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DealsBank Review: The Product Review & Coupon Submission Site

DealsBank Review: The Product Review & Coupon Submission Site
Tracy Stine Jun 15, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

If you want to receive great deals or free products and make money at the same time, you should check out DealsBank.

DealsBank is a platform which provides discounted products and they are evaluated by members and users. The members get commissioned for their reviews, submitting coupons, and earn points and gain “levels”.

1. How it Works

First, here’s a quick rundown on how reviewing products works:

  1. Members search the listings for a product they like and click “apply”.
  2. They then click to go to a third-party seller, such as Amazon, to purchase the product.
  3. After placing the order, the member enter their order number on the Dealbank site.
  4. When members receive their purchases they test them out and then submit their reviews on the third-party platform where the item was purchased. They have 15 days to do this.
  5. Then they submit the review link on DealsBank.
  6. DealsBank verifies the reviews (within 24 hours) and the money is refunded to members account after approval.
  7. Members must complete a review before they can move on to another task.
  8. Members then can withdraw their earnings.

Secondly, you also earn by submitting coupons to DealsBank, here’s how that works:

  1. Search for a good coupon to submit to DealsBank.
  2. Coupons must be reliable, display the price, coupon code and expiration date clearly
  3. An image of the coupon improves the likeability of it and gets more members to pick it.
  4. You receive 20 points for each successful submitted coupon.

2. Membership

Members earn points and gain levels in a number of different ways:

Points – Points reflect a member’s activity and credibility. To get points a member does a number of things:

  • 10 points for registering an account
  • 20 points for submitting coupons
  • 5 points to log in everyday
  • 20 points to successfully distribute a trial product
  • 50 points to successfully refer a friend
  • 50 points for each completed trial
  • 20 points for each completed trial review that includes a video
  • 10 points for each completed trial review that includes a picture

Levels – Members climb levels after posting completed coupons and completed reviews:

  • Level 1 – 0 posts
  • Level 2 – 25 posts
  • Level 3 – 100 posts
  • Level 4 – 300 posts
  • Level 5 – 500 posts
  • Up to Level 10 – 6,000 posts

3. What’s Available

The different product categories available on this site are:

Top Picks – products that are the most popular picks by members.

Apparel – men and women’s backpacks and bags.

Auto – car registration and insurance case, non-slip emergency tire traction mats, back up rear camera kit, sun shade films and mesh screens, and more.

Health & Beauty – various body massagers, curling irons, sleep therapy machines, aromatherapy necklace diffuser, facial brush, and more.

Pet – Training collars, automatic feeders, grooming gloves, pet clothes, and more.

Sports & Outdoors – Hydration packs, camping and utility knives, replacement rollerblade wheels, bike locks, various sporting backpacks, gun accessories, camping accessories, and more.

Office – Computer wrist rest, and more coming soon.

Sex Toys – You can figure this one out for yourself and its NSFW.

You do have to act quick sometimes because some products do sell out.

4. Affiliate Earnings

Another way to earn money on DealsBank is to get an Affiliate I.D. number. You don’t even need your own website, you apply for the I.D. on a third-party affiliate platform and add the number to your DealsBank account settings.

One way to get affiliate earnings is from logging in to DealsBank, you place orders by clicking the link on DealsBank (your I.D. will automatically be added).

Another way is to share your DealsBank promotions with your friends and on social media and if there is a successful purchase through them, you get your commissions from the third-party platform.

5. How to Get Paid

After you’ve submitted your product review you’ll need to wait until DealsBank approves your review (usually within 24 hours), and then wait another day for the amount to show up in your account’s “wallet”.

They pay you in a number of ways. Though PayPal, AllPay, a gift card, or other payments and you usually receive your money within 3 days of your withdrawal request.

6. Internet Presence

Even though DealsBank has been around since June 2013, they don’t seem to have a large internet presence.

Here’s their social media statistics:

  • Facebook – 29,517 likes, 29,781 followers
  • Twitter – 1,234 tweets and 27 followers
  • Instagram – 0 posts and 4 followers
  • Pinterest – 0 boards, 0 pins, and 6 followers

7. Comparison to DealSpotr

I compared DealsBank with another coupon submitting and promotions site called DealSpotr.

DealSpotr is a crowdsourcing platform for the most current coupons online. Members submit coupon and deal codes by either taking a picture or a screenshot of the coupon or coupon page online and filling out details about the store, the deal (percentage off or money discounted), expiration date and other information.

Members, called Influensters, then can validate other members coupons, vote on it’s popularity, or simply use it for themselves. Influencers earn toward free gift cards in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Submitting a coupon or Promo code
  • Connecting their social media accounts
  • Connecting to their personal website
  • Using a coupon
  • Verifying a coupon
  • Voting up or down a coupon’s popularity
  • Completing a daily “to-do” list
  • Installing Widgets and Buttons on their website
  • Other Influencers using your coupon code
  • Other Influencers voting on your coupon code
  • Sharing your referral link
  • And several more ways.

Dealspotr has coupons and promo codes for over 100,000 stores and claims to be the internet’s largest (and reliable) source for deals.

8. Comparison to Tomoson

I compared DealsBank with another Product Review site called Tomoson.

Tomoson is a product review site where there are several types of campaign offers – paid, free, or offers.

Paid offers are content distribution (sharing pre-written content on their own blog), product posts (members write and share about products), and unboxing (members video or photograph a product’s unboxing and share it).

Free offers are free products (except shipping) are given for feedback. Offers are straight up discounted offers to members in exchange for social sharing.

Again, members are called Influencers and they get started by:

  • Connecting their website/blog and all their social media accounts
  • Create a Media kit which is all the different campaigns you’re willing to do and on which social media outlet and the price for each.
  • Create your Pitch – a template where you can pitch to different brands for their campaigns.
  • Search all the various available campaigns for ones that interest you.
  • Bid on the various campaigns with your media kit and prices.
  • Once approved by the Brand, you have a set number of days to complete the task. (post the content, write a review, etc.)
  • Submit the link where the task was completed onto your dashboard.
  • Get reimbursed for your task through PayPal.
  • If you accepted a promotional offer, you just pay the shipping cost and submit a review and keep the product.

9. Pros

Here are my opinions on the pros of joining DealsBank:

Elusiveness – Since DealsBank isn’t as well known as the other product review and coupon submission sites out there, you’ll have a higher chance of being accepted by the Brands. It’s hard to get a coupon or promo code accepted on Dealspotr because it’s very likely someone else beat you to it. It’s also hard to get approved on Tomoson because of the number of influencers available. If you don’t have a high web presence (large following) you’re likely to be rejected.

Quick Results – On DealsBank when you apply for a product, you’ll know your results (approved or rejected) instantly. On competing sites, it may take weeks before you find out.

Quick Payments – You are refunded within one day of your review submission. As opposed to competitors which can take several days for brands to review your tasks and pay you.

10. Cons

Now I’ll give you my opinions on the cons of DealsBank:

Fewer Choices – DealsBank offers a lot less product choices to choose from than it’s competitors.

Adult Content – I mentioned that one of the categories was Sex Toys, so it’s certainly not appropriate for work and some people may find this offensive.

Now, these are just one person’s opinion and you’re free to check DealsBank out yourself.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on our full DealsBank review. If you have any thoughts or comments we’d love to hear about them in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Tracy Stine

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