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EarnHoney Launches Mobile App – Earn Passive Income Watching Videos

EarnHoney Launches Mobile App – Earn Passive Income Watching Videos
Jason Wuerch Sep 25, 2016
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

EarnHoney is one of the most popular rewards websites out there, maintaining a strong reputation ever since its release nearly two years ago.

They always pay their users and on time simply for completing tasks over the internet. Users are quite content with their payout rates, and as of a few days ago they released their new mobile app.

What Is EarnHoney?

As mentioned above, EarnHoney is a rewards program that pays you to complete certain tasks on their website. Here are the current activities that you can participate in to earn money:

  • Free-Trial Offers
  • Surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Playing Games
  • Taking Polls

Each time you complete one of these activities, you earn a virtual currency called Honey Dollars (HD). The amount of HD you can potentially earn depends on the task that you complete. Honey Dollars can be exchanged for cash prizes such as gift cards to Amazon or direct deposits to PayPal.

The reason EarnHoney is able to pay its users is through their advertisers. Each time a video is watched or a survey is completed, they pay EarnHoney a certain amount of dollars. Instead of keeping all of this money to themselves, they pass on a percentage of it to you, the user.

As of recently, EarnHoney has been claimed to be one of the highest payout entertainment rewards site. While we did just mention a wide variety of tasks you can complete, the main one we’re going to focus on is watching videos. This is because this is where the majority of our money is going to be made.

Registration for EarnHoney is completely free. Unfortunately, this rewards program is currently only available for US users.

Watching Videos

The main reason we’re going to focus on watching videos is because there’s almost no effort on your part. The only thing you have to do is hit the start button. Videos are played one after another without any interaction from the user. In other words, there’s no need to click a button to play the next video on both desktop and mobile devices.

Since you don’t really have to do any work, you’re essentially earning a passive income. Right now their mobile app only has the option to watch videos. However, you shouldn’t really mind this because watching videos is most likely the only task we’re going to partake in.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn With EarnHoney?

In order to calculate how much we can earn with EarnHoney, we first need to know how much Honey Dollars are worth in terms of real cash. 100 Honey Dollars is equal to $1 USD, and you need a minimum of 200 to cash out.

Keep in mind that payouts are a bit slow as they can take anywhere from 3 – 7 business days. I’ve never had a problem receiving my payment or not being paid on time.

You can get a slightly better deal for your Honey Dollars if you save up, but the difference is very minimal. The amount you can earn watching videos with EarnHoney depends on whether you’re watching them from your desktop or mobile device.

Mobile Devices

For mobile devices – assuming you have a decent phone that can run videos smoothly – you’re only going to earn 0.1 HD per ad. On average, ads run at about once every 1 minute and 30 seconds.

At 0.1HD/90 seconds, we would be getting 4HD every hour or 96 HD ($.96) per day. Put this at a monthly rate and we’re earning nearly $29/month in passive income. Not bad for not having to do hardly anything.


Videos on the desktop version of EarnHoney also run passively and tend to pay a bit more on average. However, we’ve still found that you can earn about 4 – 5 HD per hour, only slightly better than their mobile app.

Furthermore, many users report crashing on the desktop version. For this reason, it can be really difficult to determine an hourly rate for EarnHoney. We’re going to assume around $29/month for the Desktop as well to be on the safe side.

Refer Your Friends

This is one task we can’t let slip through our hands. EarnHoney has an excellent referral program. For each friend that uses your referral code or referral link when signing-up, you earn 10% of all of their earnings for life. Not only that, but your friend also receives a small bonus when signing-up.

Convince your friends that they can easily earn some passive income by watching videos from their phone. If you’d like to support FFL, you can use our referral link here or enter in the code duuRG26I. We’d greatly appreciate it!

Increase Your Earnings By Increasing Your Device Limit

Want to earn more than just $30 a month in passive income? Increase your device limit. EarnHoney recommends that you only use 1 desktop and 1 mobile device, but they have not put a hard stop on the amount of devices you can use.

This means that if you have a stable and fast internet connection, you could potentially get 10 phones or more and multiply your earnings by this amount

Although there currently isn’t a device limit with EarnHoney, they have set a point limit. The maximum amount of HD you can earn in any given hour is 100 HD or $1 USD. Even though it’s not a lot of money, you don’t have to do any work since the videos are running passively.

If your family members would like to give it a try, you do have the option of running multiple accounts per household. Just keep in mind that multiple accounts per person will be deactivated or suspended.

What Type Of Devices Should I Buy To Run EarnHoney?

It may cost you a bit of money upfront to run EarnHoney on multiple devices. Yet if you’re going to be running them constantly, you should be able to earn this money back quite quickly.

We’re going to want something that meets the following criteria:

  1. Can run videos quickly and smoothly.
  2. Doesn’t break our wallet.
  3. Will last a long time.

For this reason, we recommend running EarnHoney on Windows tablets. You can usually find good ones on Amazon for under $50 when on sale.

Tablets tend to be a bit smoother than mobile phones, don’t crash as easily and they’re also able to run the EarnHoney directly from the website since they have Flash Player capability.

If you’re looking for a specific device, we personally suggest getting the Insignia 32 GB Windows 10 Tablet. Most of the time used ones are under $50.

Things To Keep In Mind

There are a few things to keep in mind when using EarnHoney. We included this section in order to help prevent users from getting their accounts banned or suspended.

Earning Over 100 HD Per Day

Although EarnHoney won’t let you go past earning 100 HD per hour, we recommend staying a bit below the maximum. Some users have reported getting their accounts banned once they reach this amount.

Not only that, there’s no need to try and reach this amount. Once you reach a certain amount of devices that are constantly running videos under one household, the typical internet connection won’t be able to support much more bandwidth. Adding more devices may greatly slow down your internet speed. At a certain point, one more device won’t generate that much more in earnings.

Keep In Mind Of A Bandwidth Limit

Certain internet service providers put a cap on the amount of bandwidth you can use per month. For the typical residential plan for Comcast, the cap is at about 250 GB per month. We’ve found on average that running just one device for a month straight can use up to as much as 50 GB.

While I haven’t received any notice from Comcast for going over this limit, keep in mind that it does exist. If you go too high over the limit, you may receive a warning for your bandwidth usage.

Do Not Use VPNs or Proxies

EarnHoney is very strict on their policy of using VPNs or Proxies. They are not tolerated at all, and any detection of these technologies will result in an immediate suspension.

The reason for this is because EarnHoney doesn’t want their users scamming their rewards system. Advertisers pay a lot of money to post their ads through EarnHoney. They want to make sure that their message is being sent through in the most honest way possible. Furthermore, since EarnHoney allows multiple devices when running videos, there isn’t really a need to use a VPN or a proxy.

How Do I Get Started With EarnHoney?

Getting setup with EarnHoney is incredibly simple. In order to make sure you don’t miss any steps, we’re going to break it down into 4 easy steps.

1. Register.

You can register for a free EarnHoney account by clicking this link here. Both your email and Facebook account can be used. From there you can continue to use their site from a personal computer or download their mobile app.


2. Complete Tasks.

Start completing tasks to earn Honey Dollars. 100 HD is equal to $1 USD. Although there are many different tasks you can complete, we’re only focusing on watching videos. This is because the effort is minimal, the income is passive and the payout rate is quite high. You can watch videos on both a desktop and mobile device now.


3. Cash out.

Once you reach a minimum account balance of 200 HD, you can cash out for cash prizes. If you’re feeling a bit more generous, you can even give away your earnings to charity.


4. Refer Friends.

Even though watching videos is what we’re focusing on, you can still earn some great cash by referring your friends. For each friend you refer, you get 10% of all of their earnings. Referral earnings are paid on the 5th of each month. If you’d like to support FFL you can use our referral link here or enter the referral code duuRG26I. You also get a bonus for entering it. Thank you!


Final Thoughts

Watching videos for income from your phone is a great way to earn some extra side income. Not much extra effort is required, and certain apps have a great payout rate.

EarnHoney takes it one step further. While most apps require you to hit a “next” button to play the proceeding video, EarnHoney automatically plays it. This means that you can hit the play button just once, sit back and earn a passive income.

Know of any other video apps that can help you earn some money while on the go? Let us know in the comments below, or if you have any questions regarding EarnHoney. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Jason Wuerch

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What about watching the videos that say earn 30HDs per hour. I have been doing it and only see 686HDs and it has been over a month about twenty hours average daily. How do I get the 30 HDTV per hour credited to me. Joe Jarboe.

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