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10 Discount Fashion Accessories to Glam Up Your Wardrobe

10 Discount Fashion Accessories to Glam Up Your Wardrobe
Justin Stewart Nov 3, 2019
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Being fashion forward is a great way to express yourself through your personal style and taste, but being fashion forward can get very expensive if you try to stay on trend at all times and a lot of us are looking for ways to give our wardrobe a boost without breaking the bank.

There are millions of different accessories on the market, and that makes customizing your wardrobe a simple enough task if you know what look you’re going for but finding the best places to shop for your personal style isn’t always the easiest.

There are tons of accessories available that you can buy for your wardrobe at a discounted rate that fits your budget, and you can do so both from the comfort of your home and in a clothing store.

There are some accessories that are knockoff versions of designer brand and there are also other unique creations that add a little pizazz to your getup without having a brand name, but finding them all depends on where you look.

10 Discount Fashion Accessories to Glam Your Wardrobe

There are many fashion accessories that go great with any wardrobe, and if you’re a fashion forward person, then you should make a point of adding these accessories to your wardrobe for a more eclectic selection.

If you’re looking to add some style to your wardrobe easily with some of the best affordable fashion accessories on the market, then you should take a look over this style guide to help you decide on which classic accessories would be best for you.

1. Handbags

One of the best accessories you can get for yourself at a discounted price is a handbag.

Handbags are known to be an essential accessory, and finding cute bags that don’t cut too hard into your budget doesn’t have to be an hours long endeavor.

There are hundreds upon thousands of different styles of bags, and the most coveted tend to be the designer kind, but this doesn’t mean that discounted handbags are any less attractive.

If you’re the kind of person who can take or leave designer styles, then finding a statement handbag that looks good with a price tag that looks even better can be easy.

There are many different styles of handbags available.

There are clutches, shoulder bags, tote bags, crossbody bags, satchels, bucket bags, messenger bags, hobo bags, and even more!

Finding a good handbag can be essential to pulling an outfit together, and you don’t have to bust your bank account open just to get your hands on a good quality bag without the stress of a high end price.

Going for a bold statement handbag can add some real flair to your attire, try adding a clutch with metallic accents or bold colors to any outfit to give your look a pop.

If you’re more of a big bag person, then you can easily snazz-up your outfit with a satchel made out of man-made materials instead of genuine leather.

For a night out dancing, you can find a small crossbody bag that will carry all the essentials that you need without being too bulky and still look stylish with your night-out attire.

If you’re looking to get in touch with your bohemian side, you can easily find a cute hobo bag that will match your care-free spirit.

There are plenty of discount accessory stores that you can find a cute handbag at, including Claire’s and other major discount clothing stores like Marshalls.

If you have a mall in your town, you can easily find discount handbags in many of the stores there.

You won’t have to spend $300 on a bag to look good!

As much as Chanel, Fendi, or Louis Vuitton bags may catch your eye, you will still love a discount handbag that costs you $20.

Big stores like Burlington Coat Factory sell designer handbags at a greatly discounted price, making a purchase for something with a brand name on it hurt a lot less.

You can easily get a stylish bag there for under $30.

Checking out the clearance section at big discount clothing stores can also knock the dollars off a cute handbag, making you feel like you found a steal!

Getting your hands on a cute discount handbag doesn’t have to be a hassle either, you can forgo taking a trip to the store to select one and just shop online.

You can look on websites like Poshmark for secondhand bags that are both designer and not designer, depending on what your preference is, and purchase them at a rate that is much cheaper than what they were originally priced.

Most of the items on Poshmark are either lightly used or in like new condition.

You can easily find a cute discount bag to add to your wardrobe, and there are many styles, colors, textures, patterns, and functions available to you!

2. Necklaces

If you want to add a necklace to your look but don’t want to shell out the cash for an actual silver or gold necklace, then you can easily get your hands on discount necklaces that you can use over and over.

Building a collection of necklaces that matches your taste and can easily be swapped out for a different style to match your outfit can be easy.

You’ll be able to find necklaces in many stores that are simple or gaudy, depending on how you’re feeling, for as little as $3 in some cases!

Getting a chunky necklace in a bold color is a great way to make an outfit stand out, and getting a few to mix and match as you see fit can be cheap too!

There are plenty of necklaces that you can find at a discounted rate in various styles and materials.

Getting your hands on a necklace with a natural gemstone can be pricey, especially with the advent of crystals becoming a trend to collect and own.

Handmade necklaces of this nature can cost you upwards of a hundred dollars if you don’t know where to find them for cheap or know how to make them yourself.

You can find necklaces that are appear similar but have man-made gems that are glass or plastic.

Costume jewelry quality necklaces are easy to get your hands on, but you can’t expect metal accents to always stay untarnished.

The great part about them being so cheap is that you won’t feel horrible if they end up tarnished, damaged or lost.

Necklaces and their accents can come in many different materials such as wood, cloth, metal, plastic, and glass.

If you want to avoid purchasing a necklace that will tarnish and won’t interact with your skin, choose to purchase your discount price necklaces in a material like wood or plastic.

Necklaces that have long chains, are braided, or have a bold accent like a pendent are all great accessories to add to any outfit.

If you want to incorporate a long necklace into your outfit, look for one that drops down below your bust line or reaches down to your navel.

You can also wear multiple necklaces at once to give yourself a more eclectic look.

Choose necklaces in different lengths that reach from close around your neck to as far down as your bellybutton.

Long necklaces look particularly great with clothes that are long and flowy, like a dress or a tunic.

Delicate necklaces are great for a more formal look, but can be added to any look.

Delicate necklaces can also be easily layered, but be careful not to get one that is too long because it may snag and cause the chain to break.

Big and flashy statement necklaces are best when paired with neutral clothing colors that make the piece pop out at you.

You can also get your hands on necklaces made out of cloth which can be intricately designed into lace patterns that rest up against your throat or chest to look bold and regal all at once.

3. Bracelets and Bangles

If you like to have a variety of jewelry on, bracelets and bangles are a great way to up your accessories game.

Bracelets and bangles can be easily stacked to create a layered look, and the best part is that the bracelets don’t have to match!

Discount bangles come in various styles, colors and materials.

One popular style of bracelets are stretch bracelets, which fit snuggly around your wrist but can be easily put on thanks to the elasticity in the band that keeps the bracelet together.

These bracelets can have beads or charms, and make a great addition to your outfit.

Another great discount accessory is a cuff, which is a simple design that has an open end with no clasp and can be as wide or as thin as you’d like it to be.

These types of bracelets will cuff around your wrist and may have a little bit of extra space which allows them to move freely up and down your arm.

Cuffs aren’t always as easily stackable thanks to them being a little bit thicker, but if you manage to find a simple on that doesn’t take up too much space on your arm, then you can stack until your heart is content!

It’s safe to say that every person who likes cuffs should have at least one large one to add to any outfit.

Bangles are a little bit different, as these bracelets tend to come in sets that are as few as three and as many as ten or more.

These kinds of bracelets can be thin, thick or assorted, making them a great way to add some style to your outfit simply or dramatically.

You also don’t have to wear them all at once!

You can easily add a few from a set or wear them all at once, whatever you choose you will look great.

4. Rings

Rings are an excellent accessory that you can add to your wardrobe, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get your hands on good ones!

One awesome thing about rings is that they come in different metals, so you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on gold or silver jewelry if you don’t wish to.

Some kinds of metal are perfect for rings and they don’t tarnish, such as 316L stainless steel.

These kinds of rings won’t tarnish, but they also won’t cost $2.

Reasonably, you’d be looking at anywhere from $10-$20 per ring, but that’s much cheaper than one $150 ring.

Rings also come in various styles, ranging from single simple bands to extravagant rings that have finger holes for two or three of your digits.

Cocktail rings are a perfect discounted accessory, as they tend to look elegant and have interesting accents, yet do not cost a lot of money.

These rings tend to be flashy and large, and you usually need only one or two to make a statement.

Simple bands are excellent for layering, and you can easily stack more than one on your desired fingers.

Some rings come in sets of stackable rings, making it so that you can mix and match rings to your liking and have them be the same color or have the same kind of design so that you can accessorize easily.

Midi rings are rings that you can wear over the first knuckle of your finger, these tend to be slightly smaller than rings intended for the base of your finger so they stay in place without a problem.

5. Earrings

Getting your hands on cute earrings that will go with any outfit can be easy if you know what to look for!

Wearing statement earrings can be done in place of wearing a statement necklace, and they can be as bold as you wish.

Statement earrings can be large or small, depending on your preference, and feature different accents such as pearls, stones, or extravagant designs.

The trick to wearing a statement earring set is to let them steal the show, don’t pair them with other jewelry that will vie for attention, like a gaudy necklace or overly bold hair pieces.

Statement earrings can be novelty in the sense of their design, they can be shapes that you like such as square or triangular, or they can be long and full of beads or fringe.

There are millions of different styles of earrings to choose from, including big chunky earrings that remind you of the 90’s, or simple delicate earrings that have a single tiny crystal to help them stand out.

Choosing between all of the different styles can be fun, and being inexpensive, you can easily purchase more than one style and still feel like you’ve discovered a prize.

Small and simple earrings can be easily worn with other kinds of jewelry without hesitation, as these earrings are perfect for every day wear and add a simple touch to your overall appearance.

You can easily find cheap earrings on Ebay that look great and can cost as little as $1!

These go-to accessories will make you look amazing, and they won’t cost you any more than you’d like to spend.

6. Hats

Hats are an accessory that can change an entire look, and there are many styles to choose from that you can purchase at a discounted price.

From baseball cap to bowler hat, whatever style you desire the most, you can easily develop a large hat collection that will make you look great every time.

If you want to keep your hair at bay on a breezy day, or simply want to amplify your style, you can purchase hats that add form or function to your outfit.

If you’re dealing with an extra sunny day, and want to protect yourself from the sun, you can purchase a floppy sun hat for under $15.

One staple hat that many people own is a fedora, and you can get your hands on one in many colors.

If you’re going for a shapely hat like a fedora, sticking to a neutral color like navy, black, or tan can easily make your outfit look great without clashing with your color scheme.

Places like Forever 21 and H&M carry fedoras and many other styles of hats for under $20.

Floppy hats can add some bohemian style to your outfit, or stick to a classic baseball cap to help you look sporty while doing your every day errands.

You don’t have to be in the sun, at the beach, or a baseball fan to wear any hat that you want whenever you want.

Investing in cheaper options before you go off to purchase a high-end hat is a great way to try out styles you prefer without feeling guilty for spending the money.

You can easily look sophisticated and trendy with a good hat.

Deciding on which style suits you best can take a little time, but with a healthy selection at a low price, you can easily build an assorted hat wardrobe and play around with your look.

7. Watches

When you think of watches, you might not immediately think of them as a particularly trendy accessory, but they are amongst the most popular, and there are many styles to choose from.

Watches come with various faces and bands, and can be easily paired with an outfit based on the design.

Dainty watches with thin, intricate bands can be worn alongside bracelets to create a layered look while having a functional time piece on you at all times.

You can easily wear a delicate watch with a dress or with your every day jeans.

Watches can have all sorts of bands, and opting for a sporty band can securely fasten your watch to your wrist, but it’s also fun to try more elaborate styles that glam up your wardrobe.

Casual watches can be worn every day.

Choosing a casual watch with a band that’s in a neutral color can make it easy for you to match it with any outfit.

Choose a black, tan or navy watch band and you’ll always have a universal accessory to pair with every day.

If you want a dressy option that makes a statement, you can choose a watch that is all gold or all silver and has a pattern to make your outfit look classy.

You can find an affordable watch for under $25 without a hassle, and you can easily choose more than one style or find a watch with interchangeable bands to keep your time piece handy.

Having a watch is a great way to dress an outfit up or down, and you can find various styles and colors at an affordable price.

Take a look at some higher end watches and try to find affordable ones that have a similar look.

You’ll be happy with your new accessory and you’ll love the price!

8. Choker

One great accessory to add to an outfit is a choker, and you can find these for very cheap!

Making a choker is also easy, and you can dress up any outfit with one easily.

If you want to go the cheapest route when thinking about adding a choker to your wardrobe, you can go to Michaels and pick a ribbon that appeals to you and find the clasps for a quick DIY accessory that you can make multiples of for cheap!

Chokers are sassy and edgy and can pair well with a simple top and jeans or add a little Rock’n’Roll edge to a dress.

Chokers are usually made out of metals or cloth, but can come in all kinds of crazy fabrics, colors, and materials.

Try choosing a few different styles, they will provide a few ways to dress up your look without causing too much fuss in your entire ensemble.

You can even pair a choker with a regular necklace for a layered look, and depending on what your choker is made of, you can even match materials and colors to give yourself a more thoughtful look.

If you’re looking to wear a choker for the first time, it’s best if you find something simple like a black choker that isn’t too wide, and try it out with an every day ensemble.

You can easily find chokers at stores like Zara or ASOS for under $20, but you can spend even less at Rainbow or Wet Seal.

9. Hair Pieces

Hair accessories are a big one, and they vary in many ways.

If you’d like to keep it simple and add a cute hair pin to your ensemble, you can easily find jeweled ones or pins with pearls or beads to give your hair a classy look.

Small hair combs that have metal or paper flowers can add a little spring inspired feeling to your style and look great all year around.

If you’re looking for function, there are different kinds of headbands that you can add that come in many colors, materials and styles.

Choosing a headband can be fun as you can pick ones wrapped in fabric like satin to add elegance to your style, or pick a simple plastic one that keeps your hair back and looks sleek.

Headbands are great because they can incorporate beads or flowers, intricate patterns, eye-catching texture, or pops of bright colors.

10. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are probably top of the tier when it comes to being the most used accessory because they are stylish and are functional.

There are many styles of sunglasses to choose from, but some of the most popular are aviators, cat-eye, oval, and wayfarer amongst many others.

Sunglasses are cool because the frames themselves can be designed in so many ways and in all kinds of colors, so finding discounted sunglasses that really fit your style can be fun and easy.

If you’re looking to start your sunglasses collection, begin with some of the classic styles and stick to solid colors.

Two great styles to start with would be aviators and wayfarers because these styles look good on almost everyone!

Sunglasses frames can be made in all kinds of material such as plastic, metal and wood.

Once you find the style that looks best on you, you can easily build a collection of sunglasses ranging from classic to quirky!

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