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Buy 20,000+ Products For 5 Cents Each at – $10 Sign-up Bonus

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WANT TO EARN EXTRA MONEY? is a fairly new online retailer that is competing directly with AliExpress. Right now they are currently holding a flash sale in which they are selling over 20,000 different products for just 5 cents each with free shipping. Not only that, but when you use a referral code on sign-up (99F03Q), you get a free $10 coupon that can be used on orders of $10 or more.

What Is

JD is another online shopping site from China that is directly competing with the famous Chinese website, AliExpress. In order to compete, they know that they have to offer extremely low prices in order to attract customers who are already loyal to the AliExpress platform.

JD has recently requested to IPO in the United States and is starting to slowly gain on AliBaba in terms of sales. From now until November 13th, they are offering products for as little as $.05 cents when you enter the promotion code JD555 upon checkout. This also includes free shipping to almost anywhere in the world.

The products that you get for just $.05 cents are actually of higher quality than you’d expect, and most of them will be originally listed as products that sell for around $10. For example, we found a MP4 Player and a wireless router that were both listed under the 5-cent sale.

Even if you’re late to the deal and reading this post after November 13th, these are still great prices. Furthermore, there will still be great coupon codes available from time-to-time, such as $40 off orders of over $100 or more.

If this wasn’t a great deal already, each time you sign-up using a referral code, you get an automatic $10 coupon put into your account. You can use our coupon code 99F03Q to receive the bonus. It will expire on November 19th.

How Do I Get Started With

I personally prefer JD’s layout over that of AliExpress since it is much simpler to use and a lot faster. We’re going to break it down how you can sign-up, get a $10 bonus, and also participate in their 5-cent sale.

1. Register. You can register for a new account by clicking this link here. Click on the “Sign-in” link and then click on “Join Now.” From there you’ll be asked to enter in your name, email address, and verify your phone number.


2. Enter in your invitation code. At the bottom of the sign-up page, enter in the code 99F03Q to get the $10 sign-up bonus. This bonus is only valid until the 19th of November, 2015, so make sure to use it quickly. It’s uncertain as to whether they will be holding more promotions like this  in the future.


3. Go to the 5-Cent Sale Page. You can click this link here to go directly to their 5-Cent Sale Page. Scroll down a bit until you reach the products that are going for just $.05 cents each. Make sure to act fast before products sell out.


4. Checkout. When you see an item you like, go ahead and add it to your cart. There will be an option at the bottom of the checkout page that allows you to enter in the coupon code JD555. I’m going to get this cool sweater for just 5 cents! The only downside is the shipping time – it can take anywhere from 3 – 50 days.5-cent-sweater-jd5. Refer your friends. Each time you refer a friend, you’ll receive a $10 bonus and so will they. You can earn up to a maximum of $500 in referral bonuses, but be sure to act fast as this promotion is going to end after November 13th.

How Do Prices Compare With Amazon And AliExpress?

Although is holding an awesome sale at the moment, how do their prices compare to the consumer retail giants of AliExpress and Amazon? We decided to take a look at a few items that weren’t on sale to see what kind of savings we can get.

The first thing we decided to compare was a pair of Uhappy Headphones. You can see the image of the headphones and the prices below.

For our first round, it looks like JD comes out on top when it comes out on price. Yet we can’t just conclude our results with just one item. Our next and final item that we’re going to compare is a Resistance Stretching Band. Image and prices posted below.

For round 2, AliExpress comes out ahead by being cheaper by about $.50 cents. For all 3 vendors, the prices were pretty comparable and didn’t seem to differentiate much. So what’s your final verdict?

For most of my purchases, I’m going to have to stick with Amazon due to their excellent customer service and fast shipping times. When you order products from China, expect to wait up to 25 days if not more to receive your product. Not only that, but online shopping portals allow you to save an additional 8% on Amazon purchases. However, I still plan on doing a little bit of price comparison before making my final purchase.

Final Thoughts

The one downside you might find shopping with is that their product selection is much lower than that of Amazon or AliExpress. It actually took me quite a while to find the same products between all 3 sites because JD tended to always be the one that lacked the product.

Even though I’m probably going to stick with Amazon due to the fact that my product isn’t shipping from China, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to participate in their 5-cent sale. This is a deal that will probably not come around again for a long time.

Have you ever made any purchases from before? Let us know what products you’ve purchased and if they arrived at your door okay. If you have any questions or comments, you know where to leave them. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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