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10 Best Apps To Use To Find a Side Job

10 Best Apps To Use To Find a Side Job
Adrienne Romer-Jordan Oct 24, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Whenever I find myself needing extra money, I always start considering the different side hustles I can pick up.

A side hustle is just that. A job that you do in addition to your regular, full time job. 

Most side hustles are temporary. They can be quick tasks to complete in a few hours. Or side hustles can be short projects that cover a couple of weeks. 

It all depends on the kind of work you are looking for. If you work in marketing, then find a side gig that lets you utilize your skills. 

For those of you that are handy, there are several ways to earn money by helping clients with building, painting or constructing whatever they need. 

I love a good side hustle because they are so quick and easy. Plus, whatever you decide to work on is totally up to you. 

You can use your side hustle to boost your income to help pay bills or use it as cash for a vacation.

These 10 apps are perfect for anyone looking to earn a little extra money without compromising their day (or night) job. 

1. Gigwalk

Gigwalk lets you find jobs whenever and wherever you want. You can use it to earn a side income or some even work as Gigwalkers full time. 

It is free to download the Gigwalk app and the platform is available for both IOS and Android. To work as a Gigwalker you need to be 16 years of age or older. 

From there you register for your account by answering a few basic questions (name, date of birth, skillset, education, etc)  and providing an email address. 

You will also need to enter your PayPal information so that you can get paid after completing a gig. 

The gigs vary based on your area and skillset. It could be something as simple as snapping a picture of the price of milk at a local store or asking a store employee about a product. 

Pricing will change depending on the gig. Most gigs are anywhere between $5 and $20, but some can be as low as $2.50 or as high as $50!

It can take up to a week for your account to be credited once you complete a gig. Also, the more gigs you complete the more you’ll have access to higher paying gigs. 

2. Care App

I’ve been a member of for over ten years now. The app makes it super easy and convenient to find caregiving jobs at the tip of your fingers. 

The Care app works pretty much like the website. You search for jobs of interest and hit apply. 

There are several different types of caregiving jobs available on the app. You can choose from childcare, elderly care, special needs care, pet care, tutoring and housekeeping. 

The jobs are legit. In fact I most recently found a job that involves just picking up and dropping off a client’s child to school, earning me an easy $75 a week in extra cash. 

When applying for jobs you will need to provide important information like, name, address,  date of birth and upload a picture. But you will also undergo a background check. 

Once these things are complete, you account is active and you can start applying to job postings. 

Messaging potential clients is super convenient on the app. If you set up alerts, your phone will ping you as soon as you get a response. 

Now finding jobs on the app is the easy part. Most of the positions do require some kind of face to face interview. 

In general these interviews are simple and go over well, as most of your job history and information are right there to see on the app. 

But it gives parents and family peace of mind to meet in person, which is especially true if you will be watching children. 

While the main app is free to download, Care does offer a free account or you can pay for a premium membership.

The premium account allows you to better communicate with potential employers and thus get access to better paying jobs. 

Pricing can be as little as $10 a month for six months, $15 per month for three months or $20 for one month. 

Once you land a job you can always cancel your membership and stick with the free account until you need to find something new. 

3. Fiverr

Similar to Gigwalk, Fiverr is an app that lets businesses and individuals hire people (i.e. you) for work. Businesses can post jobs on Fiverr and you can apply for the work if it fits your skill set. 

Or, you can post a job that advertises yours skills. Like, you could offer to create a PowerPoint presentation for $50 or your web page design skills for $5 an hour. 

To set up a Fiverr account is free. Once you do, you can post whatever work you are willing and able to do. Then you just have to wait to be contacted. 

If you’re new to Fiverr or working freelance, it is a smart idea to start small so that you can build up some positive reviews as you complete projects. 

The major flaw about Fiverr is that they do keep 20% of your work commission, which is pretty steep, especially when projects aren’t paying a whole lot in general. 

But, as a way to get some freelance experience, I like Fiverr. Try it out and then branch out to better things once you’ve gotten the experience you need. 

4. Foap

If you are snapping amazing photos on your phone or creating cool videos, then Foap is the app for you if you want to start selling your material. 

Foap lets you upload your photos and videos to the app directly. From there, businesses, brands, agencies and individuals can browse through Foap and potentially buy your work. 

Each image is sold for $10, but since Foap takes 50% commission, you will only earn $5 per photo. 

The app is easy to use and free to sign up with. Once your account is active, you can start posting photos and hope for a sale.

Another way to earn on Foap is to take advantage of their contests or Missions. By following a few guidelines, you can submit your photo(s) and could earn as much as $100 to $500!

The only real downside I see to using the app is that you do have to wait to get paid each month. You need to remember to request you payment before the 15th of each month so you can have it sent to your PayPal account in time. 

5. TaskRabbit

As a teen, the main way I made money before the age of sixteen was to complete whatever odd tasks around the house that I could find.

When there was nothing to do at home, I reached out to family members or even my neighbors. If they needed their lawn mowed, a wall painted, or picture hung, I was their go-to person. 

For my efforts I earned really easy pocket money. Now that I’m an adult, I use apps like TaskRabbit to find small tasks I can complete within a short amount of time. 

The TaskRabbit app will let you find jobs in your area. You select the work you want to do and get paid once the job is complete.

Jobs categories range from delivery services, to cleaning, helping with a move, assembling furniture, fixing things, or you can even work as a personal assistant. 

6. Upwork

Like Fiverr, Upwork is an excellent app for freelancers looking for work. According to Upwork’s website, they have more than 12 million freelancers registered with them.

That’s a lot of talent to compete against. But, still I think Upwork is worth checking out if you need a quick side job to earn cash. 

As an Upworker, you get to choose your own assignments and work schedule. You can also put your talents out there at a specific price per hour per project.

One downside is the service fee you have to pay to Upwork, which can range from 5% to 20% depending on the project. 

The key to getting good jobs is to keep your pricing reasonable, but not so low that you’re earning practically nothing after the fees are taken out. 

It helps to build a steady relationship with one or two clients in order to build your profile and increase your earnings. 

7. Shipt Shopper

If you want possibly the easiest side hustle around, then you should register with Shipt Shopper. 

You don’t need to have graphic design skills or any real talent. You just need to have a working vehicle, valid driver’s license and auto insurance.

As a Shipt Shopper you deliver groceries on a client’s behalf, saving them time, but earning you extra cash. You make your own schedule, choosing to do this full time or part time. 

Shipt Shopper claims their best shoppers make around $22 an hour. That’s money earned by simply making your way through the grocery store and shopping for someone else. 

Scheduling, accepting orders and shopping orders are all done directly through the app. Once you accept a job, you have a certain time frame to complete the task. 

Orders usually take one hour to complete and you are paid upon the completion of the order. Payment is directly deposited into your account every Friday!

8. Wage

If you can fix a leaky faucet, paint a fence, create a PowerPoint presentation, or even sew a button on some jeans, then you can find a job to do on the Wage app. 

Wage functions a lot like TaskRabbit in that you can search the app for different projects that need to be done in your area. 

The Wage app is set up uniquely because the jobs are posted as pictures with a little description. All you have to do is select a picture and bid on the project. 

You use the app to directly chat with the employer, so no need to give out your phone number or email.

If they choose to work with you, they will let you know. Payment is also arranged directly between the employer and you. 

You can ask for cash, a check or give them your PayPal, Venmo or Cash app info. The Wage app puts all the details in your hands. 

9. SnapShyft

Snapshyft is a platform that allows businesses to find essential workers last minute. Think catering jobs, waitressing at a hotel dining hall or even working a concert.

These businesses post open shifts directly to their account on the app, which then gives you access to these potential jobs. 

This app is perfect for someone looking for something quick. And it’s best for hospitality workers. But since tasks can be something like dish washing or breaking down an event, I think anyone can apply.

Getting started is easy. Just download the app and complete your profile. 

There’s a free, basic monthly plan. The rate of the shift and any tips earned are all yours to keep. 

Plus, your payment can hit your bank account in as little as half an hour after completing a job. 

10. Wonolo

Wonolo is an app that lets you find quick hourly or same day jobs. The app works by finding you jobs in your area. All you have to do is select the job you want.

After completing a job, you will be rated for your work and get paid. The better the rating, the more jobs you will have access to. 

The Wonolo app is free to download and once you register as a Wonoloer you can start accepting jobs, all without needing to interview or provide a resume.

Final Thoughts

All of these apps are available for IOS or Android users, so everyone has a chance at finding something that works for them.

These apps give you great work opportunities, whether you are looking for something short term or long term.

Plus, with such a diverse range of work available, you have the potential to line up something new every day or every week.

If you’ve struggled to find a side hustle to help cover some bills, then I hope you take the time to check out one of these apps.

Let me know in the comments below if you decide to give one a test drive. Thanks for reading and happy hustling!

Adrienne Romer-Jordan

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