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Earn Bitcoin By Playing Games On The Free Bitcoin App

Earn Bitcoin By Playing Games On The Free Bitcoin App
Jason Wuerch Jan 9, 2016
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Bitcoin has been rising at a dramatic rate over the past few months, and at the moment there’s no sign of if it will ever go back down. Now you can earn free Bitcoin (BTC) when you play games on the Free Bitcoin App.

What Is The Free Bitcoin App?

From the makers of Bitcoin Aliens, the Free Bitcoin App is a mobile app that’s available for both iOS and Android devices. After installing the app, you have a choice of playing 1 of 3 games. Each time you finish a game, you will earn a set amount of Bitcoin and need to wait 60 minutes until you play another round.

The reason that the Free Bitcoin App is able to give you Bitcoin for free is because they earn cash each time an ad is displayed. They’re giving a portion of the cash they earn to you in the form of the digital currency, Bitcoin.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn?

Bitcoin is awarded to you in the form of Satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. 1 million Satoshi is equal to 1 Bitcoin. Right now 1 BTC is equal to about $450 USD. You can read more up on the value of Bitcoin at this link here.

The amount you can earn depends entirely on how well you do on each game. Expect to earn anywhere from 100 – 1,000 Satoshi per game. Since you can only play one game every 60 minutes, we estimate that on average you will earn 12,000 Satoshi per day assuming you play every hour within a 24-hour period. There is a possibility of getting up to 50,000 by hitting a special bonus, but this is incredibly rare.

Once you hit a minimum of 20,000 Satoshi in your account, it will automatically be transferred to your Bitcoin wallet. The wallet that Free Bitcoin App uses is Xapo, and they’ll help you get an account setup when you first register.

How Do I Get Started With The Free Bitcoin App?

Getting started with the Free Bitcoin App is very simple and can be done in just 4 simple steps.

1. Register. You can download the Free Bitcoin App for either iOS or Android devices by clicking this link here. Once you open the app, enter in your email to register.

2. Enter in your wallet address. If you don’t already have a Xapo Bitcoin Wallet account, you can get one here. They’ll walk you through the steps, and it costs nothing to setup. This is where your Bitcoin will be transferred to.

3. Select a game. You can select from one of three games to play from. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose, as each one gives more or less the same payout.

4. Wait. Wait 60 minutes before you can play your next round. Once you hit 20,000 Satoshi in your account, the amount will be automatically be transferred to your wallet. You can also play a video for an extra 120 Satoshi after each game.

Final Thoughts

Although you can’t earn a lot of BTC with the Free Bitcoin App, it’s still a great way to get some extra cash in your pocket. Since you can only play it once every 60 minutes, while you’re waiting for your next round you can play the Bitcoin Aliens App. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Jason Wuerch

My name is Jason Wuerch and I'm currently located in Madrid, Spain running a personal finance blog called Frugal For Less. My goal is to help everyone and anyone willing to make and save money through easy and simple ways that don't require much effort. Just because you're frugal doesn't mean you have to give up life's luxuries.

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