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Earn Free Gift Cards Online With Loot Palace

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If you’re looking for a quick way to earn some extra cash, Loot Palace is a rewards website that pays you to complete tasks online such as taking surveys, playing games and more. Registration is completely free.

What Is Loot Palace?

Loot Palace is a website that pays you to participate in certain activities online. Each time you complete a task, you earn a certain amount of “Plunder Points” in your account. These points can then be exchanged for gift cards to popular retailers such as Nintendo, eBay and Amazon. Here is what you can do to earn points:

  • Take surveys
  • Participate in polls
  • Free-trial offers
  • Search the web
  • Play games
  • Refer friends
  • Daily Bonus
  • More

You’ll see a list of available offers to earn points when you log-in to your account. There are plenty available, so there’s no need to worry about running out.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn?

Don’t expect to make a fortune using Loot Palace. One of the main reasons we enjoy using it is due to their abundance of offers and the fact that they reward you almost immediately and payments are always made on time.

You automatically get 1,000 points upon registration as a new member, and 850 points is roughly equivalent to $1. Keep in mind that the more points you save, the higher in value they go up. For example, redeem for just $1 and it will cost you 1,200 points, but redeem for $10 and it only costs you 8,000 points.

Refer Your Friends

Refer your friends for some extra cash. You get 10% of all your friends’ earnings when they sign-up using your referral link. Your friend also gets a bonus for signing-up. If you’d like to support FFL, use any of the links to Loot Palace on this page to register. Thank you!

Other Notes

You may sometimes notice some errors with the Loot Palace site as of recently, and we are guessing that this is due to updates on their end. In any case, don’t worry, as they always pay out the correct amount and on time. If you do get an error, refresh the page or wait some time before and check again.

We also stress that you do not create multiple accounts, as Loot Palace is very strict about this. You’ll more than likely end up getting your account banned, and any points that you did have will get erased.

How Can I Get Started With Loot Palace?

Getting started with Loot Palace is completely simple and can be done in just 3 easy steps.

1. Register. You can register for a new account by clicking this link here. All you need to do is enter in your email address and create a username.


2. Complete offers. Browser through the offers in the log-in page and see which one is best for you. Certain offers pay more, but be sure to take note on how long they take to complete as well.


3. Cash out. Once you earn a minimum of 1,200 in points in your account you can cash out for gift cards. Remember, the more you save, the more your points are worth.


Final Thoughts

Loot Palace isn’t the highest paying rewards site out there, but you’ll never be left without an offer since there’s so many. Be sure to refer your friends to earn an extra 10% on all of their earnings. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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