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23 Ways To Earn Extra Income Online Without Investment

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Everyone likes to make money, that is a given, but most people are under the impression that it take money to make money. While this is usually true to make some serious cash fast, there are many different ways to make money without any investment at all.

Extra money can be a great way to pay off debts, save up for a big purchase, or even just to make ends meet. Today, we are going to look at how to make extra money online without paying anything at all.

1. Get Paid To Walk

What is one of the most common things that you do each day? Walk.

e have no choice but to walk from our beds to the kitchen, to our cars in the morning, and around work to get things done. Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for all of the steps that you are already taking anyways? Well you’re in luck with two smartphone apps that literally pay you to walk.

Apps like Sweatcoins and Lympo have been created to allow you to rack up credits or “sweatcoins” that can be used toward gift cards, shoes, clothing, and other great goodies provided by their sponsors.

If you walk on a daily basis, there is no reason not to download these two apps and start earning passive income. For bonus points, you can use it as motivation to get more steps in each day.

2. Earn Money For Completing Surveys

One of the tried and true ways of making money online without having to spend money is filling out and completing online surveys. Online surveys are a great way to make money in your off time and the best part is, it is super easy.

Swagbucks, one of the most popular online surveys sites, provides its users with a plethora of online surveys waiting to be completed. These surveys can be completed for credits called “Swagbucks” which can be redeemed in certain increments to purchase gift cards to some of the most popular retailers.

While you may not get rich doing online surveys, they are definitely worth trying out in your down time to make your day a little more profitable.

3. Get Free Food & Get Paid To Mystery Shop

Most people have heard the term mystery shopper before. Mystery shoppers are usually paid or compensated in some way to act as a customer for a business and report on how their interaction went. This can turn into quite the side hustle for those who get good at it.

While many mystery shop companies work through online portals, apps like FieldAgent are starting to pop up on smartphones allowing users to do jobs straight from their phone – and get paid quicker too.

With most mystery shop sites, you will usually have to wait 4-6 weeks for you check to come in. With FieldAgent, the app pays you in 1-3 days depending on the contractor that they are working with.

Most of the time you will be completing jobs to get paid, but sometimes you may be getting reimbursed for a meal which makes for a win-win situation.

4. Take Advantage Of Sign Up Bonuses

Another easy task that you can do from the comfort of your own home is taking advantages of sign up bonuses that companies are offering. This usually involves signing up for their service at no cost, but receiving a small bonus to get you started.

There are many different sites that will give you a sign up bonus or bonuses for completing your first task. Ibotta, a cash back app, will usually run a $10 bonus once you complete your first redemption.

TopCashBack is another site that will reward you with a $10 sign up bonus for just signing up. However, you will need to complete an additional $10 in cash back to reach their $20 withdrawal threshold.

There are many different ways to take advantage of these programs and we provide an easy to use list in our 10 Apps & Websites That Give You A Sign Up Bonus Article.

5. Refer A Friend

Companies are always looking to bring in new customers. What most have figured out is that it is cheaper to pay you to refer a friend than to have to blindly market to potential customers.

In the end, they are getting a customer who trusts the program because of your referral, and a happy customer (you) from being rewarded for the referral.

While we could list out all of the apps and websites that offer this, the list would take about three days to make. So instead, we simply suggest looking at some of the apps and websites that you currently use and see if a referral program is in place.

This can be an easy way to make money by simple calling a friend and asking them to join.

6. Move Your Savings To A High Yield Online Savings Account

This task could take a little bit of time and effort but could net you some great profits if done correctly. While most have somewhat of a savings account, many are not utilizing the available benefits offered by some banks.

Some banks offer higher yield saving accounts which means you could be earning higher interests on the money you have saved. Simply move your money from your current savings account to a new, high-yield account and enjoy the benefits of earning more money on your savings.

7. Make Money By Watching Videos Online

If you are like most people, you probably spend a good amount of time watching TV, Youtube, or videos on social media. What if you could take that time you are using to catch up on the latest sitcom and turn it into pure cash? That’s right, you can get paid to watch videos online.

We previously mentioned Swagbucks in one of our other tips and need to point out that they are not just a survey site, they also let you earn Swagbucks by watching videos. Of course, these Swagbucks eventually earn you gift cards and other great items that you can redeem them for.

So instead of watching a silly cat video on your break from work, find a site that pays you to watch videos and start making some money.

8. Allow Access To Your Internet Usage

How about a money making solution that requires you to do nothing but set up an app? Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong. By allowing Nielsen Panel to access your internet browsing activity, you can earn a cool $50/year.

Nielsen Panel installs directly onto the internet browsing device that you use and runs in the background to avoid slowing your device down. This program anonymously collects data from your browser and pays you $50 for allowing them to do so.

While you may be thinking “wow $50 a year, that’s not very much money”, you have to remember that you are having to do nothing at all except install the program. A nice $50 check every year could be a great addition to all of your other passive incomes.

9. Surf The Web And Get Paid

Just like the Nielsen Panel, there are ways to get paid for simple browsing the web using a certain browser. Setting this up on a family computer can help generate more income as more users will be browsing.

Sites like Bing Rewards will reward you with points for using their search engine to browse the internet.

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself.

They usually have bonus offers as well which include quizzes, easy searches and more fun activities to allow you to earn even more points.

Swagbucks, the ultimate money making website, makes a return on our list as they pay you to surf the web as well.

10. Identify Recurring Charges With Trim

Over the years, people sign up for different services like streaming programs, ad-free programs, and smartphone apps. These small fees add up over time and if they are hitting your account at different times, you may not notice how much you are paying on programs you no longer use.

While this isn’t making money, the old saying rings true “a penny saved is a penny earned”.

This is where an app called Trim comes into play. Trim is a smartphone app that accesses your bank account and searches for any recurring charges that you have to help you better manage what you are paying throughout the month.

Trim has helped many people find thousands of dollars in recurring charges that they no longer use.

11. Help Test Websites

If you are using a computer in your off time, chances are you are online browsing websites. What easier way to earn money than to get paid to help test websites. That’s right, you can get paid to simply browse specific sites.

Sites like connect testers with clients to help provide an easy way for companies to pay you to test their websites. This can be as easy as clicking a few links up to testing out new features across a vast site. Of course, each company will have it’s own set of criteria for their testing.

This is an easy way for those who have some free time to get paid for doing things that they normally do – no skills needed.

12. Become A Freelance Writer

A growing trend in the online entrepreneur business is free lance writing. A free lance writing hustle can be started with zero dollars and your skill set only grows with each job you get.

Sites like Upwork and Fiverr are platforms used to connect clients with freelancer writers where you can join for free and start writing the same day. Clients of these programs will post writing jobs with detailed descriptions and list out the price they are willing to pay for each job.

You, as a freelance writer, can send in your proposal to be accepted and secure a job.

The best part of this is, is that with each writing assignment, you learn more about how freelance writing works and can become better with each job. With clients looking for long term writers, you can make a good impact and get jobs that extend for months or even years.

13. Become A Virtual Assistant

If you are someone who has larger amounts of time to dedicate to a making money online, you can sign up to be a virtual assistant for a company. Virtual assistants are basically a representative for a customer to help with chat features, emails, and other customer to business interactions. is a site that allows you to sign up to be a virtual assistant and let you connect with companies that are looking to get help.

14. Teach Your Skills Online

If you have a special talent or a skill that is teachable, you could be making money from it. Now we aren’t talking about seeking out schools that need teachers or having to rent out space to hold a workshop, we are talking about teaching your skills online from the convenience of your own home.

Skillshare is a website that allows you to register as a “teacher” of a skill and connects you with people who are wanting to learn your talent or skill. This is an easy way to use the knowledge that you already know to make you an additional income.

The best part is, you can start to earn a reputation among students and get more customers through referrals. So the longer and better you teach, the more money you are capable of making.

15. Learn To Become A Consultant

If you do not have the time to dedicate to teaching your skill or becoming a full time freelance worker, you can always learn to make money from consulting. Consulting is simply giving your advice on things that you are educated about.

For example, you could be a social media consultant that businesses can pay you monthly for to meet twice a month for answers to their questions.

We had mentioned Upwork before as an outlet to freelance write from and you can do the same with consulting as well. Companies are willing to pay highly educated people to inform them of best practices and audit their work. This can be an easy way to generate a guaranteed paycheck every month.

16. Create Your Own Blog

Blogs are everywhere. Whether you are looking up a recipe, finding out how to fix your stopped up drain, or even just reading about how to potty train your toddler, there is a blog for just about everything. However, did you know that you could be making money by creating your own blog?

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to start up your own website and generate money but the trick is to learn how to make your blog revenue positive. There are multiple ways to make money blogging from selling your own merchandise to allowing ads to be run on your blog site.

Of course, you could always work with sponsors as well to help fund some of your blog posts. This can be in the form of a check or products.

To get started, you’ll need a hosting plan and a domain name. We recommend using HostGator for your hosting plan – use our link and get a 60% discount. For a domain, we recommend going with NameCheap.

17. Start Your Own Drop Shipping Business

A popular way to start your own business without having any upfront costs is drop-shipping. Drop shipping is a business model where you sell a product from a company without bringing the products into your own inventory.

How this works can vary depending on the company you are working with but the premise is usually the same. You will get in touch with a company who allows drop shipping to get set up with a wholesale account.

The company will offer you the product at a cheaper rate to allow you to sell at MSRP or a little lower depending on their MAP pricing. A customer makes the purchase, you send the PO to the company and they ship it. All you have to do is collect the difference in your markup and that’s it.

Also a popular way to do this is by finding products available on Amazon and listing them on eBay for a higher price, collecting the difference when it sells. This can be tedious and profits per item may be small, but you can get a pretty good amount going that can turn a nice profit.

18. Rent Your Car Out

Another great way to earn some extra money using things that you already have is renting out your car. Yes, you can rent out your car to people for the day, a week, or even a month using various ride share smartphone apps.

One of the most popular apps, Turo, allows you to register your car to the app and let users who are looking for a vehicle to rent, rent it out for the day. This has disrupted the car rental business as it makes it easy for everyday people to rent out their vehicles at lower prices.

However, you will need to make sure that your car meets all of the requirements to be used as a rental vehicle. Each company will have it’s own set of requirements for rent-able vehicles.

This is perfect for those with extra vehicles or people who are able to downsize to one vehicle for money savings while earning money through Turo.

19. Get Paid To Deliver Food

Speaking of using your vehicle to earn you money, if you do not like the idea of having your car driven by strangers, you can always use your car to deliver food for extra money. Food delivery businesses that utilize independent contractors have grown tremendously over the years.

Apps like UberEats, Favor, and DoorDash allow you to register as a “runner” and get paid to deliver food to people. The apps are different but their ideology is quite similar. They allow their customers to order foods from various restaurants and have their “runners” deliver the food.

The runners get paid a delivery fee plus the tips that are left for the driver by the customer.

Much like Turo, some of these companies will have certain requirements that must be met in order to be a runner for the company. These apps are a great way for students, parents, and part time employees to work at their own pace.

20. Get Paid To Drive People Around

The last way that you can use your vehicle to make yourself some money is by acting as your own taxi service. Just like the food delivery service, the ride share industry is growing at an unbelievable pace. This has allowed people to not only save money on taxi fares but also make great money as drivers.

Using apps like Uber and Lyft, people can register themselves and their cars to be able to earn money by picking up and dropping off people at their destinations. This has been a deep blow to the taxi industry but has generated a better user experience for those needing to find a quick ride to and from their destinations.

Due to the liability of transporting others, the requirements for your car and yourself is usually more strict, however, most newer cars with 4 doors are eligible.

21. Offer Up An Extra Room To Be Rented Out Nightly

Hotels can be hit or miss when it comes to personal preference, noise, and overall quality. With more and more people starting to look for alternatives to hotels, the rise of room-sharing apps has exploded.

Apps like AirBnB are making it much easier for people to bypass hotels and rent rooms and homes out from people who have registered on the app as a room providers.

How it works: People who have an extra home, room, or loft can register the room for rent much like a hotel. The users in search of rooms can search through the rentable properties in the area and communicate directly with the owner for a better user experience.

This is a great way to make money on extra rooms or a home that you do not live in all of the time.

22. Sell Off Your Unused Belongings

A tried and true way of making extra money and cleaning out some clutter of your home is by selling off your unused items online. This not only helps you make extra cash, it helps to keep you from hoarding items you no longer need.

There are many ways you can go about this but LetGo and 5Miles are our go-to apps for selling clothes, sporting goods, and many other household items. The easy to use apps allow you to upload a photo, descriptions, and contact info so that buyers can browse and contact you on purchasing your items.

Our suggestion is to scour your home for items you no longer use to see what could be of value to someone else. List it, and wait for customers to contact you.

23. Get Paid To Download Apps To Your Phone

Last but not least, you can actually make money by downloading apps onto your smartphone. Now this is something that we all do as smartphone owners so you might as well be getting paid for it right?

One such app that allows this is PocketFlip. Pocketflip is an easy to use app that exchanged app downloads for “coins”. These coins can be redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers after reaching certain milestones.

Much of these tasks are quite easy and earning your first gift card can be done in as little as an hour in most cases.

Final Thoughts

So now that we have given you many different ways to make money without paying anything, it’s time to get out there and start earning. Use a few of these tasks together to optimize our potential revenue and become a money making machine.

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