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15 Best Apps For Signup Bonuses

15 Best Apps For Signup Bonuses
Amy Baum Dec 24, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

best apps for signup bonuses

At Frugal For Less, it’s easy to see that we’re big fans of money making apps.

There are plenty of different ways to earn real money, gift cards, and other rewards. Some of our favorite apps and websites offer signup bonuses.

This is free money that you receive when you register for the apps as a new user.

In this post, you’ll find 15 of the best apps for signup bonuses. Most of them offer $5 and $10 bonuses, though there are a few with higher and lower amounts.

To qualify for bonuses, you typically have to register then follow a few steps. This post outlines the steps you need to take, provides helpful review links, and more.

1. Ibotta

About Ibotta – Ibotta is certainly one of the most highly recommended apps at Frugal For Less. This grocery receipt scanning app gives you access to cash back deals. Ibotta partners with hundreds of merchants, and you get cash back on everyday items like groceries, paper towels, medicine, and so much more. You can even earn cash back by shopping online through the Ibotta app.

Ibotta Signup Bonus Amount – Ibotta gives new users a $10 bonus when they scan their first receipt.

How To Get Ibotta Signup Bonus – Download Ibotta using the link above, or search for it in your phone’s app store. During the signup process, submit a referral code when prompted. Your $10 bonus is quickly added to your account balance when you scan your first receipt.

Frugal For Less Ibotta Review

2. InboxDollars

About InboxDollars – InboxDollars is a top get paid to (GPT) app and website. They founded in 2000 and have paid users over $57 million in cash and gift cards. You earn money by completing quick and simple tasks that take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. Get paid to watch videos, read e-mails, take surveys, complete free trial offers, play games, browse the web, and more. You’ll find thousands of tasks at all times, so earning with InboxDollars is easy.

InboxDollars Signup Bonus Amount – InboxDollars automatically rewards new users with a $5 bonus.

How To Get InboxDollars Signup Bonus – Sign up for InboxDollars using the link above. Register as a new user within a minute or two, then check for your confirmation e-mail. Click the link in the e-mail, and $5 will automatically be added to your account balance.

Frugal For Less InboxDollars Review

3. Drop

About Drop – Drop is a user-friendly cash back app that doesn’t require receipt scanning. Drop partners with several retailers to give users cash back on all of their purchases. You choose five of these partner retailers to earn from. Link the credit and debit cards you typically shop with to the secure Drop system. You’ll instantly add cash back to your Drop account, and it can be redeemed for gift cards.

Drop Signup Bonus Amount – The Drop signup bonus amount varies from 1,000 points ($1) to 5,000 points ($5) when you use a referral code. Our unique referral code is frugal4less, and we’d appreciate you using it. At the time of publication, the Drop signup bonus is $5.

How To Get Drop Signup Bonus – Download the Drop app using the link above or find it via Google Play or iTunes. During the registration process, enter the referral code when prompted. Once you link your first credit or debit card, your bonus is added to your account balance.

Frugal For Less Drop Review

4. Swagbucks

About Swagbucks – Swagbucks is an extremely popular GPT app and website that’s available in many countries. Since 2008, they’ve paid $302 million in cash and gift cards to members. Each task you complete is worth a set amount of points called SB. Earn SB by taking surveys, watching short videos, taking polls, browsing the web, completing cash back offers, reading e-mails, and more.

Swagbucks Signup Bonus Amount – Swagbucks frequently changes their signup bonus, though $5 and $10 bonuses are very common. As of November 2018, new users can receive a $10 signup bonus.

How To Get Swagbucks Signup Bonus – Once you’ve completed the registration process, look for cash back offers in the ‘Shop’ section of the site or app. You earn a $10 bonus once you’ve earned $25 in cash back from partner brands. The fine print for this offer can be found during the signup process.

Frugal For Less Swagbucks Review

5. BeFrugal

About BeFrugal – BeFrugal is a popular online cash back portal. It’s very similar to eBates, but it typically features better deals. The cash back amounts are high, and they offer a BeFrugal Cash Back Rate Guarantee. BeFrugal partners with over 5,000 online merchants, so it’s easy to find stores you like. You’ll also get access to printable coupons, promo codes, special sales, and much more. BeFrugal is my go-to cash back portal for great deals.

BeFrugal Signup Bonus Amount – New users receive a $10 signup bonus when they join BeFrugal.

How To Get BeFrugal Signup Bonus – You’ll automatically see the $10 bonus listed in your account. However, you can only access it once you’ve earned an additional $10 in cash back. This is pretty easy to do thanks to BeFrugal’s excellent deals.

6. PointClub

About PointClub – PointClub is a survey website that has a pretty solid reputation. Users take paid online surveys for market research purposes. That means you’ll typically share your opinions and experience with different brands and products. There are several surveys available daily, and they’re usually worth about 200 to 2,000 points. You can earn a ton of extra points through their 10-level participation based bonus system. Read about it in our review linked below.

PointClub Signup Bonus Amount – New PointClub users get a 5,000 point ($5) bonus upon signing up.

How To Get PointClub Signup Bonus – Getting your $5 bonus is very quick and easy. Simply register as a new user using the link above. You’ll be asked to provide your name, e-mail address, and a few other details. Once this is done, you’ll see 5,000 points in your account balance.

Frugal For Less PointClub Review

7. MyPoints

About MyPoints – MyPoints is a popular GPT site that focuses on cash back offers. You earn cash back when you shop through their website, and there are many merchants to choose from. For every dollar you spend, you get a set amount of points. You also earn points when you take surveys, watch videos, and more. Users get paid in gift cards to Amazon, WalMart, and other major retailers.

MyPoints Signup Bonus Amount – New MyPoints users get a $10 Amazon gift card when they sign up using a referral link. Our referral link is above, and we’d love for you to use it to help Frugal For Less grow.

How To Get MyPoints Signup Bonus – You receive a $10 Amazon gift card once you make one or more qualifying purchases totaling $20. You have to make these purchases within 30 days of joining MyPoints. You can find more helpful details at the bottom of this page.

Frugal For Less MyPoints Review

8. FusionCash

About FusionCash – FusionCash is another GPT website that emphasizes cash back offers. The platform launched in 2005, and it still has a solid reputation. In addition to earning cash back, you can get paid to take surveys, watch videos, visit partner websites, and more. The requirements for each task and offer are listed clearly, which makes earning even easier.  

FusionCash Signup Bonus Amount – New users receive a $5 bonus shortly after creating their accounts.

How To Get FusionCash Signup Bonus – Create your free FusionCash account by creating a username and password, then provide your e-mail address and zip code. You’ll be prompted to complete a short survey; it should only take a few minutes. Then your $5 bonus will be in your account balance.

Frugal For Less FusionCash Review

9. Acorns

About Acorns – Investing money can be overwhelming, but the Acorns app makes it so simple. Acorns is an automatic investing app that selects investment options based on your needs. You simply answer a series of questions to see which investments are best for you. The app also allows you to invest spare change by rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar. It’s truly a great financial resource.

Acorns Signup Bonus Amount – Acorns offers new users a $5 signup bonus. You can quickly sign up using the link above.

How To Get Acorns Signup Bonus – To receive your $5, you just need to complete the registration process. You’ll provide your name and a few personal details, then answer some questions about your financial and investment needs.

Frugal For Less Acorns Review

10. TruNow

About TruNow – TruNow is a lesser-known receipt scanning app, but it’s quickly becoming popular. TruNow pays you cash back for scanning your gas station receipts. The app features a list of TruNow partners where you can get 2% cash back on your fuel purchases. You’ll even get 1% cash back when you scan receipts from non-partner gas stations. Additionally, the app displays the lowest fuel prices near you. It’s genuinely helpful and very easy to use.

TruNow Signup Bonus Amount – New users receive a $2 bonus when they create a TruNow account.

How To Get TruNow Signup Bonus – Click the link above to create your TruNow account. Shortly after you scan your first gas station receipt, a $2 bonus is added to your account balance.

Frugal For Less TruNow Review

11. Shopkick

About Shopkick – Shopkick is a receipt scanning app, but it really stands out from others. Buying cash back items and uploading photos of your receipt is only one way to earn money. You can also get paid for scanning product cards, simply walking into stores, and more. Each cash back product or task is worth a set amount of points called Kicks. Kicks are redeemed for gift cards, and you have plenty of options to choose from.

Shopkick Signup Bonus Amount – Shopkick offers a signup bonus of 250 Kicks ($1) bonus to new users who use a referral link. Our referral link is above if you’d like to use it.  

How To Get Shopkick Signup Bonus – Click the referral link and submit your phone number. Then download the Shopkick app and complete the registration process. It’s super simple and should only take a few minutes. Receive your first walk-in Kicks or scan your first receipt with one week, and you’ll get a $1 bonus.

Frugal For Less Shopkick Review

12. Vindale Research

About Vindale Research– Vindale Research is a leading paid survey website that launched in 2005. Users get paid cash for completing surveys, participating in polls, watching videos, and more. Most of the surveys and polls are for market research, so you’ll simply share your honest opinions about top brands. As of November 2018, Vindale Research has paid just under $7 million to members.

Vindale Research Signup Bonus Amount – Vindale Research offers a $2 welcome bonus to all new users.

How To Get Vindale Research Signup Bonus – Use the link above to create your Vindale Research account. Fill out your profile, and you’ll receive a $2 bonus.

Frugal For Less Vindale Research Review

13. WealthSimple

About WealthSimple – WealthSimple is a Canadian investment app that’s a lot like Acorns. It’s very popular and reputable, and it suits new and experienced investors alike. You create your unique financial profile by answering several questions. Then you can explore investment options that are selected uniquely for you. You’ll get plenty of guidance to make things as easy as possible. WealthSimple investments reportedly offer 3% to 10% money growth, too.

WealthSimple Signup Bonus Amount – WealthSimple offers a whopping $50 signup bonus to new users who meet the criteria below.

How To Get WealthSimple Signup Bonus – Use the link above to register for WealthSimple, fill out your profile, and select the investment option you want. If you deposit $500 or more into an investment account, you receive a $50 bonus. Reviews say it may take up to one month to receive your bonus. But once you do, you can simply transfer your bonus and initial investment to your bank account.

Frugal For Less WealthSimple Review

14. Fetch Rewards

About Fetch Rewards – Fetch Rewards is a popular receipt scanning app for cash back that’s similar to Ibotta. You just purchase items featured in the app, scan your receipt, and get cash back added to your account. Ibotta requires you to shop at certain stores, but Fetch Rewards doesn’t. You can buy cash back items anywhere you want to. The variety of items isn’t that big, but the cash back rates are above average.

Fetch Rewards Signup Bonus Amount – New users get a 1,500 point ($1.50) bonus when they sign up using a referral code. If you’d like to use our referral code, click the link above or enter HH3MN during registration.

How To Get Fetch Rewards Signup Bonus – Download the Fetch Rewards app and enter your referral code. Once you scan your first receipt, a $1.50 bonus is added to your account.

Frugal For Less Fetch Rewards Review

15. Raise

About Raise – Raise is a popular website where you can buy new and used gift cards for discounted rates. Raise and similar companies are popular, reputable, and great for saving money on gift cards. You can get discounts ranging from 2% to over 50%. If you’re selling gift cards, you choose your selling price. Overall, Raise is a very great resource for frugal shoppers.

Raise Signup Bonus Amount – New users can receive a $5 bonus by using a referral code. Our referral link is above, and we’d greatly appreciate it if you use it.

How To Get Raise Signup Bonus – Click the link above and create a new Raise account. Once you purchase your first discounted gift card, you’ll get a $5 bonus.

Frugal For Less Raise Review

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