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Down to Shop App Review: The Fresh and Exciting Way to Shop Online

Down to Shop App Review: The Fresh and Exciting Way to Shop Online
Diana Star Nov 7, 2019
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Shopping is supposed to be fun.

Walking down aisle after aisle looking for the products you want at the supermarket while pushing a trolley and waiting your turn in a long line doesn’t exactly fit that description.

Technology has made it easier and more enjoyable by introducing online shopping. Online shopping has played its part effectively, let’s give it that. Thanks to social media, you can discover new products from the comfort of your home.

However, scrolling on Pinterest and Instagram may not be enough to give you that shopping kick if you’re a younger millennial or a part of Gen Z. Things are changing fast, and so is the online shopping arena.

Down to Shop, a shopping app, is one of those apps that’s tailored specifically for the younger generation. It’s fresh, cool and allows shoppers to get their favorite products in the most interesting ways.

It offers lots of opportunities for you to earn some rewards, and if it isn’t what you’re looking for, you can always delete the app from your phone whenever you want.

You don’t have to be young to experience the fun that this app has to offer. Using it is pretty simple too. Basic knowledge of the internet and shopping are all you need to enjoy Down to Shop.

If you’re hearing about it for the first time, this Down to Shop review provides you with all the essential 411 you need to know about the app.

From how to use it, when it was started, if it’s legit or not and so much more, we have all that you need. What’s more, we’ll also let you know what other users are saying about it so you can make an informed decision in the end.

Let’s get down to the review, shall we?

What is Down to Shop?

Launched in April 2019 by Maximillian Hellerstein and Cyrus Summerlin, Down to Shop is a shopping app that refers to itself as “the funniest way to shop.”

It enables users to watch funny videos and tongue-in-cheek shows of products that can be bought directly from the app.

These videos adopt a series format and are very lively. An example is the ongoing adventures of Mindy and Sammy, who are a young couple in love and discuss a different product in every episode.

Another watch-worthy video is the Dr. Sue show, that’s retail therapy-centered and focuses on the wellbeing of consumers.

To make the videos possible, Down to Shop recruited Instagram influencers and Upright Citizen Brigade alums to star in the shows that are written, filmed and edited in the company’s Los Angeles studios.

The shows are built around four-week seasons. The trailers of the shows appear on selected social media channels.

These trailers give users a sneak preview of what they should expect in the next episode. They also give them an idea of what their fave personalities are up to.

The app has a “content first, advertising second” policy that’s proven to be accurate by the shows that feature promoted products.

How Down to Shop Works

The Down to Shop app is only available for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPad touch) at the moment. You can download it from the App Store.

Upon downloading, you need to watch the videos and shows that the app offers to earn Clout, which is the in-app currency that you’ll use to buy products in the app. There are a variety of videos to choose from.

You can also buy these products with money from your bank account.

There are other ways to gain some Clout, but we’ll look at them a bit later on.

Down to Shop shares info it gets from its users with the brand it works with, and it doesn’t hide this fact from its customers. It lets them know, and if they choose to interact with the brands, they earn extra clout.

It partners with brands that have data services. Some of these brands are: Pretty Litter, Sustain Condoms, and Dirty Lemon.

It gets funding from top investors like Lerer Hippeau, Firstmark, and Greycroft. The company remains tight-lipped on how much it gets from its funders.

Getting Started With Down to Shop

You should be 18 years or older to register to the app. If you’re younger, you must get the permission of your parent or guardian first.

When signing up, the app requires you to provide details such as your name, security data, contact details, payment details, passwords, and your email address.

They use your information to carry out specific tasks, including:

  • Fulfilling and managing orders
  • Requesting feedback from you
  • For other business purposes such as evaluating and improving apps, identifying usage trends, and data analysis
  • Administering competitions and prize draws
  • Sending administrative information to you
  • Facilitating the logon and account creation process in case you choose to link your account with them to a third party account like your Facebook or Google account.
  • Posting testimonials
  • Administering competitions and prize draws
  • Sending you promotional and marketing communications
  • Keeping their sites safe

You’re then able to access their videos on different brands. Once you find something you like, the easiest way to pay for it is with Clout.

Though they try to display the details, colors, features, and specifications of the Marketplace Offerings on their site, at times, what you see on your device may not be what you buy.

Ways to Earn Clout with Down to Shop

You don’t earn any money from the app. They reward you with Clout when you perform a number of tasks.

One of them is watching their videos and shows. Note: Depending on the economy, you may or may not receive Clouts for catching their daily shows and videos.

When choosing a task, go for the one that pays more for doing very little. Other ways to earn rewards are:

Playing Games

Down to Shop has an array of fun games that fetch users a specific amount of Clout. They may not earn you lots of Clouts, but games are easy and are the quickest way to gain rewards.  Most of them are of a strategic nature.

Taking Quizzes

The quizzes cover different topics and vary in length. The quicker you complete one, the higher your chance of getting another set fast.

Completing Surveys

Like quizzes, surveys vary in length and topic. Be sure to check the amount of Clout you receive for a survey, how much time you have to complete it and if you can handle it easily. They’re simple and touch on different products and their brands at times.

So far, these are the main ways you can earn some rewards from the app. The company is, however, working on adding more methods.

The Clout economy isn’t consistent. If you identify something you like and are working on raising Clouts to buy it, realize that the price may change at any time. To avoid nasty surprises, always have a little extra just in case.

How Much You Can Earn With Down to Shop

Again, the app doesn’t give any user a single cent.

The amount of Clouts you can earn depends on the tasks you perform. For more Clouts, choose to complete all the tasks. Additionally, dedicate more time to the app.

The company is growing more and more daily. Keeping up with what’s new on it could get you some special privileges.

If you’re rarely online, leave it running in the background and watch out for the notifications from the company that might pop up on your email.

Forms of Payment that Down to Shop Accepts

The account and purchase information that you provide to the company must be current and accurate.

In case of any updates on any information, be sure to do it fast for them to contact you easily and complete your transactions quickly.

They accept the following payment forms for their products:

  • Diners Club
  • Visa
  • Clout
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Discover
  • Mastercard

Important points you should always bear in mind are:

  • Your payment should always be in U.S. dollars
  • They reserve the right to make corrections to any mistakes and errors made in pricing even after they have received or requested for payment
  • They may refuse any order placed through their site
  • Sales tax may be added to the price of purchase if they deem it fit to do so
  • They have the right to prohibit or limit orders that seem to be placed by resellers, distributors or dealers

Down to Shop Reviews

As per the user feedback, most users love Down to Shop and think it offers a unique and exciting approach to shopping. Those who aren’t satisfied by the app hate that it doesn’t offer cash and the fact that the Clout economy fluctuates from time to time.

Many of its users have something positive to say about it. And, from the dedication of the company, that’s just the beginning.

Here are some of its top user reviews:

  • “This app is amazing I love the concept but, when I save up so much clout to buy one thing that I really want the price goes up by 100 clout which is really annoying because I made sure I save the food that amount but when I go to buy it it’s 150 now so that was really annoying and the lives they used to do it every single Friday at six and then you would be able to buy the prize that they’re selling on there but now they do it every day and you have to share the cloutpot it’s a good idea so everybody could get something nice but at the same time if I win and 1000 other people win as well I’m only going to get 50 clout which is not cool, Overall this app is amazing the concept is great but just a few things that get me irritated I would give it five stars but then I want to be 100% on this so in case they see this they can maybe change a few things thank you for making this app amazing but please just make sure you get the price right because it’s hard to buy something when I don’t have that type of clout I love this app very much I’m not trying to bring any heat on this app for it please DTS just fix it a little bit, but their content is amazing it’s funny it’s cool I love the little songs that they have on their food products that they have on there is amazing it’s just a little pricey but it’s OK thank you.”
  • “While I think the concept is brilliant, I’d love a little more of an explanation on the site, or even an FAQJ”
  • “So helpful”.
  • “Simply amazing Guys! It’s not only shopping but also an entertainment app. It’s the future!”
  • “I’ve enjoyed following DTS over the past year. It’s refreshingly cheesy”.
  • “I got this app on a whim, at first I was hesitant but after watching videos and understanding how it works I kept it and continued to use it. I got excited using the app and told all my friends about it. I couldn’t wait to buy my first item from them but I decided to start saving my clout. My goal was the AirPods or the rick and morty monopoly it was a reasonable price for clout, it just took some work to achieve. Though as I continued to save, DTS changed their economy on clout and now the price in clout is even higher and I am no where near the price amount for either one. I still haven’t bought anything from DTS because I want my first thing to be good, but it seems it might take forever. I haven’t given up yet on it, still have it downloaded and occasionally watch videos. It will take a lot of patience and work to get items, but maybe the economy will change again or who knows a new thing will come out. But overall it’s a good app and it’s funny”.
  • “Very glad to follow DTS, so be waiting a nice services abt it”.

Pros and Cons of Down to Shop


  • The actors are talented and funny
  • It offers many ways to make clout
  • Signing up is easy
  • You can use it on multiple devices
  • It has an awesome variety of products
  • It’s easy to use
  • It entertains you as you shop
  • It provides a fun and unique way to shop
  • Earning Clout is pretty simple
  • If you don’t like it, you’re free to leave it whenever you want

The Actors are Hilarious

The company partners with Instagram influencers, who are great at what they do, and alumni of Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, which is a wiz in comedy matters. The theater has been producing documentaries, video sketches, films etc. since 2007. Mix influence and comedy and the result is genius.

Many Ways to Make Clout

If watching videos isn’t your thing, the app enables you to make some Clout through playing games, taking surveys or taking quizzes. You earn some extra Clout by interacting with brands and allowing them to use your data as well as watching a video once it goes live.

Signing Up is Easy

All you’ll need is an Ios device, stable internet, and your details and you’re ready to start using the app.

You Can Use it on Multiple Devices

Down to Shop makes it easy for users to access it. You can use it from your iPad touch, iPhone or iPad.

Broad Variety of Products

The company has partnered with tones of brands. This makes it possible for them to have just about anything. From a Tamagotchi and camo print onesies for adult women to Rick and Morty monopoly, a razor for leaves and Tupac prayer candles, there’s no product that’s too freaky or weird for it.

It’s Easy to Use

How’d you like to make some Clout by performing simple tasks? That’s exactly what Down to Shop allows you to do. The dashboard is smooth, making it easy for you to find what you need fast.

It Entertains You as You Shop

Down to Shop adds some excitement to shopping by using funny actors to let you know about new products. You can access to your favorite products only if you want.

It Provides a Fun and Unique Way to Shop

The company writes, edits and films funny shows about the products they’re selling. You don’t have to go through the hassle of researching products before buying them. Plus, you can watch trailers of these shows before they’re out and, you can catch up on all the mischief and adventures of your favorite stars daily.

Earning Clout is as Simple as 123

Down to Shop rewards you with Clout for simply sharing your data with brands, among others. You may get some Clout once you sign up too.

You Can Leave it Whenever You Want

If you want to delete your account, send a request to them to do so and they will delete or deactivate your account and information from their active databases.


  • It doesn’t give cash
  • Android users can’t use it
  • The Clout economy isn’t consistent
  • It’s meant for the Gen Z
  • Prices of their products go up without any prior notice
  • You won’t always get Clout for watching videos

What Gives Down to Shop Advantage Over the Rest?

From its name, it’s clear that Down to Shop is not your ordinary shopping app. The founders go the extra mile of coming up with exciting content for their app.

They partner with comedians and influencers to produce funny videos and shows of their products.

Whether you’re popping into the app to shop for something or you want a good old dose of laughter, the app has exactly what you need.

It’s a new approach to shopping leaves you amused, captivated, interested and curious every time you stop by.

Is Down to Shop Legit or a Scam?

Down to Shop checks out. Its users have left reviews on its services and none have complained of being scammed so far.

In case you have any issue that you’d like to be straightened out, log on to their website and read about them and their services. You could also email them at

Is Down to Shop Worth My Time?

It’s definitely worth your time. You might find it a bit corny if you’re older, but hey, it’s good for a laugh and is an excellent way to escape the monotony of online and brick-and-mortar shopping.

It has a neat and interactive dashboard that makes it easy to navigate your way around. The app is still very new but it’s leaving a pleasant impression in the minds of lots of kids and grown-ups.

You don’t have to need to buy anything to sign in. Open an account and find out what all the fuss is about for yourself. Chances are, you’ll catch up on it before you know it.

Similar Apps to Down to Shop

Maybe you’ve checked out the app and you’ve loved it, but the no-cash bit has turned you off. Don’t get it out of your list yet. With some help from similar apps to it, you can make some money as well as get some cool products for yourself.

Similar Apps to the app that you should visit and try out are:

  • Fount
  • Shopping on Instagram
  • Zen Shopping
  • Drrrunk Shopping

Final Thoughts

Adapting to change is difficult, sometimes scary. However, change is what makes life more exciting. Down to Shop is all about change.

Its content, products (most of them, anyway) and style may be for the Gen Z, but you can’t tell if you’ll like it unless you give it a try. It’s time to try something new if you haven’t checked it out yet.

Word of advice: Some of its videos have:

  • Mild profanity
  • Suggestive themes
  • Mild tobacco, drug use or tobacco references
  • Crude humor
  • Mild mature themes

Apart from that and other slight hiccups it has, it’s definitely an app that you’ll love.

Diana Star

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