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Deal Alert: Get A FREE Cell Phone AND $8 With TopCashBack

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One of our favorite shopping portals does it again with an amazing deal. Right now you can get a free LG Optimus Dynamic Phone with 60 minutes of airtime and $8 in cash back when you use TopCashback. We’re going to walk you through how to do this.

1. Get A TopCashBack Account

TopCashBack is an online shopping portal that gives you cash back when you purchase products through their affiliate links. They earn a commission, and give 100% of this to the user, you. Right now they’re holding a promotion that can get you a total of $30 in cash back, but we have to spend a little bit of money to get it. (You can view our list of top 10 portals here).

First you’ll need to get an account by clicking this link here. You’ll need to enter your name and then verify your email account to get started.

2. Search For Tracfone

After you’ve got your account setup, go ahead and login. Search for the term “Tracfone” in the search bar – this is where we’re going to be making our final purchase from. Click on the red “Cashback” button.

From there, go ahead and scroll down to see an offer that gets you $30 in cash back. You should notice that there are two offers that will get you the same amount. One includes cash back when you purchase a phone + airtime minutes, the other is when you purchase a sim card + airtime minutes. For this demonstration we’re going to choose the first, but both will work.

Click on the “Get Cashback” button for the offer of your choosing. From there, you’ll be automatically redirected to the Tracfone website.

3. Search For Phones

You don’t have to get the LG Optimus Phone to get the $30 cash back, but it’s the only one that’s going to allow you to make an $8 profit. You can get a different phone (we recommend the LG Fuel for Perk TV users), but you may end up paying an extra $2 – $20 depending on the phone. Still not a bad deal.

On the Tracfone page, click on “Phones & BYOP,” then from there click on “Shop Phones”. Enter in your zip code and browse through the list of phones and select the one you want. You’ll notice that their Reconditioned LG Optimus Dynamic Phones are listed as “FREE.” Select that phone.

4. Add Airtime Minutes

Unfortunately, you can’t get a phone for free since you have to purchase airtime minutes with it. On the next page, go ahead and scroll down to select the cheapest option which gives you 60 minutes and 90 days of service.

5. Checkout

There’s also a promotion going on at Tracfone that gets you Free Overnight Shipping on orders over $19.95. Go ahead and select that option in order to not be charged a shipping fee. Enter in your information and you’ll notice the total on the next page to be around $21.73 depending on taxes. Do NOT enter any promotion codes if you have any. This could completely void your cash back.


Within 30 days (usually it only takes a few) there will be $30 in cash back in your TopCashback account. You’ll need to wait up to 30 – 60 days to be able to withdraw this amount to your PayPal account or request a check.

All together, we get $30 dollars in cash back after spending $21.73. Our final earnings come out to be a Free LG Optimus Phone + 60 minutes + $8.27. A final word of warning: activate your phone. Tracfone has been known to ban customers who purchase phones yet don’t activate them.

Final Offers

Every once in a while cash back portals will post offers that allow you to either get something for free or earn money in the process. In fact, TopCashBack is still holding a promotion that allows you to get 2 Fiverr Gigs for free!

We’ll be on the lookout for more crazy deals like this one, so be sure and check back here at FFL for updates. If you have any problems during the checkout process, leave them down below as we’ll be more than happy to help. Thanks for reading and have a happy frugal Sunday!

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