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Earn Cash Downloading Apps With The Uento App

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Update: This app no longer exists.

Downloading apps and earning cash for doing so is one of the easiest ways to make money from your smartphone. We’re introducing yet another one called Uento. Install apps, try them out and get free cash.

What Is Uento?

Uento is a mobile app that is currently only available for Android devices. App developers need a way to promote their app and increase their ratings in the App or Play Store, and Uento works to solve this problem.

Each time you download an app, Uento is paid by these developers and gives a portion of this cash to the user, you. The amount you can earn completely depends on the app you’re downloading. The amount you can earn is unlimited.

Each time you download an app you’re awarded a certain amount of points. 1 point is equal to 1 cent, and you need a minimum of 250 points to cash out ($2.50). All payments are made via PayPal. You’ll find that Uento releases roughly 4 to 5 apps daily, so you’ll never run out.

Different Types Of Installation

Depending on the type of app, there are certain things that you may be required to do after installation.

  • Blue Level Apps – You only need to install these apps. They give you 3 points each.
  • Green Level Apps – To earn points with these apps, you need to install them and run them. We recommend opening them for a minimum of 30 seconds to make sure you get credited. You get 5 points each.
  • Purple Level Apps – Install the apps and keep them for 3 days without clearing cache to get awarded. These apps award you 8 points each.

You also get bonus points for checking-in each day, but this amount is set at only 1 point.

Refer Your Friends

You can earn some extra cash by referring your friends. In order to receive your referral code, you’ll need to reach level 20. You can quickly get there by installing apps for a few days. Level 1 referrals give you 2 points for each install that your friends make, and level 2 referrals give you 1 point.

How Do I Get Started With Uento?

Getting started with Uento is very simple and can be done in just 3 simple steps.

1. Register. You can install the Uento app by clicking this link here. Registration is free, and unfortunately there isn’t an iOS version.


2. Download apps. There are quite a few apps to download from, and each are categorized into different levels. View the descriptions above to figure out how much each level pays you and what you have to do.


3. Withdraw. You can withdraw your cash to your PayPal account once you reach a minimum account balance of $2.50 (250 points). It usually takes up to a week for your funds to appear.


Final Thoughts

Uento is a great way to earn some extra cash if you own an Android phone.

Downloading apps is one of the easiest ways to make some cash. If you’re looking for apps that are similar to this and are available for either iOS or Android devices, try the following:

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below. Otherwise, thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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