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Everyone wants to save money on the items that they need to buy every day. But, walking into the grocery store for “just one thing” often leaves me spending far more than I had planned.

Even if I come prepared with a list, food always seems to be one of the biggest expenses my family has every month. Many families need to save money on groceries, so finding real ways to save on groceries is essential.

One easy way to save at the store is by using coupons. Yes, coupons. That word often conjures up images of extreme couponers buying a year’s worth of groceries for pennies. Or, maybe you picture massive stockpiles of toothbrushes that you could never use.

Most people don’t want to do extreme couponing, but it doesn’t need to be extreme for you to see real savings. Coupons can also be a little bit complicated – can you use these two coupons together or not? Every store has its own rules. Sometimes the hassle might not seem worthwhile.

But, realistically everyone can save a few bucks a week on groceries just by clipping a few coupons. There are more benefits to using coupons than simply saving money:

  • A better understanding of what you are buying
  • Being more organized and methodical in your approach to buying groceries
  • Less waste if you are spending intentionally and not just buying to fill a shelf with items
  • Being more mindful of what you consume
  • Supporting brands that mean a lot to you
  • Being able to give back by donating excess items to people who could use them

Maybe you love the idea of couponing and don’t want to be limited to simply using That’s no problem. Check out this post that is all about great places to find more coupons.

Or, for even more ideas for how to save on groceries even without coupons, check out this helpful guide.

Saving only a few dollars a week might not seem like a lot, but if you saved $5.00 a week, that would leave you with $260 by the end of the year. Would you turn down $260 in free money you can earn by doing basically nothing?

I wouldn’t, so get those scissors – or your phone – and get ready to start couponing.

What Is is one of the most well-known, popular e-coupons websites. Offering coupons across a wide variety of categories, you can select the coupons you want to use, then print them from home to use when you shop.

In addition to printable coupons, there is an extensive collection of coupon codes, cash back offers, and loyalty store card perks that users can enjoy.

There are a lot of coupon sites out there. If you search for coupons, a ton of different options will come up. I enjoy using since there are so many deals in one place. I don’t have to go to several different websites. The best deals are pulled together in one place.

The website is really easy to use, with clearly marked categories and a very user-friendly interface. All of the coupons are genuine as well. There are a lot of fake coupons out there, so offers you valid coupons absolutely free.

Saving both money and time are important to me and I can do both with Here are some of my favorite features:

Printable Coupons

One really easy way to save is by using for printable coupons. These may be used at any retailer that accepts them. Some coupons are store-specific, though, so just watch for those. It’s disappointing to plan to use a coupon that ends up not being used due to the rules.

Coupons are organized in categories, such as food, beverages, household products, or baby items. Simply scroll through the categories and find the coupons that will work for you.

As you find coupons that you like, you can click on it and the site will save your coupon for you. Once you’ve found all the coupons you will use, you can print all of them at the same time using your home printer.

Change your mind about a coupon? No problem. You can unclip it and it will be removed from your print queue.

Keep in mind that manufacturers set limits on how many coupons can be printed per user. Some coupons will allow you to print them twice, but others will only allow one print.

Once you have printed the maximum number of times, you won’t be able to print them again unless the limit resets.

Also, keep in mind that photocopying coupons is illegal. If you find a coupon you really want to use after you exceed the printing limits, you’ll need to find extra copies elsewhere. If you like buying in bulk, combining those lower bulk prices with coupons is a great way to get products at rock-bottom pricing.

Coupon Codes

A really big advantage to using is their extensive selection of coupon codes, in-store offers, and special deals.

In this section, you will find curated deals from many major retailers including Walmart, CVS, Mattress Firm, Kohls, and much more. updates this section regularly with codes these retailers offer for percentages or dollars off your purchase.

Most coupon codes are meant to be used for online shopping. This mode of shopping has become increasingly popular, so having so many deals available through their online selection makes saving money fast and easy.

Pick all your favorite stores and will pull all their deals into one, convenient list for you too. Check this before you shop to save on all your online purchases.

Cash Back Offers

In addition to all the great coupons and coupon codes, you will also find an extensive listing of cash back offers.

Enter your zip code and will locate deals on restaurants, coffee shops, or other similar places. When you visit those retailers, you can earn a certain percentage of cash back.

This is an excellent way to both save money and enjoy going out to eat even more. You can stack coupons or offers from the store or restaurant with cash back offers for maximum savings.

Loyalty Offers

Do you frequently use store loyalty cards to get points back on your purchases? If so, has special offers that you can use for in-store purchases.

There are two ways to save using this feature. You can find coupons for your favorite stores on Link your loyalty card and the coupons will be downloaded to the card. When you are shopping, swipe the card to use the coupons.

For cash back coupon offers, scan and upload your receipt after purchase. will give you the cash in your account. App

There is a handy app available to make finding coupons on the go even easier. Especially if you like to use online coupons or offers, be sure to download the app to take full advantage. The Krazy Coupon Lady has a really comprehensive guide for using the app, which is really helpful.

Many coupon apps don’t offer the same features as their desktop site. But, the app is amazingly functional and well worth downloading. You can do anything from the app that you would do on the desktop website. When you’re out and about, quickly find new coupons or search for deals to save money.

If you have a Bluetooth or wireless printer, you can print coupons directly from your phone. The app also lets you download coupons to your store card really easily. No more dragging your laptop out to find deals.

If you want to take advantage of cash back offers that require scanning receipts, this is amazingly simple to do with the app. Simply snap a picture and upload it. Gone are the days of needing a separate scanner.

Having such a functional app is really important to me because I am often out shopping and find items that I want to purchase that were not on my list. If I can find a last minute coupon and load it on my loyalty card, it makes everything much easier. While coupons are often thought of as something you need to prepare ahead of time, apps make saving money effortless and convenient, even at the last minute.

The app really makes stand out from its competition while making saving money easier for you. The app is available for free in both iTunes and Google Play.

The Good Stuff also has their own blog called The Good Stuff. On the blog, they feature hot deals and coupons through their “Deal of the Day” feature.

Checking out the blog regularly helps ensure that you find good deals that you might not necessarily have been looking for. They often feature tech, home improvement, home office, and auto care deals. It can be hard to save money in these areas, making this a really great way to check before you spend.

Along with deals, The Good Stuff features budget-friendly tips and tricks. Find ideas for cheap meal plans, birthday parties on a budget, inexpensive decor ideas, and more.

Saving money doesn’t have to just be limited to coupons. Utilize the great tips found here to be a bit more frugal and make everything you are buying stretch even further.

Feeling overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to best use coupons? There is a Couponing 101 section that can show you exactly what to do and help walk you through maximizing your coupon usage.

Pros & Cons of Using

As with any site, isn’t perfect. There are features I wish it had. I found a couple of issues that made the site a little tricky to use well. Overall, though, I really enjoy using and it’s saved me money on products I love and would buy anyway.

Pros: The Best Parts of

I am a busy mom, so I don’t have time to sift through several different sites plus the newspaper to find deals that are right for my family. brings several ways to save under one umbrella site.

If I have to go through papers, find the coupons, cut them out, and then organize them before I go shopping, I probably won’t end up using any of them. It’s really nice that I have complete control over what coupons I use and what coupons I don’t.

Finding great deals is very easy and takes me very little time. I can click through the interface really quickly and easily clip the coupons I want.

I really love the “clip” feature and that I can see at a glance what coupons I have already selected. It’s also really nice that I can leave my “cart” for a while, then return later to complete finding my coupons.

Usually, I meal plan first, develop my grocery list, then see if any coupons are available. At the store, I compare the name brand item that the coupon is good for with the store brand. Whichever is cheaper is the one I buy.

The coupon code section is really helpful and more curated than other online coupon code sites. I like that these codes are updated regularly so that you know that they’ll work.

Blogs are so fun for me to read, so I really love their blog. The deals they pick are great and very helpful to have access to.

Overall, this is an excellent site, app, and user experience. It’s really easy for anyone to access coupons quickly, and they make it as easy as possible to navigate. If you are just beginning with couponing, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Cons: The Features I Didn’t Like

I had some trouble installing the software needed to print the coupons. While that could have easily been an issue with my computer, I found it a little frustrating to have to install anything at all.

If the coupons could be printed using a plug-in or other tool on their end, it would make the experience more user-friendly. Other couponing apps can be a little easier to use since everything is handled directly in the app, without the need for paper coupons.

They do, however, have a very helpful Frequently Asked Questions page and support available if you run into problems installing the software.

My other issue was that I had a glitch within the printing software that didn’t allow the coupons to print. However, my account acted as if I had already printed the coupons. Since some coupons have a 1 coupon limit, that meant I couldn’t print those when I got the software problem figured out.

While, again, I do recognize that limits are set by the manufacturer and they are trying to prevent fraud, I think the printing software might be more frustrating than helpful and it might be better if they could find a way to keep users from having to install anything.

Others have run into printing issues from various coupon sites. Tracie at The Penny Pinchin Mom put together an incredibly helpful troubleshooting guide for a variety of coupon sites.

Overall Impression

I really love using It’s a really helpful way for me to find the best deals for my family without spending a lot of time wading through coupons.

I am busy, so having an easy solution to save money is really helpful for me. Having access to so many deals in one place is also really convenient.

Coupons do not have to be complicated. does an excellent job of making coupons accessible and easy to use. You do not need to be an extreme couponer to benefit from clipping a few here and there on products you would buy anyway.

Final Thoughts is a really great, comprehensive website that allows you to conveniently, quickly, and easily find coupons, deals, and great cash back offers. Save money at all your favorite retailers with ease.

Everyone loves to save lots of money, but for most people, time is limited. This is a wonderful, free, easy way to save as much money as possible on the items you would buy anyway. Take advantage of all has to offer and start saving on your next shopping trip.

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