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Fiverr Review And Guide: Make Extra Money $5 At A Time

Fiverr Review And Guide: Make Extra Money $5 At A Time
Amy Baum Mar 5, 2017
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?


I’ve been working from home online since 2011, but I didn’t just dive into freelance writing overnight. During the early years, I tried many different make money online sites and third-party writing platforms.

One site that I tried back then was Fiverr, and it’s even more popular today than ever before. If you’re sitting there wondering “What is Fiverr?”, I’ve got you covered.

I decided to write an in-depth Fiverr review and guide for a few reasons. First, it’s a viable option for pretty much anyone and everyone. It’s also a way to make a few occasional bucks or a part-time income; some people even make their living on this site.

From explaining Fiverr gigs to offering tips, I aim to provide a thorough, honest, and helpful review of the site. Setting up an account is 100% free.

What Is Fiverr?

Before you give Fiverr a shot, it’s important to understand what this money making website is all about. On the Wikipedia page, Fiverr is referred to as an “online global marketplace”, and I find this description to be the easiest to understand.

It’s simply a place for the average person – and even skilled professionals – to sell their goods and services. As the name suggests, Sellers start listing their services – known as gigs – starting $5 a pop.

fiverr what is guide and review

An article on the Fiverr support page titled How Fiverr Works is a must-read for any new user. I’ll summarize some highlights from this article below:

  • Fiverr® is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services.
  • Buyers who purchase your Gig pay Fiverr in advance; you receive 80% of the money earned.
  • Browse the various Gig categories on Fiverr to see what types of goods and services are popular.
  • Complete your seller profile and include some samples of your work.

As you can see, Fiverr is pretty straightforward. You, the Seller, offer your Gig, and the Buyer pays for it. Fiverr provides lots of resources for new users, and they’re truly crucial for succeeding.

Anyone can join Fiverr and post Seller Gigs, but it takes some knowledge and know-how to make a living. Read the resources I linked in the last bullet point, and read on below to find more helpful information. Additionally, this US New article about Fiverr is an interesting and informative read.

15 Ways To Earn Money On Fiverr

Now that you know about the platform, it’s time to learn how to make money on Fiverr. I know that the whole ‘make money online’ thing can seem difficult, but Fiverr is such a diverse marketplace.

As long as you have some basic skills, there’s a good chance you can make a profitable gig. To get the wheels in your head turning, I’ve listed 15 ideas for making money on Fiverr below.

1. Film testimonial videos.

If you have a webcam, you can make some serious cash filming short testimonial videos for new businesses. In many cases, the Buyer will even give you a script to read. One user has sold over 200 videos ranging between $5 and $35.

2. Proofreading written content.

Proofreading is a pretty simple task, and there are numerous free tools you can use to improve your skills. Offering proofreading services is a quick way to make cash, and lots of bloggers and businesses need this service. A Fiverr user has sold over 1,600 Gigs for her $5 proofreading service.

3. Offer different types of virtual assistant services.

Are you Internet or computer savvy? Perhaps you’ve got attention to detail and some extra time on your hands. Many professionals are looking for virtual assistants to help them send e-mails, organize digital files, and so on. Danielle, a virtual assistant on Fiverr, has sold over 40 Gigs ranging from $5 to $25.

4. Make small handwritten signs.

This may sound a bit odd at first, but this is actually a pretty popular gig on Fiverr. Businesses and individuals are more than willing to pay for a photo of you holding a simple handwritten sign. One Fiverr seller has sold over 100 ‘hold your sign’ Gigs starting at $5 each.

5. Offer social media-related services.

Do you have a decent following on social media? If so, you can easily use this to make some extra cash. Offer to promote a business on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

This is a super-affordable way for new businesses to get traffic, and it only takes seconds for you to get the job done. One seller offers five social media posts starting at $5 and has completed more than 30 Gigs.

6. Edit personal and professional photos.

Basic editing in Photoshop and with similar software is fairly easy to learn if you don’t already know how. Just doing a Google search will pull up tons of helpful videos and articles.

People all over the world want their photos edited for one reason or another. Perhaps you can color correct, brighten, or remove blemishes from photos. Jetlsy – a seller on Fiverr – edits photos starting at $10 and has completed over 100 Gigs.

7. Write a review for a product or service.

If you have a way with words and can put a positive spin on things, writing reviews is a great way to make money on Fiverr. For example, you can check out a Buyer’s website and write a review for them to use.

This looks great for their business, and it puts cash in your pocket. One seller offers her review writing services for $10 a pop, and she’s completed nearly 2,000 Fiverr Gigs.

8. Provide advice about something you’re experienced with.

Nearly everyone has something that they’re passionate or knowledgeable about. Maybe you’re savvy with makeup and your friends flock to you for beauty advice.

Or perhaps you’re the go-to person for relationship advice. Use your talents or passion to make a profit! One seller gives speech therapy advice for $5, and she’s completed over 10 Gigs.

9. Send a card or letter in the mail.

This is an incredibly easy gig that anyone can do, and it’s also pretty unique. You can use pre-made cards or create handmade ones to send to Sellers. They may be used for special occasions like holidays, or they may simply have a positive and friendly ‘just because’ message.

Putting your own creative spin on it may help you stand out from the crowd. One user sends handmade watercolor greeting cards for $5 and another sends postcards from Hong Kong for $5.

10. Write questions and comments on forum and blog posts.

This potential Gig is along the same vein of writing a review of a product or service. New businesses and bloggers need website traffic, and you can provide it in the form of questions and comments.

You simply get the Seller’s website link and visit various forums to share the link. It’s pretty simple and can be lucrative, too. One Fiver Seller offers this service for $5 to $10 and has completed more than 120 Gigs.

11. Sing a song.

Do you have an appealing singing voice? Or maybe you’ve got an average voice, lots of confidence, and can come up with silly songs. Whatever the case may be, there’s definitely a demand for singing Gigs on Fiverr.

I explored this niche and found a lot of diversity. For example, one Seller with over 200 completed Gigs will sing and compose anything that a Buyer writes. Another Seller with more than 100 Gigs completed will sing a fun version of ‘Happy Birthday’ for buyers.

12. Create drawings, paintings, or any other type of art.

If you’re an artsy person, you can use your talents to create awesome Fiverr gigs. From digital paintings to physical drawings, any artist can offer their unique talents via Fiverr.

It’s also a good platform if you’ve got a knack for photography, too. One Seller has over 200 completed Gigs and draws fantasy characters for $5 to $55. Another popular Seller draws children’s book illustrations for $15 to $70 and has over 140 completed Gigs.

13. Transcribe videos and audio into text.

Transcription is a very popular work from home job. If you aren’t ready to join a company or provide full-fledged services, try transcribing for Buyers on Fiverr.

You’ll receive videos, audios, and written documents, and your job is to type them into legible text. There are tons of transcription guides online, so you can easily learn the best methods of transcribing.

One incredibly successful Seller offers 10 minutes of audio or video transcription for $5 and has completed just under 900 Gigs!

14. Offer silly pranks and stunts.

Yep, you read that correctly. Pranks and stunts are found in the ‘Fun & Lifestyle’ section of Fiverr Gigs. Some examples include prank calling, bizarre challenge videos, sending glitter bombs, and so much more.

You can get as creative as you’d like so long as you follow Fiverr’s rules. So if you’re a prankster or enjoy making others laugh, give it a shot. One Seller offers a prank call gig for $5 and has over 350 completed Gigs.

15. Send unique homemade gifts and items.

If you’re a Pinterest lover with a knack for crafting, turn your hobbies into cold hard cash. The ‘Arts & Crafts’ section of Fiverr has Gigs like creating a letter from Santa, designing customized coffee mugs, creating keychains, and dozens more.

One Seller offers a Gig titled “I will design Personalized Hogwarts Letter and Ticket” for $5 and has completed nearly 100 Gigs. This detailed list is a starting point, but don’t let it limit you!

With millions of people using Fiverr daily, there’s a buyer for pretty much anything. Put your interests, talents, and education to work. You’ll easily come up with some Gigs to get started.

How To Start Making Money On Fiverr

  1. Start by signing up for a Fiverr account. Fiverr is free to join.
  2. Follow all of the necessary steps listed for the completion process. This includes filling out your profile, linking your PayPal account, and so on.
  3. Once you finish the steps, you may begin listing your Gigs. Listings on Fiverr all begin with the phrase “I will…” followed by the good or service that a Seller provides. For example, I could offer a writing gig and title it “I will write a 200-word blog post.”
  4. When you receive an order from a Buyer, provide your good or service. Communication is key, and it’s important to deliver your product or service when you promise to.
  5. Once you deliver your Gig, your Buyer will pay you $5 or whatever price you’ve set. According to the Withdrawing Funds page, you can withdraw your money 14 days after a gig is marked as complete.
  6. You’re all done! Now keep repeating steps three through five to earn money.

In addition to using PayPal, you also have the option of using a Fiverr Revenue Card, Bank Transfer, or Direct Deposit. Each of these methods has applicable fees and minimum withdrawal amounts. I’ll cover that below in the section ‘How Do You Get Paid On Fiverr?’.

How Much Money Can You Make On Fiverr?

This is the million dollar question – no pun intended. Naturally, you want to know how much money you can make on Fiverr. There’s no “one size fits all” answer to this question. It depends on factors such as:

  • What type of skills and Gigs you offer.
  • How much time you spend on the site.
  • How much time you spend marketing yourself.

Some people are going to make $20 a month using Fiverr every week or so. Others may make $100 every week. When I first used Fiverr, I made $30 in a few days – this was before I knew anything about the site. Out of curiousity, I did some research on how much money people have made on Fiverr. Check out these articles and resources to get an idea of your possible earnings:

As you can see, there are tons of different answers to this question. My advice is to set realistic goals for yourself and go from there. Don’t expect to make $1,000 in your first month if you’ve got no experience working online. But if you really want to make a part-time income from this gig, it’s very doable.

How Do You Get Paid On Fiverr?

Let’s discuss the fine details of money and payment now. Yes, your potential income on Fiverr is pretty much unlimited. But it’s important to know A) how you’re getting paid and B) what fees are associated with revenue and payments. Take a look at the info below:

  • Fiverr takes a 20% commission for every gig payment that you receive. This means that you’ll actually receive $4 instead of $5 per Fiverr gig.
  • There are different Fiverr payment fees that you should be aware of. The fees range from $1 to $3 depending on the withdrawal method you use. Scroll down to the Withdrawal Methods chart on the Terms of Service page to see which fees are applicable.
  • There are a few different payment methods you can choose from on Fiverr. You can choose from PayPal, direct deposit, or a Fiverr Revenue Card. Visit the Getting Paid page for more details.

As you can see, there are certainly some fees for you to consider. Personally, I feel that this is one of the few downsides to Fiverr. But I understand that many online money making platforms have to charge fees to compensate for transactions. It makes sense! But factor this info into how much you charge and your income goals.

Tips For Landing Fiverr Gigs

As you can imagine, the Fiverr marketplace is fairly saturated. With over three million gigs listed, you’ve truly got some competition. However, you shouldn’t let this deter you! Have a bit of patience as you get started, and consider the tips listed below.

If possible, create an ‘About’ video for your profile.

Videos are a way to stand out from the others Sellers, and they allow you to really let your personality shine through. Keep it simple, speak clearly, and use good lighting! You don’t need a super fancy webcam; I’ve used a built-in webcam for ‘About’ videos like this.

If you can’t use video, make sure to include relevant, unique photos.

No video? Not a problem as long as you’ve still got some great visual content. If you’re providing goods, upload some clear, high-quality photos of your work. If you’re providing a service, use a simple image and template to create a fun, unique logo. Before I used Photoshop, I simply did this in Microsoft Paint. There’s nothing stopping you!

Be very detailed and professional when filling out your profile.

Frankly, there’s no room for spelling or grammatical errors on your profile. Treat it like a cover letter. Use Grammarly or another online spelling and grammar checker to ensure your profile is polished.

Talk less about yourself; talk more about what your Seller needs.

Here’s one example. On my Fiverr profile, I could write “I am a freelance writer offering over five years of experience.” THis sounds fine, but it’s a little boring.

Let’s say I write “You need great content for your business to grow; it’s crucial if you want to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why I’m here to write professional content for you.” This speaks to the Seller’s needs and lets them know I can help them, too.

Use social media to your advantage.

Promote yourself on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your blog, and any other platform. Twitter is a great platform for self-promotion. Make sure to use the “#Fiverr” hashtag in all social media posts. You can also post in the Reddit For Hire subreddit. I’ve found clients via Reddit multiple times – social media is absolutely the way to go.

Make sure the time you spend on a Gig is worth the effort and payment.

If a $5 gig is going to take you two hours, it’s probably not worth your time. After Fiverr fees, that’s a mere $2 per hour. But let’s say you can write a short blog post for $5 in about $15 minutes. If you write and edit three or four per hour, that’s an hourly wage of $12 to $15. Not bad at all! Only you can decide what your time is worth, though.

Find your niche and stick to it for awhile.

Once your head is buzzing with great ideas, you may want to post all sorts of Gigs. While this is exciting, it’s best to stick to one niche until you’ve gained some Fiverr success. Sticking with one niche looks professional and showcases your talent. There’s room to expand later on!

Tempt your Buyers with a discount for future orders.

Once you complete a Gig for a Buyer, send them a polite message offering a discount on their next order. This is enticing for Buyers and builds your ratings and experience. You can also offer bulk discounts if they place multiple orders, too. Be polite with your offer and avoid being pushy.

List nearly identical Gigs all at once to maximize exposure.

Even though you’re sticking with one niche, you can post multiple Gigs that are very similar. This increases your exposure and shows off your skills.

For example, I could list the following Gigs:

  1. I will write a short blog post for your business.
  2. I will write a 300-word article about any topic.
  3. I will write and edit a 300-word review.

These are all essentially the same thing, but they sound unique and showcase multiple areas of writing. Apply this method to your Gigs to get yourself out there!

Don’t hesitate to add extras to your gig.

Adding additional options to your Gigs is a great way to make extra money. For example, add a ‘speedy delivery’ option for $5 more. Check out some profiles in your niche using the Fiverr search bar. You can get a great idea of the extras that you can offer.

Always deliver your Gig on time, and try not to cancel orders.

Your ratings can make or break your Fiverr success. Set realistic delivery times and avoid canceling orders at all costs. Make sure to keep clients updated on your progress with short, polite messages. Getting five-star ratings is the way to grow on Fiverr, and you need client satisfaction to get those ratings.

Finished Reading This Fiverr Review? Time To Make Money!

Now that you’ve read my Fiverr review, you can start making money online through this ultra-popular platform. Simply visit the Join Fiverr page to get started, and implement the tips above to complete your profile and create Gigs.

Once you’ve done this, you’re all set! Promote your Gigs on social media, be persistent, and you may find great success.

Though Fiverr is a great option, we understand that there are tons to choose from. At Frugal For Less, we’ve covered many different methods for making money online. If you enjoyed this article, check out these ones:

Have any other ways of earning money online or great tips for earning on Fiverr? Feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Amy Baum


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