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Casho App Review – Get Paid To Download Apps

Casho App Review – Get Paid To Download Apps
Jason Wuerch Jul 13, 2016
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?


Casho is a great way for those looking to earn some cash in their spare time with minimal effort. Get paid to try out new apps and leave them installed on your phone. Registration is 100% free.

What Is Casho?

Casho is a free mobile app that’s currently only available for Android devices. While there are multiple ways to earn cash with the app, the primary method is by downloading new apps. For iPhone users, they’re currently working on an iOS version and you can sign-up for their waitlist.

casho what is

The reason Casho is able to pay its users is because developers need a way to spread the word about their recently developed app. This is the perfect platform for that. Each time an app is downloaded, they pay Casho a fee. Part of this money is given back to the user in the form of points.

The majority of apps that you download are 100% free, and each time you download one you receive a certain amount of points. The requirements for receiving points consist of installing the app, running it through the Casho App, and then leaving it installed for a certain number of days, usually anywhere from 1 to 3.

While there isn’t a time requirement for when you first run the app, we recommend leaving it open for a minimum of 30 seconds in order to ensure that your account gets credited. Points can be exchanged for either PayPal or BitCoin.

How Else Can I Earn Money?

Aside from installing apps to your phone, you can also earn with Casho by completing free-trial offers. Free-trial offers sometimes consist of you signing-up for a subscription with your credit card. If you do happen to go this route, just remember to cancel the subscription before the trial ends or you may be charged.

Another way to earn points is by checking-in daily. Each time you log-in within a 24-hour period, you automatically get 10 points credited to your account.

Last but not least you can refer a friend. Each time your friend signs-up uses your referral code, you earn 10% of all of their earnings for life. This also consists of the points that your friends earn from referring their friends.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn With Casho?

The amount you can earn with Casho is minimal, but this is mostly because they only have a limited amount of offers available. However, we still recommend adding it to your collection of money making apps due to the fact that a minimal amount of effort is involved.

A minimum of 1,000 points is needed to cash out (equivalent to $1 USD). We mentioned above that when you first install the app, you can expect to have about 10 offers available. This should net you a quick 500 points in your account ($.50 cents).

Each time you make a daily check-in, you earn another 10 points. Free-trial offers usually reward you handsomely, sometimes upwards of 1,500+ points. Yet keep in mind that these offers with such a high payout usually require your credit card information.

The best way to earn cash with Casho is by referring your friends and getting 10% of all their earnings. This way you let others do the work, and you’re essentially earning a passive income.

How Do I Start Earning With Casho?

Getting started with Casho is quite simple. We’re going to break it down in just 5 easy steps.

1. Register. You can download the app from the Google Play Store by clicking this link here. You need your name, email and to create a password to register. There’s no fee to sign-up. You can also register directly from their website.


2. Download apps. Start downloading apps under the “Earn Points” section to earn cash. The amount of points you earn depends on the app you download. Be sure to read additional requirements, such as how long you need to have the app installed for.

casho download apps

3. Daily check-in. Check-in once every 24 hours and earn a free 10 points. We highly recommend this since it only takes as much as a few seconds.


4. Refer your friends. This is one of the easiest ways to earn cash with Casho. For each friend you refer, you earn 10% of all of their earnings. If you’d like to support FFL, you can use the referral code EDR45Y7 or use our referral link. We’d greatly appreciate it!

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5. Cash out. You need am minimum of $1 in your account before you can cash out to either PayPal or to your Bitcoin Wallet. If you don’t have a wallet, we highly recommend CoinBase since it’s secure and free to use.


Is Casho Worth It?

Based on our experience with other apps that pay you to download apps, we recommend putting Casho at the bottom of the list. First of all, they don’t have many offers available. This could be because they just recently launched.

Secondly, their payout is just too low comparatively. Other apps such as Boom Gift pay as much as $.50 cents for downloading an app, and this doesn’t consist of signing-up for a credit card. Furthermore, they don’t require that you leave the app installed on your phone. Once you launch the app for the first time, you can leave it open for a few seconds and delete it. There are a lot of apps like this.

It is worth your time to do the daily check-in. All you have to do is open the app and click a button. This only takes a few seconds and you’re immediately granted 10 points.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t try using Casho. Rather we suggest trying out other apps that have a higher payout rate first. When you exhaust the offers on these apps, switch to Casho to continue earning. The best way to see if you like it is to give it a try yourself.

Final Thoughts

Casho can be great for those in-between jobs or those just looking to earn some extra cash in their spare time. While not as great as other apps that help you make money, it’s still worth giving it a shot. Once of the unique features that this app has that a lot of others don’t is that you can choose to be paid in Bitcoin.

Do you have any experience using Casho? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Jason Wuerch

My name is Jason Wuerch and I'm currently located in Madrid, Spain running a personal finance blog called Frugal For Less. My goal is to help everyone and anyone willing to make and save money through easy and simple ways that don't require much effort. Just because you're frugal doesn't mean you have to give up life's luxuries.

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They paid money until one year.
But now they just promise to pay,and never do.
They owe me 50 $,when i complained about it,they just blocked my account.
Also they force you to publish “positive” testemony about them,so you cant trust those testemonies.

I have win a taps and dollar 11× on auction ,, but i cek on my account just taps has come to my account but noting dollar on cashout..
Give me explained
Thkas very help me

No longer found in app store and website gives 404 error code not found…. Can no longer gain access and amount in account was never paid out. Big disappointment.

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