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Earn $150 When You Create A Tech CU Checking Account

Earn $150 When You Create A Tech CU Checking Account
Jason Wuerch Jan 6, 2016
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Want an easy way to earn some extra cash? When you open a Tech CU Checking Account, you will be awarded a bonus of $150 within 90 days. Not only that, but you can earn an extra $20 by funding your account up to $1,000 with a cash back credit card. However, this does come with a few stipulations in which we’ll cover in more detail. This offer expires July 31st, 2016.

What’s The Deal?

Tech CU is a credit union that’s located in California, and in order to promote their services they’re offering a hefty $150 bonus for new Tech CU members that open a checking account. If you aren’t a new member, we recommend asking the bank anyways if you can still apply for the bonus.

In order to enroll as a member, you must meet 1 of the following 5 requirements. While it may look like you won’t meet any of them at first glance, there is a way to meet the fourth requirement below:

  1. Anyone who attends school in Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Santa Cruz, Contra Costa, or San Francisco Counties
  2. Employees of Tech CU
  3. Related or live with a current Tech CU employee
  4. Member of the Financial Fitness Association, Northern California Human Resource Association, or San Jose State University Alumni Association
  5. Employees of public or private technology-based entities in CA

We can quickly become a member of the Financial Fitness Association (FFA) for a one-time payment of $8. Once your membership is verified, you’ll be able to sign-up for a Tech CU account by entering your membership number during sign-up. We’ll tell you how to do this in more detail below.

You’ll earn $100 when you setup a recurring deposit of $500 or more, and another $50 after you make your first online bill payment. There are no fees associated with creating or maintaining a Tech CU account. Just be sure to enter the promo code moveon when creating your account.

How Much Am I Actually Making?

Since you’re paying $8 for the FFA membership, you’re effectively only earning $142. Yet Tech CU allows you to fund your first $1,000 into your account via credit card for free. This is great for those who need to meet a minimum spending requirement on their credit card, or just want to earn some extra money via cash back.

If you don’t already have a great cash back credit card, we highly recommend signing-up for the Discover It Card. It normally gives you 1% cash back on everything and 5% cash back on certain categories that rotate quarterly, but with their Double Cash Back Promotion (extended permanently), all of your cash back is doubled for the first year. This essentially means you’re earning anywhere from 2% – 10% in cash back on all purchases.

With no annual fee and a high cash back rate, Discover It is one of the best cash back credit cards on the market. Here’s a quick glance of what it has to offer:

Apply Now

  • No Annual Fee
  • 1% Cash Back On All Purchases (2% The First Year)
  • 5% Cash Back On Categories That Rotate Quarterly (10% The First Year)
  • Cash Back Never Expires
  • Free FICO Credit Score On Every Statement
  • Discover Deals Cash Back Portal For Even More Cash Back
  • 24-Hour Card Replacement Service

Since the Tech CU offer doesn’t expire until July 31st, 2016, you have plenty of time to get a good cash back credit card before you apply. If we use the Discover It Card in funding our account, we earn an effective $150 – $8 + $20 = $162.

If you do decide to use another credit card to fund your account, be aware of cash advance fees. While most credit card companies won’t charge you for funding bank accounts, some Citi cards have been known to do so. In any case, you won’t be able to fun your account with an AMEX card.

How Do I Get My $150 Bonus + $20 In Cash Back?

Since there’s a lot to cover in getting the most amount of cash on this deal, we’re going to break it down in detail in just 7 easy steps.

1. Sign-up for the Financial Fitness Association. If you’re not already a resident of CA, you’re most unlikely going to meet any other requirements. Register for a new FFA membership by clicking this link here. You can register both online and offline. While it will cost you a one-time fee of $8, you’ll quickly earn this back from the Tech CU bonus.

2. Create a checking account. Create any new Tech CU Checking Account to get the bonus. We recommend basic checking since there’s no monthly fee.

3. Select FFA and enter promo code. When asked about eligibility requirements, select that you are a current member of the Financial Fitness Association. Enter the promo code moveon on the following page. From there, finish the rest of your application.

4. Fund with a cash back card. We recommend funding your account using the Discover It Card to get a $20 cash back bonus or another card that gives you a high percentage in cash back. You must fund your linked savings account with a minimum of $25.

5. Get your bonus. You’ll get $100 when you setup a recurring deposit of $500 or more, and another $50 once you complete your first online bill payment.

Final Thoughts

This offer doesn’t expire until July 31st, 2016. This gives you plenty of time to sign-up and get a cash back credit card to add some extra cash to your $150 bonus. It will cost you $8 to sign-up for a FFA membership. If for some reason your account doesn’t go through, you can also cancel this membership within 60 days and get your money back.

Bank sign-up bonuses are some of the easiest ways to earn some extra cash. Furthermore, this is considered a soft pull on your credit score. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Jason Wuerch

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