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Best Drugstore Lipstick: 20 Luscious Lip Products Under $10

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Lipstick is an excellent way to transform your look in mere seconds. There’s such a diverse range of lipstick styles to choose from. You’ve got satin, glossy, matte, and classic finishes.

You’ve got liquid lipstick, traditional bullet lipstick, lip stains, and more. And last but not least, there’s a huge price range that can be overwhelming. That’s why I decided to cover the best drugstore lipstick to help clear out these confusions and show you products with a great price.

Let’s take a look at some numbers:

  • Bullet and liquid lipstick from mid-range brands can cost $17 (Urban Decay) to $26 (NARS) or more per item.
  • Bullet and liquid lipstick from high-end brands can cost $53 (Tom Ford) to $90 (Christian Louboutin) or more per item.

Despite the high prices, you can get lipsticks with the same ingredients from drugstore brands! Allure Magazine even did an article that concluded a $6 brand and a mid-range brand had identical ingredients – with a $23 price difference. That’s simply nonsense to me, so I dedicated some time to making a list of truly affordable lip products. Take a look at the versatile options that are all under $10!

Best Drugstore Liquid Lipstick

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

best drugstore lipstick nay

I mentioned this lipstick in a previous article – Top 36 Drugstore Makeup Deals On Amazon Under $20 – and it’s achieved yet another spot on my “best of” lists. This creamy formula is a dream for anyone who loves liquid lipstick.

It creates a matte finish without looking dry or accentuating lines on your lips. The color range is super versatile; you can choose from neutrals to bright reds to navy blue. In my experience, this formula is very long lasting and truly stays put. You can choose from 25 different colors for about $6.

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2. L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color

best drugstore lipstick Loreal liquid lipstick

The first thing that catches my eye about this lipstick is the ultra-luxurious design. Aside from the pristine gold colored tube, this L’Oreal lip color has so much to offer. The color is very rich and pigmented; it’s available in classic shades of pink, red, and purple.

The lipstick contains nourishing oils to keep your lips healthy and hydrated while you sport your color of choice. The applicator is super soft and makes application a breeze. If you want a lipstick that looks like it’s worth a million bucks, try out this option for around $10.

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3. Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick

best drugstore lipstick colorstay

Finding a lipstick that lasts through the entire day can feel nearly impossible. Fortunately, this liquid lipstick from the Revlon ColorStay line makes this a reality. This lipstick, which has a great reputation on Amazon and elsewhere, is designed to last for an impressive 12 hours.

There are several rich colors to choose from, and they all have a subtle and elegant satin finish. The formula contains a mixture of silicone and moisturizers so that it applies as smoothly as possible.

This also helps the product feel comfortable on your lips as you sport it all day long. The star rating for this best drugstore lipstick is quite impressive, and it’s just a bit over $8.

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4. Rimmel Provocalips Lip Stain

best drugstore lipstick rimmel

Lip stains can be pretty hit or miss, but this one by Rimmel is an absolute home run. It provides rich, bold color that doesn’t wear off at all throughout the day.

Due to their formula, many lip stains can feel drying or enhance the lines and cracks of your lips. Rimmel’s formula is moisturizing, so you get the benefits of a lip stain without the annoying problems.

It’s easily removed with any oil-based makeup remover; that means no intensive scrubbing to remove it. You can get this gorgeous and highly-rated lip stain on Amazon for about $7.

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5. Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

best drugstore lipstick matte lip color

I happened upon this lipstick when I won a Revlon giveaway on Instagram. The “Ultra” in the name is serious – this lip color truly pops! It’s another matte liquid formula that doesn’t feel dry or sticky. What I really like is that it has somewhat of a velvety feel once it dries. It’s scented with vanilla and mango, so it smells as good as it looks.

I really like the unique wand applicator because it’s slightly tapered. This makes it super easy to get precise application every time. This highly-rated drugstore lipstick is $4 to $8 (depending on the color you choose).

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6. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid

best drugstore lipstick maybelline

If you’re craving a bold looking matte lipstick, this Maybelline option is right up your alley. The formula is made from pure pigments in order to create extremely vivid and eye-catching colors.

You can choose from electric shades like ‘Orange Obsession’ and ‘Pink Charge’, but there are also more classic options like ‘Nude Flush’. The formula feels glossy as you apply it, then dries to a nice matte finish.

Using the diverse range of shades, you can create tons of different unique lipstick looks. You can stock up on these without overspending, as the lipstick averages around $6 to $7.

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Best Drugstore Bullet Lipstick

7. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Mattes Lipstick

best drugstore lipstick maybelline creamy matte

This is another lipstick from Maybelline, and it also made my previous post about great makeup deals. This lipstick is truly one of my favorite formulas out there. It’s super creamy and smooth, so it applies flawlessly.

It dries to a semi-matte finish that feels excellent and it’s long lasting. The formula contains three precious oils to keep your lips feeling ultra soft, which is pretty exceptional for a matte lipstick.

You can pick from 20 different highly-rated shades on Amazon, and it’ll cost you under $6.

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8. Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick

best drugstore lipstick rimmel london

I picked this lipstick up on a whim once, and it was love at first application. That may sound like an overstatement, but this is a true gem among drugstore lipsticks.

The Kate Moss line by Rimmel features richly colored lipstick that creates a sheer, natural look. From a mauve pink to a deep plum, these creamy lipsticks are long-lasting and designed to suit a wide variety of skin tones.

The product design is sleek and stylish, and the lipstick is highly rated on Amazon. You can get this must-have formula for less than $6.

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9. NYX Butter Lipstick

best drugstore lipstick butter lipstick

The entire range of NYX lipstick is outstanding to me, but the Butter Lipsticks are a true game-changer. This lipstick glides on like no other lipstick I’ve used before; it almost feels like it’s an ultra-moisturizing lip balm.

And despite the soft and lightweight feel, each color provides full coverage and it’s absolutely eye catching. It’s not one of those lipsticks you have to layer on in order to get an adequate look.

It’s a “one and done” deal – just swipe your top and bottom lip for a luxurious look. There are several unique colors for you to choose from, and the average cost is between $6 and $7.

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10. Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color

best drugstore lipstick wet n wild megalast

One of the first lipsticks I ever purchased was from wet n’ wild, and the formula was incredibly impressive for such a cheap drugstore lipstick. They’ve continued to put out a full line of great lip products, and the Megalast Lip Color tops the list.

Each lipstick is deeply pigmented and designed to create a creamy, semi-matte finish. This award-winning product contains super soothing ingredients like Vitamin E to nourish your lips.

The formula also contains a polymer complex that gives your lips a luscious, plump appearance. Best of all, you can get this outstanding wet n’ wild lipstick for less than $4.

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11. REVLON Colorburst Lip Butter

best drugstore lipstick revlon colorburst

Revlon has a ton of different lip cosmetics to choose from; it was hard to narrow down their best drugstore lipstick options. However, their Colorburst Lip Butter is a must-have pick.

The ratings alone reflect the popularity and high-quality of this lipstick, but let’s take a look at the details. The formula is unique and gel-like, so it glides in flawlessly.

It contains rich emollients like mango, shea, and coconut butter to hydrate your lips deeply. The end result gives you medium coverage and lots of healthy, beautiful shine. You can choose from 15 different rich shades, and many of them are under $6.

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12. Milani Color Statement Lipstick

milani color statement best drugstore lipstick

Milani is one of the best drugstore lipstick brands according to many forums, reviews, and cosmetic communities. That’s where I discovered this lipstick, and I instantly fell in love.

You can choose from rich, classic hues like mauve pink, ravishing red, dark nude, and dozens more. The formula is creamy and full of moisturizing ingredients, and it has a semi-matte finish when dry.

It has more than 300 rave reviews and a noteworthy Amazon star rating. You can get this luxury looking lipstick for as low as $3 (price varies depending on color).

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Best Drugstore Lip Liner

13. Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner

best drugstore lipstick rimmel

If you want the best drugstore lip liner that offers incredible convenience, Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner is the perfect pick for you. It features a chiseled fine point tip that allows you to line your lips with extreme precision.

The texture is soft enough to glide along your lips easily, so you don’t have to worry about messy, scratchy lines. This is also an automatic lip liner, so there’s no need to use a pencil sharpener with it.

It doesn’t get more convenient than that!  You can snag this easy to use and super popular product for under $6.

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14. NYX Cosmetics Wonder Pencil

best drugstore lipstick wonder pencil

The NYX Wonder Pencil is hands down my favorite lip liner, and there are many reasons for that. This is technically a multipurpose tool, but I use it to line my lips.

There are three flesh-toned colors to choose from, so you can use them as an invisible liner with any color. That’s right – one lip liner to work with every single lipstick you own.

The long-term savings that this pencil provides is incredible. It glides on smoothly and it prevents liquid and solid lipstick from bleeding or feathering.

As you can see on Amazon, this super versatile product is very highly regarded and loved. You can snag one of your own for about $5 to $7 (price varies by shade and seller).

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15. NYX Mechanical Lip Pencil

best drugstore lipstick mechanical lip pencil

This is another great lip pencil from NYX, but it’s quite different than the Wonder Pencil. This lip liner is automatic, so there’s no need to have a sharpener on hand.

The formula is a bit creamier than the Wonder Pencil and the pigmentation is stronger. It’s also very moisturizing and long-lasting, so it’s perfect for all-day wear.

The color range is designed to match a huge array of NYX lipsticks and glosses. You can choose from 17 shades including Black, Natural, Citrus, Sand Beige, and much more.

This popular lip liner is an absolute steal on Amazon. Depending on the shade you get, you’ll pay about $2 to $7.

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16. COVERGIRL Colorlicious Lip Perfection Lip Liner

best drugstore lipstick colorlicious

COVERGIRL is well-known for offering affordable drugstore lipstick, and quite a few of their products are true gems. The Colorlicious Lip Perfection Lip Liner is definitely on the hot list.

Their unique formula is more than 60% skin conditioners, so it keeps your lips super moisturized. The precise point combined with the creamy formula make lining your lips easier than ever before.

This popular lip liner comes in eight shades that coordinate well with a huge range of lip colors. From numerous pink shades to red to dark cocoa, you can pair these with your entire lipstick collection.

These COVERGIRL lip liners are a true steal; you can snag them for less than $5.

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17. Milani Color Statement Lip Liner

best drugstore lipstick milani

Were you impressed by the Milani Color Statement Lipstick that’s described above? If so, pair it with their equally excellent Color Statement Lip Liner.

This liner is designed to make your lipstick stay put and prevent feathering, and it really seems to get the job done. The formula is made from moisturizing ingredients that make it easy to glide across your lip lines.

You can create the perfect pout every time. The product has a satiny finish that compliments any lipstick, and you can choose from eight different colors. The highly-rated options available on Amazon cost approximately $4 to $8 (varies by color).

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Best Drugstore Lip Gloss

18. NYX Cosmetics Butter Lip Gloss

best drugstore lipstick butter gloss

Lip gloss seems less trendy than it used to be. However, a few brands are still putting out high-quality glosses that work for virtually everyone.

My personal favorite lip gloss is the Butter Gloss and Intense Butter Gloss by NYX. The creamy formula glides on easily without feeling sticky or tacky.

It comes in a diverse range of colors including subtle pinks and shocking purples. The original Butter Gloss provides sheer to medium coverage, and the Intense Butter Gloss gives fuller coverage and higher shine.

This product has over 500 stellar reviews on Amazon, and the cost starts at about $5.

Get it on Amazon

19. L’Oreal Paris Infallible 8HR Le Gloss

best drugstore lipstick paris infallible

One of my biggest pet peeves about lip gloss is that it typically wears off fast. L’Oreal Paris Infallible lip gloss breaks that stereotype with their long-lasting formula.

It’s designed to last for a whopping eight hours with zero fading or discoloration. The formula also contains hydrating ingredients to keep your lips soft versus sticky.

Another truly standout feature of this best drugstore lip gloss is the patented Petit Couer applicator. The teardrop shaped applicator comes to a fine point, and this makes it easy to contour your lips and apply color evenly.

You can choose from 20 rich colors, and the price averages a little over $7.

Get it on Amazon

20. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss

best drugstore lipstick revlon super lustrous

Several years ago, I tried out Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in ‘Sugar Violet’ after receiving it as a present. This is one lip gloss that is truly noteworthy for a handful of reasons.

It gives off a ton of shine, so it’s ideal if you want that super glossy look. It isn’t sticky and doesn’t highlight the cracks and contours of your lips.

On Amazon, this Revlon lip product is absolutely adored by those who have purchased it. There are one dozen shades to choose from including Snow Pink, Solar Coral, and Desert Spice. The product is attractively priced between about $2 and $10 (the price varies by shade and by Amazon seller).

Get it on Amazon

Best Drugstore Lipsticks That’ll Cost You Less Than A Latte

It’s quite easy to see that you can own a collection of fantastic lipstick while living a frugal life. Just think of it like this – five of the most expensive products on this list cost less than one high-end lipstick. And one quick look at these items shows you that they’re popular and just as beloved as more expensive brands!

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With these resources at your fingertips, you can instantly save plenty of cash while enjoying life’s little luxuries. See a drugstore lipstick that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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