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Deal Alert: Get A Free $20 To ThredUP When You Sign-Up

Deal Alert: Get A Free $20 To ThredUP When You Sign-Up
Jason Wuerch Jul 30, 2015
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ThredUP is one of the greatest ways to save money on women’s and kids’ clothing. They offer a great way to change your entire wardrobe right from your house. Sign-up using a referral link and you get $20 dollars in credit for free.

What Exactly Is ThredUP?

ThredUP sells clothes that are classified as “gently used” to reduce carbon footprint, meaning that they sell used clothing that’s still in excellent and top-notch condition. ThredUP refuses They try to bring you clothing that’s only of high-quality and at a high discount. You can think of it as a high-end, online thrift store.

As stated above, this website is only for kids and primarily for kids and women clothing. You’ll commonly find brands from your favorite stores such as Old Navy, GAP, and Adidas among others. If an article of clothing is the least bit damaged, they won’t post it on their website.

You can also sell your unwanted clothing for cash. They come and pick up whatever you don’t want for free, and it gives you a chance to clean out your closet.

How Exactly Do I Get The Free $20?

In order to get the free $20, you must use a referral link upon signing-up for an account. You can use this one here. Each time you refer a friend, your friend gets $20 dollars and you get $20 dollars. Take note that this is a special promotion – it’s usually only $10.

We’ve posted some samples of clothing that you might find on ThredUP. Here’s a Tibi casual skirt for women for $75.49. After your $20 discount it’s only $55.49.

Here’s an Eight Sixty Sleeveless Top for women for just $17.49. After you get your free $20, this article becomes free.

Here’s a Gap Kids Long Sleeve T Shirt for boys for just $7.49. With your $20 dollar discount it becomes free.

And finally we have an Old Navy Long-Sleeve Top for girls for just $5.49.

Final Thoughts

Take note that there is a shipping cost attached to all of these products at $5.99, but when you make a purchase of $70 dollars ore more, shipping becomes free. If you use your referral link and refer 4 friends, you can get $80 dollars worth of product with free shipping.

Make sure to sign-up before the promotion ends. Did you buy anything on ThredUP or find their quality of clothing to be exceptional for this online thrift store? Let us know in the comments below.

Jason Wuerch

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