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Deal Alert: How To Get 65% Off Of PUMA Online

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PUMA is having a huge sale this weekend by hosting their Friends & Family Event. Use a promotion code during checkout and get 50% off your purchase price on most items. We’re going to show you how you can bump this number up to 65% with a few tricks. This deal expires December 7th, 2015.

What’s The Deal?

Every year PUMA hosts their Friends & Family Sale which can grant you huge savings off of almost any item in their online store. This year when you enter the promo code FAMILY1215, it will take 50% off of your final purchase price.

This offer is only valid until December 7th, 2015. If you’re worried about something not fitting or that you won’t like an item, this sale also includes free shipping & free returns. The only extra cost you might encounter is due to taxes.

Select styles and sizes may depend on the selection. You can also use the same promo code for in-store purchases as well. Most unlikely will this code stack with any other discount code, but we still found a way to increase your cash back earnings.

How Do I Get Up To 65% Cash Back?

If you’re only getting 50% off of your shoe purchase, you’re definitely missing out on some potential savings. We’re going to show you that through a few simple steps how you can get another 15% off.

Take note that some of these steps will require a specific credit card – if you don’t have that card, we offer alternative steps that will still help you earn over 50%, but it won’t be as high as 65% off.

If You Have A Discover It Card…

If you have a Discover It Card or any other Discover Card, you can use the Discover Deals Cash Back Portal to get a 30% discount after you apply the 50% coupon code. Discover Deals offers different cash back amounts across hundreds of retailers provided that you use the Discover Card upon checkout. This ranges anywhere from 5% – 40% depending on the store.

However, beginning around June of 2015 and going through the end of the year, Discover announced its Double Cash Back Promotion. This means that all of your cash back that you earn will be doubled at the end of the year.

For example, with Discover It you get 1% cash back on all purchases, and this cash back amount is usually applied to your account within 1 – 2 billing cycles. On your 13th billing cycle, an additional 1% of cash back will be applied.

When you go through the Discover Deals Portal, PUMA normally gives you 15% off all items on their store with the exception of a few items such as gift cards. With the Double Cash Back Promotion, you’re going to get 30% cash back off of your final purchase price. Just take note that half of this won’t be applied until your 13th billing cycle.

If you don’t have a Discover It Card already, we highly recommend you get one due to the fact that there’s no annual fee and the amount of cash back you can earn on purchases is incredible. Make sure you apply before 2016 to get accepted into the Double Cash Back Promotion.

Here’s a quick glance for those who are interested:

Apply Now

  • 1% Cash Back On All Purchases (2% With Promotion)
  • 5% Cash Back On Categories That Rotate Quarterly (10% With Promotion)
  • No Annual Fee
  • 5% – 40% Cash Back Through Discover Deals Portal
  • Free Expedited Shipping For Lost Cards

You can also read our review that explains 7 Reasons Why The Discover It Card Is The Only Credit Card You’ll Ever Need.

For Those Of You Who Don’t Have A Discover Card…

If you don’t have a Discover It Card, don’t despair. You can still get a hefty savings on your PUMA purchase this weekend.

Just follow these steps and we can still add an extra 5% off. This time we’re going to be going through a cash back portal that will save you an additional 9.5% after you apply the 50% promo code. Instead of Discover Deals, this time we’re going to be using TopCashback.

TopCashBack partners with thousands of online retailers in order to help the consumer earn a bit of extra savings. When you use one of the affiliate links on their website, they earn a commission and give the majority of it back to you, the consumer.

Once you hit a minimum balance in your account, you can have the funds directly deposited to your PayPal account, request a check, or you can exchange them for Amazon Gift Cards to get an additional 2.5% back. You can use this portal for any store, not just PUMA.

Even though it’s not as high as 65% off, you’re still going to be getting another 5% off, or a total of 55% off your purchase price from using a portal. You also get a $10 sign-up bonus going through TopCashback. Take note that these cash back percentages change every so often.

Why We Aren’t Buying A Discounted Gift Card

If you’ve been following the FFL blog for a while, you may have noticed that on deals like these we like to buy a discounted gift card first and then stack it with a cash back portal to increase our savings.

Popular websites such as Raise and Cardpool offer discounts on gift cards well below their actual retail value. However, doing this for PUMA presents 2 problems:

  1. If you return an item after purchasing it with a gift card, you get the gift card back instead of cash.
  2. There aren’t any reputable sites that sell gift cards to PUMA.

We made a Top 10 List of Gift Card Resellers That We Trust, and we couldn’t find any that sold PUMA gift cards at a discount. I’m always very cautious about this because I don’t want to potentially risk losing money.

Final Thoughts

Even if you’re not sure if you want an item from PUMA or if its the right size, make the purchase anyways since they’re also offering free returns and free shipping. I just ordered a pair of shoes in 2 different sizes since I wasn’t sure which one would fit. I’m going to end up returning one without any extra cost.

This is a deal that doesn’t come around too often. If you have any questions about the steps covered in this article or anything else, let us know down below. Happy Christmas Shopping!

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