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Best Search Engine Evaluator Jobs: Earn Up To $17 Per Hour

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best search engine evaluator jobsThere are many real work from home jobs that pay well.

One very popular option is working as a search engine evaluator.

This is a 100% remote job and offers flexible part-time hours.

As the name suggests, a search engine evaluator is responsible for evaluating search engine results.

Overall, it’s a pretty simple gig if you want a legit job from home.

In this post, you’ll learn about the best search engine evaluator jobs.

We cover everything from pay rates to the application process.

Before you read about the specific job openings, it’s important to learn more about being a search engine evaluator.

Below you’ll find all of the details you need to know.

What Does A Search Engine Evaluator Do?

You likely know that search engines like Google and Bing use algorithms. These are calculations and formulas used to produce the results you when you use a specific search term. Algorithms are very complex, but humans also help ensure the quality of search engine results.

You are given specific search terms and search results for major search engines. You decide if the search results are a high-quality and/or correct match for the search terms. Your decision is made using several different factors – it depends on the company and project.

It’s fairly easy to apply for a search engine evaluator job. Before you are hired, you are given study materials like PDF guides. You study these materials and complete a search engine evaluator exam. These exams are well-known for being difficult, but don’t let that discourage you. Fortunately, you’re typically given a few weeks to study.

If you pass the exam, you are offered a position as a search engine evaluator. Specific job titles vary, but some examples include web search/search engine evaluator, analyst, assessor, and rater. The work is typically part-time and you work on a contract basis.

How Much Do Search Engine Evaluators Get Paid?

Companies do not publicly state the hourly pay rate for search engine evaluators. But there are some reports from Glassdoor. This is a website where individuals report how much they earn in their career and/or company. So the hourly pay rates are based on feedback from current and former search engine evaluators.

  • Glassdoor reports show that search engine evaluators earn $12 to $17 per hour.
  • The same reports show that the most common pay rate is $14 per hour.
  • Glassdoor also reports that Appen pays search engine evaluators $15 per hour.
  • When using the job title ‘web search evaluator’, the reported pay is $11 to $14 per hour.
  • The same report shows that web search evaluators most commonly earn $14 per hour.
  • Glassdoor reports show that Lionbridge pays raters an average of $14 per hour.
  • The same reports show a pay range of $14 to $16 per hour.
  • Glassdoor reports show that iSoftstone pays search engine evaluators $12 to $14 per hour.

Overall, it looks like $14 per hour is the average rate for search engine evaluator jobs. In individual company reviews below, you’ll find more details about pay rates.

Search Engine Evaluator Requirements

Search engine evaluator job requirements are fairly simple. Most companies don’t require applicants to have prior experience. But you need to be very familiar with the Internet and browsing the web. Below you’ll find general requirements most companies have:

  • Strong Internet research skills. You need experience using search engines like Google and Bing. You should know a bit about keywords and search engine optimization.
  • Knowledge of current events, trends, and pop culture. Search engines aim to produce accurate and current search results. If you’re up to date on current events and trends, it’s easier to know when search engine results are high-quality.
  • Fluent in reading and writing English. For U.S. based companies, you need to be a native or Fluent English speaker. This requirement varies because some companies have international job openings.
  • Willingness to work a minimum amount of hours per week/month You usually need to commit to about 10 to 15 hours per week/month. The exact requirements vary with each company.
  • Pass an exam. Before you are hired, you need to complete and pass an exam about search engine evaluation. You’re given study materials to prepare for the test, and you get a set period of time to study – usually a week or two.

Sometimes companies have additional requirements for search engine evaluators. These requirements are not as common. However, you may see the following criteria on some job listings:

  • A college degree. Some positions prefer or require applicants with Bachelor’s degrees, but it’s pretty uncommon for entry-level jobs.
  • Experience as a search engine evaluator. This requirement is more common for advanced search engine evaluator positions. Companies hire workers to help review the work completed by entry-level search engine evaluators. Think of these as supervisor or editing positions. These job listings are usually the ones that require prior work experience.
  • Bilingual (English and one or more other languages). Some search engine evaluator positions are exclusively for bilingual workers. Job listings always mention this requirement if applicable.

Lastly, each company has requirements for the equipment you use – computer, operating system, web browser, and more. You’ll see details about these requirements in job listings. If you have questions about them, make sure to contact the company for clarification.

Best Search Engine Evaluator Jobs For 2019

The companies below hire search engine evaluators. Each company is very similar, but there are unique details you need to know. For example, the amount of hours you can work each week varies. Read on to learn more about pay rates, the exam process, job titles, and more.

Appen / RaterLabs / Leapforce

Appen is one of the most popular search engine evaluation companies. Over 200,000 people work from home for the company. Leapforce, Appen, and RaterLabs were formerly three individual companies. Each of them offered work-from-home search engine evaluator positions. In the last few years, Appen acquired Leapforce and merged with RaterLabs. Leapforce and RaterLab website links redirect to the Appen website. This review mostly focuses on Appen but also includes details about RaterLabs and Leapforce.

Appen Search Engine Evaluators

Appen hires workers to work from home as independent agents. This term is used to describe self-employment and independent contractor work. This means you aren’t an Appen employee, and you’re responsible for understanding self-employment income.

Appen search engine evaluators are also called Internet Analysts. This is the Appen Internet Analyst job description and application page. There may also be listings for Social Media Evaluators and other positions.

Leapforce is now titled Appen Connect. Google results for Leapforce job listings redirect to Appen job listings. The RaterLabs job listing page has the same details as the Appen Internet Analyst job listing. However, the name RaterLabs is still used.

Appen Search Engine Evaluator Hours

Internet Analysts work on projects and may be assigned more than one project at once. The hourly work requirements vary with each project. You may also be assigned more than one project at once. Some hourly requirements for projects are more flexible than other projects.

  • In this Reddit thread, many workers mention they’re required to work 20 hours per week.
  • In that same thread, one worker mentions projects that require working 15 to 30 hours per work.
  • Another Reddit post about Appen discusses the maximum hours you can work per week across multiple projects. Users say that the maximum amount is 35 hours per week.

Appen Search Engine Evaluator Pay

Hourly pay varies with each project. We mentioned above that Glassdoor shows the average pay is $15 per hour. Current and former Appen workers say the following:

  • In this Reddit thread, one user reports earning the same amount on all projects at $11 per hour.
  • In another thread, one user reports earning $13.50 per hour.
  • A user in the same Reddit thread says they earn $15 per hour.
  • An additional Reddit user reports that a project they were offered paid $9 per hour.
  • In the same thread, one Reddit user says their projects pay $10 per hour.

Appen pays independent agents once per month. Payments are sent via direct deposit. Independent agents track the hours they work and send an invoice to Appen to get paid.

Appen Search Engine Evaluator Exam

Appen requires applicants to complete and pass a three-part exam, and they state that it’s pretty difficult to pass. The exam tests your knowledge and skills related to search engine evaluation. You are provided study materials are encouraged to take your time on the exam. If you fail any part of the exam, Appen gives you one chance to retake it.

Lionbridge / The Smart Crowd

Lionbridge used to be a standalone search engine evaluation company, but now it’s part of The Smart Crowd. Lionbridge hires workers across the world for numerous search engine evaluator positions. The application process is similar to Appen. Finding job openings is easy – select your country/location and you’ll see what’s available.

Lionbridge Search Engine Evaluators

Lionbridge offers several different work from home positions.  All of these job titles are related to search engine evaluation. Different job titles include Ads Assessor, Multimedia Judge, Personalized Ads Evaluator, Social Media Internet Assessor, Online Map Quality Analyst, and Internet Safety Evaluator.

The job duties for each position vary. You can read individual job descriptions for any openings in your country. You’ll likely notice that many of the listings describe similar duties and qualifications. However, each position may offer different pay rates, hours, contracts, and so on.

Lionbridge Search Engine Evaluator Hours

A current U.S. job listing for Ad Assessor states “part-time regular up to 20 hours per week”. Additional job listings use these terms: part-time, permanent part-time hourly, and part-time independent contractor. All positions and projects appear to be part-time. The exact hours vary depending on the job listing.

  • In this Reddit thread, the poster who works as a Rater works a minimum of 10 hours per week.
  • Another Reddit user in the same thread says their project has a maximum of 20 hours per week
  • In the same thread and in another one users say that if there’s a high volume of work, you can work up 24 hours per week.

Lionbridge Search Engine Evaluator Pay

Some Lionbridge positions and projects pay an hourly rate. Others pay per task. The company states pay “can be task-based for certain programs, while in others, it can be per-hour”. Again, Glassdoor shows that Lionbridge Raters typically earn $14 per hour. Here are some additional details about pay:

This Lionbridge/The Smart Crowd FAQ page says that workers are paid via direct deposit; third-party sites and reviews say the company pays monthly. Workers are required to keep track of the hours they work, and they submit invoices to get paid.

Lionbridge Search Engine Evaluator Exam

Lionbridge requires applicants to pass an exam. You’re provided with study materials to prepare for the exam. The specific details of the exam depend on the position you apply for. Many current and former workers say the exam has three parts.


iSoftStone is another well-known company that hires search engine evaluators. The company also hires work-at-home professionals for other positions. These ones are a bit different from standard search engine evaluator gigs. Some current examples include language transcriptionists, recruiters, and IT support. Jobs are available internationally; use the link above to browse current openings.

iSoftStone Search Engine Evaluators

iSoftStone hires for several different work-at-home positions. Job titles for current openings include Search Engine Evaluator, Internet Researcher, Online Ad Evaluator, Online Web Evaluator, and Search Engine Analyst. As you can see, these titles are very similar to one another.

iSoftStone Search Engine Evaluator Hours

Fortunately, iSoftStone is open about their hourly requirements. As of April 2019, all U.S. based iSoftStone job listings have the same requirements – 10 hours (minimum) to 25 hours (maximum) per week. The job listings also say that scheduling is flexible, so you can easily choose hours that suit you.

iSoftStone Search Engine Evaluator Pay

According to most of their job listings, iSoftStone offers “a standard base salary with a bonus rate offered” if you meet bonus requirements.

  • In this Reddit thread, one commenter who works as an Internet Researcher reports earning $1,000 per month.
  • The same commenter says when they were hired, the starting pay was $13 per hour.
  • The author of another thread says they were offered $15 per hour.
  • The author of an additional iSoftStone thread reported earning $12 per hour.

iSoftStone does not state how frequently workers are paid. Many third-party reviews and resources say that workers are paid bi-weekly.

iSoftStone Search Engine Evaluator Exam

iSoftStone offers free training where you can complete practice tests. You also receive study guidelines and videos to assist you. To get hired as a search engine evaluator, you must pass the exam. According to some reviews, you can retake exams in three months if you fail them.

Tips For Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

Before we wrap things up, make sure to read the following search engine evaluator tips. If you’re serious about this part-time online job, it’s crucial to ace the application process. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to boost your chances of success.

  • Fill out your application strategically. Read the job description closely to see what skills they’re looking for. Include any relevant skills in your application and/or resume. You may have studied Internet marketing or you’ve run a social media page. You may be familiar with specific web browsers, search engines, and operating systems. These details may seem minor, but they can help you stand out from other applicants.
  • Make sure to study thoroughly. Companies that hire search engine evaluators admit that their exams are hard to pass. This is why you’re given detailed study materials/guides – take them seriously. Highlight important parts, take notes and use any other strategy that works for you. You may even find practice questions online. Do whatever you can to learn all of the material.
  • Learn more about how search engines work. Read The Beginner’s Guide To SEO by Moz, a go-to resource for Internet marketing. The first two chapters, SEO 101 and How Search Engines Work: Crawling, Indexing, and Rating, are extremely helpful for search engine evaluators. The information is 100% free and comes from a very reputable source.
  • Don’t rush when you take exams. You’ll usually be given a set time frame to complete each exam. For example, you may get two hours to complete the first exam. Use the entire two hours to read carefully and double-check your answers. You aren’t judged for how long it takes as long as you complete the exams. This can be extremely beneficial if you use the time wisely.

Final Thoughts

If you want a real work from home job, consider becoming a search engine evaluator. Use the details we’ve provided to help you along the way. The companies above are the real deal, so you can find a position that’s perfect for you.

There are other legitimate online jobs to consider, too. Some of them pay per hour, and others pay per project. You can easily make part-time income, and many people make a full-time income from home. Use these links to check out more work from home jobs:

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