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Chipotle Is Giving Out Free Burritos

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Chipotle has been going through a rough time due to their recent e-coli mess, but now they’re trying to get back their customers by giving away 21 million direct-mail coupons in free food within the next few weeks.

What’s The Deal?

You can be one of the lucky ones that partakes in over $70 million worth of free Chipotle burritos. These coupons are mailed directly to Chipotle consumers and will expire May 15 of 2016. The coupons that are going to be available include free deals, buy-one-get-one-free burritos, and others.

How Can I End Up Saving More At Chipotle?

If you’re a frequent Chipotle-goer, you can save even more money on each purchase by buying a discounted gift card at a gift card reseller. These resellers are websites that buy gift cards at a discount and then resell them for a profit, but still much cheaper than their actual retail value.

We normally recommend going through Raise since they tend to have the best deals available, but since we’re so limited on resellers that have this card available, we’re going to recommend using ABC Gift Cards. If you look on their page now there’s a $100 Chipotle Gift Card at 12% off, meaning you can get $100 worth of food for just $88.

If you ever see a deal like this posted, be sure to check for discounted gift cards and see if you can tack on even more to your savings.

Final Thoughts

We’re just writing this post to tell you not to throw away your junk mail this time as there may be a Chipotle coupon hidden in it. Enjoy your free food and let us know how it goes!

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