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Earn Cash Downloading Apps With Whaff Rewards

Earn Cash Downloading Apps With Whaff Rewards
Jason Wuerch Jul 13, 2015
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

If you recently read my article on how you can easily earn $200/month by downloading apps, you’re probably interested on how you can increase that number by adding another rewards program to your list. Today we’re introducing another app that pays you to download other apps called Whaff Rewards. This is a great way to earn some cash in your spare time or even while waiting in line.

What Is Whaff Rewards?

Whaff Rewards is one of fastest download an app, open an app, and get paid immediately rewards program that I’ve ever experienced. Simply put, developers try to promote their app by putting it on the Whaff Rewards app. When a user (yourself) downloads the app, Whaff Rewards gets paid a commission. A portion of this goes to you.

Sometimes when you download an app you may be asked to do something before you get rewarded. For example, you may need to get to a certain level on a game. Other times you might be able to earn cash just by watching a video. More of this will be explained below.

Unlike most rewards programs out there, you must use a Facebook account to register, otherwise they won’t allow you to even login. If you’re worried about them using your Facebook information for gathering data, you may want to consider using an alternate account. However, I haven’t experienced anything negative as of yet.

Another con to using the Whaff Rewards is that it’s only available for Android devices. As of now there hasn’t been any news as to whether they will release it for iOS. If you don’t have an Android phone, I highly recommend getting one just for rewards programs. A cheap yet reliable one is the LG Fuel for $20 – $30 on Amazon.

Each time you download an app cash will be almost immediately placed in your account. You can use your account balance to purchase gift cards to popular retailers such as Amazon, or have the money directly deposited into your PayPal account (which I prefer). I do not recommend using this to get Amazon gift cards, since you can usually get them at a huge discount. Find out how here.

How Do I Get Started With Whaff Rewards And Earning Money?

Signing-up for Whaff Rewards is pretty straightforward, but it can be slightly confusing. We’re going to break it down into 3 easy steps.

1. Register. In order to register for Whaff Rewards, you first need to download the app from the Google Play Store here. When you first open the app, click on the “login” button in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen and enter your Facebook information. When they ask for the rewards code, use BQ17928 to start off with a bonus of $.30 cents and to support FFL – thank you!

2. Download apps. There are multiple sections on Whaff that allow you to earn cash (which we will explain more in detail below). The amount you receive for downloading an app will be listed next to it. After installation is finished, open the app and play with it for at least 1 minute to make sure you get credited.

3. Cash out. You need a minimum account balance of at least $10.50 before you can cash out. Some gift cards you can cash out for are Target, Amazon, or Steam. However, I prefer to get the cash directly and have it deposited to my PayPal.

What Are The Different Ways I Can Earn With Whaff Rewards And How Much?

If you’ve already registered with Whaff Rewards, you’ve probably noticed that there are a few things you can do to earn money other than downloading apps. We’re going to explain the different ways here.

Whaff Lucky Picks

This section is essentially like a lottery. You download an app, and if you are a lucky winner you will receive cash. Doing this is a great way to fill up your phone with apps, which is why I don’t recommend it. It’s highly unlikely that you will get rewarded. If you want to use your time more efficiently, I suggest the other sections.

Premium Picks

This is the spot where most of your money will come in. Most of the time you’ll be asked to download apps, but sometimes you can earn cash by completing tasks on the app you install.

In the image below, we see that there’s an app called Deadwalk. You get an installation reward and also a reward for playing it daily. A great way of making this income passive is by leaving the app installed and you get $.01 cent. However, you have to complete the first 3 tasks first before it’s available.

Whaff Picks

This section contains your typical install app, open app for 30 seconds, and then uninstall. Most of the time you’ll be earning $.20 – $2.00 per app. Sometimes you may need to sign-up for a free-trial. If this is the case, just make sue to remember to cancel it before you are charged. There’s usually a lot of apps available, and this section is usually updated daily.


Check-in and receive $.01 cent! You can do this a maximum of 1 time daily. By clicking on this, you’re more likely to have apps available for download, and thus you will earn more cash.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn?

If you download all of the apps available, expect to make around $20 dollars/month. It’s not a whole lot of work if you just log-in for 10 minutes a day and complete offers as quickly as you can. Payouts are made within 3 days of requesting them.

If you’re looking for other rewards apps that are similar to Whaff Rewards, we’ve compiled a list of 10 other ones. Use them all together and you could easily make an extra $200/month.

You can make even more money by referring a friend! Each time you refer someone you receive $.30 cents and you’re friend will also receive $.30 cents when they sign-up using your invite code. If you’d like to support FFL, you can use our referral code BQ17928. We’d greatly appreciate it!

Final Thoughts

Out of all the other apps that pay you for downloading apps, Whaff Rewards is by far the most reliable and quickest. However, other apps tend to have a higher payout rate per app downloaded. Whaff Rewards is currently only available for Android devices, but check back here for updates for when they release an iOS version.

If you’re looking other great rewards apps that can help you earn money from your phone, we recommend the following:

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to tell us about your experience with Whaff Rewards, feel free to do so in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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