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10 Extra Money Ideas That Make A Great Side Hustle

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extra money ideasMaking an extra $1,000 in less than a month is easier now more than before thanks to the lucrative internet age.

From simple and fun gigs to launching a full-blown startup, there are so many ways to make money on the side.

The essence of this post is to cover various ways in which you can achieve all of the above.

Before you begin reading through, it’s worth mentioning that all the following extra money ideas require a ton of effort to get the best out of them.

Burn the midnight oil if you have to – financial success doesn’t come easy.

Here are ten of the best extra money ideas that make excellent side hustles:

1. Develop Your Own Site and Start Blogging

Blogging has proven to be one of the most effective home-based side hustles especially to those drawn to the writing niche.

To start your own blog, you need to pick a hosting service. We recommend going with HostGator. We’ve partnered up with them to get you a deal of only $2.75/month or just under $40/year. Not bad for starting your own business.

Most people choose to get to it right away without getting to know what it involves. You’ll be better off understanding every aspect of blogging including what it takes to build a professional site, developing it, creating unique content, and promoting it.

As time goes by, blogging knowledge like that will be very beneficial on your end.

Before you begin blogging, explore the different niches and settle for one you’re entirely comfortable with.

That way, you won’t waste time learning the hoops and doing time-consuming research before every post (though it may be useful at times).

When blogging, developing a mutual relationship with other platforms can be very beneficial. This beneficial cooperation is known as affiliate marketing.

Here, you’ll need to review or simply mention an individual or company’s products and services. This, of course, must be according to your niche.

With affiliate marketing, you stand to earn up to $100K a month. Provided you know the rules of the game, blogging can be a huge stepping stone to other remunerative online ventures.

Not sure where to begin? Be sure to check out our article on the 7 steps to start a successful blog.

2. Get Paid to Fill Out Online Surveys

This is probably the most well-known means to make money on the side. Online surveys are totally free to join and relatively easy to use. As a matter of fact, survey sites are increasing at an exponential level. How so?

This can be owed to the fact that companies are more than willing to pay money to get the consumers’ views of their products.

Feedback from consumers helps the respective companies to rectify any flaws in their products to stay ahead in the game.

To be on the safe side, you’ll be better off signing up on more than one survey site. Having an account on more than one survey platform will make you eligible for many more surveys. Also, it will enable you to pick the specific ones that pay more, thereby making your time on the site well-spent.

Want to start filling out some surveys and earn some cash on the side? Here are some of the best sites to start you off:


Once you sign up on InboxDollars, you receive a free $5 bonus. Aside from taking surveys, InboxDollars offers a myriad of ways to make money.

Fun activities such as shopping online, watching videos, searching for stuff online and playing games.

Regardless of the activity you choose to take part in, you can start earning from day one with very little effort. If anything, you already do most of these activities on a daily basis.

Lifepoints (formerly MySurvey)

The one thing that makes MySurvey stand out from the hundreds of survey sites out there is its versatility. This is evident in its referral program as well as its reward system – which are both essential aspects of the site.

When filling out boring surveys, it’s easy to quit along the way due to the hard work you’ll have to put in.

With MySurvey, however, the wide array of topics will be more than enough to keep you glued to your screen every other time.


Swagbucks is among the most popular survey sites at the moment. It offers daily surveys coupled with extra ways to earn some cash.

When you fill out a survey, you get rewarded with points referred to as Swagbucks which can be cashed out via PayPal.

Alternatively, the points you accumulate can be redeemed as gift cards for shops such as Each Swagbucks survey takes approximately 10 minutes. For simply signing up, they’ll give you a sweetener of $5.

Vindale Research

To match you to surveys that fit your profile, Vindale Research will ask for certain information from you.

Of course, handing out your information is entirely up to you. Though before you decide not to, Vindale Research pays up to $50 for some surveys.

It also offers a signup bonus of $1, which is not much compared to what its counterparts are offering. Once you create an account, you’ll need to check in every day to find out if there are any available surveys.

Just by filling out online surveys, you stand to make an extra $200 each month. Considering it’s an online thing, you can work from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Though you may not find as many survey opportunities as you’d hoped, it pays to keep checking your mail – surveys pop up at any time.

3. Get to Know More About Cryptocurrency and Invest in It

In most how-to-make-money blogs, it’s not easy finding cryptocurrency listed as one of the extra money ideas.

Why? Not everyone can handle the complexity that comes with mining coins and the investment strategies that comes with it.

To be successful in the realm of cryptocurrency, you don’t necessarily have to be a whiz in all things finance.

Provided you have the mindset of an investor and you’re passionate about technology, you can make a fortune when you choose to invest in cryptocurrency.

To know more about cryptocurrency, you’ll have to delve into vital topics such as:

  • How it works
  • What blockchain mining is
  • The risks involved in bitcoin investing
  • How to purchase and exchange bitcoin
  • The various factors that will determine cryptocurrency’s next step

There are three ways to make money with cryptocurrency: buying(or exchanging) cryptocurrency, mining your own coins and accepting payment in cryptocurrency.

No matter which of these three ways you use to make money using cryptocurrency, you need to be fully aware of market conditions.

If there’s a drop in the value of a coin, you’ll have to be patient until it rises once more. In any case, it’s good to understand all the risks involved before incurring any costly losses.

4. Write and Sell a Book in Less Than a Month

Anything to do with writing these days has the potential to wreck in a substantial amount of cash – especially when it relates to the readers’ status quo.

It’s a fact that you can make a great deal of cash with a single book if it covers a particular niche that people find interesting.

Nowadays, countless books are published daily. It may be rather difficult to market yours, putting into consideration that others have already excelled in the niche that you’re already working on. That shouldn’t be a reason to throw in the towel and ‘leave it to the pros’ – not at all.

This side hustle idea shouldn’t be a means to build your wealth. Consider these meaningful and practical reasons to publish a book:

  • To further your dream/ambition to have a book with your name on it.
  • To be recognized in the writing arena. This will easily translate to more lucrative deals with publishing companies.
  • To build your foundation as a writer. The more you delve deeper into the publishing process, the more aware you’ll become of the milestones.
  • To change your social media profile to something more professional and recognizable.

If you have a strong passion for any venture you’re about to step into, persistence and determination are key elements for ultimate success. In whatever niche you start off with, make sure that it leaves an impact on the reader.

The more interesting it is, the higher the reviews. The higher the reviews, the more your profits. Get to know the steps involved in writing a book and later on, how to choose a reliable publishing company. Your marketing strategy will also matter at this point.

5. Use Your Car to Make Extra Income

If you’re fortunate enough to get to your destination on four wheels, why not get paid to help others get to theirs on time?

Getting paid to drive is, by far, the best side income with no form of investment. Also, you can get started on it right away.

Driving for cash can be very profitable provided you don’t mind being on the road in your free time. If you also love interacting with strangers regularly, you can keep your passengers engaged while en route to their destination.

Lyft or Uber are the ideal platforms to apply to become a self-designated driver. To ensure your success on the road with little complication, look up what’s required of you from either of these two companies.

Ensure that you follow every rule to the letter, understand the standard rates and have legitimate rideshare insurance or any other personal insurance policy.

Get to know how to go about the whole process and prepare yourself both mentally and psychologically for the disadvantages that come along with it.

For some individuals, having to drive a stranger in their backseat isn’t really their cup of tea – and that’s okay.

Not everyone can handle the challenges that come along with using their car to make extra profits. If you’re one hundred percent confident in your driving skills and are ready to embark on something new, by all means, go for it.

6. Make Money on Instagram

To most people, Instagram is associated with only three features: selfies, stories and double taps. Very few entrepreneurial users know they can make extra money on Instagram  by publishing sponsored content.

This fairly simple venture can eventually be turned into a full-time job that can even cater for your rent and other bills.

The downside of this extra money idea is that you need to have a fairly massive following on Instagram.

If you already have an engaged following, it will be easier for you to mention brands, products or other Instagram accounts.

When going about it, try not to sound too promotional. Your followers will easily tell when you come across as too aggressive.

They will quickly unfollow you once your content switches to an advertising platform that’s far from what they’re used to.

For that reason, ensure that you keep a consistent posting schedule while adhering to your marketing strategy. Every now and then, publish a sponsored post that can easily blend into your daily/weekly feed.

For instance, some popular Instagram handles that publish either motivational content or inspiring quotes repost another user’s post.

This way, the other user’s account and its contents gain a significant amount of exposure thereby generating you more income.

Instagrammers often charge hundreds or thousands of dollars just for posting one picture with a product, brand or individual on it. Indeed, that’s a lucrative side hustle taken to a whole new00 level.

7. Offer English Lessons to International Non-English Speaking Students

Do you trust your English skills to a point that you can teach someone else? Try online English tutoring. A number of students around the world are ready to learn from people like you.

To reach these eager learners, you need to have, among other things, a stable internet connection and a Skype account.

Use social media as well as other advertising sites as a platform to advertise your expertise. As your students increase in number, form your own English tutoring company of sorts.

Recruit your linguistic buddies (if there are any) and strategize on how to provide lessons to every student at certain times.

When the time comes, you’ll have to discuss how to distribute the earnings in a fairly. Being the founder, you can choose to take the lion’s share.

The more your ‘company’ grows, the more qualified teachers you’ll have to recruit. Before you know it, your part-time side hustle will become a lucrative, full-time job. It doesn’t matter at which point in your life you choose to become an English tutor.

Anyone from a college student to a professor can take part in the teaching profession. You could alternatively sign up on reputable sites such as English Tutors Live, Preply, Verbling, WzyAnt, Tutor or Noodle.

By choosing to spend your free time tutoring foreign students, you’re basically putting your creativity and patience as a teacher to the test. Also, as a teacher, before you instill essential value to your students, you need to instill it to yourself first.

Get your plans, schedule and attitude in check before starting to think of the thousands of dollars you’ll reap from your hard work.

8. Enroll as a Virtual Assistant

‘Who in the world is a virtual assistant?’, You may ask. A virtual assistant, commonly referred to as a VA, is someone who provides virtual support to business or clients from a remote location.

Virtual assistants are mostly sought by up and coming entrepreneurs who are in need of online help but are not ready to hire staff right away.

Most mid-size companies and businesses make use of virtual support for complex tasks including social media management and so on.

To be a virtual assistant, you need to be competent in computer-related tasks such as email filtering, optimization, web design, and so on.

Some companies and entrepreneurs may need some form of proof to ascertain that you’re competent enough to handle tasks that will come your way.

Others, on the contrary, only require you to complete the virtual tasks on time and in the best way possible.

You can choose to learn most of the virtual tasks on your own or choose to enroll in a reputable computer institution.

When you gain all the training you need, you can choose to offer your services to clients individually or sign up on the many VA sites and get linked to countless clients from all over the world. Draft a professional profile and apply for the hundreds of jobs that are posted daily.

9. Delve into the World of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in itself is a lucrative opportunity that needs a whole post dedicated to it for deeper understanding. For now, once you get the hang of things, you can use it to make extra cash online.

The most used network, Amazon Associates, has been known to be the best way to earn a substantial commission from every sale you make.

Being an affiliate of Amazon Associates will require you to forward anyone who clicks on your unique link to an alternative platform where they can make a purchase.

Most affiliates (those who have an Amazon Affiliate account) prefer to create their own website to promote their links. Whether to put it up on a website or a blog, that will be entirely up to you.

The best alternative way to go about it would be to rely on sites that already have a huge following, promote your link on your social media accounts or even via newsletters.

Joining Amazon Associates is not a fixed opportunity; you can choose to join other networks. However, most people prefer affiliate marketing for Amazon based on the fact that it’s one of the most popular online retailers today. It’s also owned by the world’s richest man who is also the founder, Jeff Bezos.

Supposing you choose to open an Amazon Affiliates account, you’ll proceed to choose a niche that you know you can easily produce a bulk of content from.

Ensure that the products are directly related to what users are already going for at the moment.

Of all the extra money ideas, this has to be the trickiest of them all. Making even a single uninformed decision can have detrimental effects on your finances.

Learn what you can about Amazon Affiliate Marketing and use your new-found skills to earn a few extra bucks.

10. Start Your Own Pet Care Service

For all the pet lovers out there, this particular side hustle can be more of a fun experience rather than a means to add a few dollars into your account.

Taking care of pets (otherwise referred to as pet sitting) is essentially something that anyone can do without breaking a sweat – although it comes with its fair share of challenges.

For instance, taking a dog for a walk for long distances under the scorching sun. Some may fancy getting an unwanted tan while others consider their skin too fragile.

Considering you’ll spend most of your time within the confines of your client’s air-conditioned home, you need to offer special discounts, especially in the summer. Spring would probably be the best time to make your services known to your neighbors.

Before summer sets in, everyone will be lining up to get your top-notch services. Some countries may require you to have a licence for owning a pet care service. Perform the necessary background checks and get into the business once you have all that’s needed.

When it Comes to Side Hustles, There’s Always Something for Everyone

Of course, earning extra income is a life-changing experience. Though money can’t buy you happiness, the one thing it can buy you is freedom.

Most people are oblivious to this fact owing to the fact that they’re not earning something extra on the side.

The following are some of the most significant reasons why you should consider getting an extra source of income:

  • Early retirement
  • Added opportunities to save for your dream vacation
  • Reduced stress from living off paycheck to paycheck
  • It can be established into more and more wealth
  • Reduces the weight of debilitating debt
  • You can pass it on to friends or family for social good

Considering how easy these ten extra money ideas are, you won’t have to worry about interviews or paying hefty fees in advance to start working.

In addition, they’re all one hundred percent legitimate, tried and tested ways to earn income.

All that’s required from you is a clear mind, a will to earn and a never-say-die attitude. When one venture doesn’t work out as you hoped, try your luck at another.

We all have our fields of expertise that can be beneficial in more ways than one and that’s the beauty of side hustles.

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