill and refill prescriptions, order photos, and pretty much anything that you’ll do in-store.

There is no sign-up bonus and all you need to do is scan your Walmart receipts. This app then scans your purchases and the prices and then scans other local stores in the area if there are any products cheaper. If there is a lower price elsewhere, you are refunded the difference.

It’s a pretty simple app and if you’re in a small town with not many other shopping outlets, the cash back savings can accumulate slowly.

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10. ReceiptHog

The advantage with this app over all the others is that it’ll accept receipts from any store. Just snap a photo of the receipt, earn bonuses by playing slots, taking surveys, weekly challenges and more.

Another way to get bonuses is to install the Chrome extension which I have not found offered by any other app.You cash out to either PayPal or an Amazon e-gift card.

11. Shoptracker

If you shop at Amazon a lot, this App is for you. Shoptracker tracks all your Amazon purchases and gives you free cash after that. Just head to Shoptracker, sign up, answer a few questions (such as what type of Amazon account you have), and that’s it.

You’ll get $3 for signing up and you’ll earn a $3 Visa e-gift card every month. In a year you can earn $36 with no extra work other than your regular shopping on Amazon.

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Final Thoughts

The time it takes to get to your first cash payout varies with each site but the advantage of joining several sites is that you can use the same receipt on several apps for multiple cash back rewards.

For example, I have one receipt from Walmart and I scanned it on the Savings Catcher, Checkout 51, Ibotta, and others. So, I get cash back several times over for one shopping trip.

If you signed up for all these sites you’ve already earned $45 in signup bonuses, not bad for several minutes of registration. Don’t forget to refer your friends for even more bonuses – some even let you earn a percentage of your referral’s earnings for a period of time as well.

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