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FoodKick Review: A Fast & Cheap Way To Get Your Groceries Delivered

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New York is one of the worlds most vibrant and busy cities. It’s a place that many people dream of living but it can also be a tough place to live. 

With so many people commuting around the city every day, carrying out all of life’s necessary tasks can be hard. Even grocery shopping can be a challenge if you work a busy schedule and want to save money. 

If you’re a New Yorker that’s keen to live frugally and maintain a healthy diet, then the app we’re going to be reviewing today could be perfect for you. FoodKick is a grocery app that could be the perfect solution to your problems. 

In this in-depth FoodKick review, we’re going to be taking a look at what FoodKick has to offer.

What is FoodKick?

FoodKick is a food and alcohol delivery service, and according to a lot of reviews, it’s one of New York’s best-kept secrets when it comes to living frugally. 

FoodKick services popular areas of NYC such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. It offers reasonably-priced delivery on many different grocery items as well as food and alcohol from selected stores and vendors around the city. 

The company markets the app to busy professionals and millennials that ‘only have a New York minute’ and need a quick and easy way to get groceries and other essentials for a reasonable price. 

Although a lot of stores now offer delivery services for groceries, FoodKick is unique in that it allows you to order products from the app and get super-fast, affordable delivery. It’s got a pretty good reputation due to its convenience and popularity. TimeOut rates it as one of the best ways to get your groceries delivered in NYC.

However, here at Frugal for Less, we don’t like to take one writers opinion as fact, so we’ve prepared a full review of FoodKick, to help you to decide whether its a useful and frugal alternative to your current shopping set-up. 

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at how FoodKick works and what you can expect when using the app.

How Does FoodKick Work?

FoodKick works in much the same ways as many other food delivery apps. You make an order, the items are collected from FoodKick’s ‘dark store’ and delivered directly to the address you choose. 

The process of making an order on FoodKick goes a little like this:

Step One – Create an Account

Sign in to your account or create a new FoodKick account. Creating an account is fairly easy. All you have to do is input your email address and create a password.

Step Two – Start Shopping 

Once your account is created, you can go ahead and start shopping. You have the option to search for a particular product using the search bar, or you can search by category. The categories are quite varied and range from fruits and vegetables to drugstore products and deli items. 

Step Three – Head to Checkout 

After you’ve added all the items you want to your bag, you can go ahead and hit the checkout button. At this point, it’s worth noting that FoodKick has a $30 minimum spend policy, so be sure to add at least $30 worth of items before trying to check out. 

Step 4 – Add Delivery Details and Pay

When you hit checkout, you’ll be redirected to the final payment screen. Here you’ll add your address details, payment method, and delivery slots. 

All you have to do then is wait for your groceries to arrive! 

Yep, it’s that simple. There are also a ton of times slots to choose from, meaning it could be a convenient choice for people with busy schedules. They even offer delivery slots the very same day, which I personally think is a very nice touch. 

Also, if your keen to order some food or drink, but you’re not sure what you’re looking for, the homepage features different products on a daily basis, so you can even get the same sort of inspiration you would if you were shopping in a regular grocery store

By the looks of things, it would be hard to fault FoodKick on the convenience front, but for frugal people like you and I, convenience isn’t always the most important factor. So, let’s talk about money!

How Much Does FoodKick Cost?

Okay, so FoodKick doesn’t quite deliver free food, but it is quite affordable especially for NYC standards. 

The groceries on the site are probably not the cheapest you can find, but they are a similar price to what you would find in most supermarkets.

To give you an idea here’s some prices of some of the bare essentials on the site

  • 1lb of ground beef – $4.99
  • 2 Mexican avocados – $3.99
  • A pack of tortilla wraps – $2.49 

And so on and so forth…but you get the picture.

This is just an idea of some of the cheaper items that I saw when browsing the grocery section, but, of course, there are some pricier pickings on offer as well. 

Some of the items in the deli and meat sections are quite expensive but no more expensive than they would be in a regular grocery store or deli. 

FoodKick also offers a selection of meal kits and pre-prepared foods that are also reasonably priced in comparison to some other meal prep and delivery services.

There’s only really one additional cost that goes along with using FoodKick and that, of course, is the delivery charge. 

For each delivery, the app charges $4.99. When it comes to delivery charges, this is pretty standard. I mean, I’d struggle to think of a single delivery service that charges less than this, unless they were running some sort of free delivery promotion. 

In addition to this, you can also pay a $1 premium to have your groceries delivered within an hour of ordering, which really isn’t that bad if you find yourself in a pinch.

Ways to Save Money When Using FoodKick

Although we all probably agree that FoodKick’s prices seem reasonable, it’s always a good idea to save a few extra bucks where you can. Here are some tips to help you save money when using FoodKick:

Pay for Unlimited Deliveries

For a single delivery, FoodKick charges $4.99. However, if you’re planning to use FoodKick on a regular basis, it’s well worth paying for the unlimited delivery option. 

For $9.99 a month, you can enjoy unlimited deliveries, but remember, you must buy over $30 worth of items to make an order. However, if you order more than twice in one month, you’re already saving! 

Use a Coupon

Making use of coupons is a Frugal For Less top tip and something we’d always advise you to do. When it comes to FoodKick, we’re in luck because it’s pretty easy to find discount codes online. 

Offers vary but right now on Knoji, you can get 25% off your first two order over $50. There are probably a lot more offers circulating online too. Make sure you check out this post about how to get coupons to get an idea of where to look.

FoodKick vs FreshDirect

FoodKick certainly isn’t the only option for grocery delivery in NYC. In fact, an offshoot from the popular company FreshDirect

FreshDirect is a much more established and more mainstream version of FoodKick. However, if you take a look at the two sites, you may be left wondering, ‘which is better?’. In an attempt to answer that question I did some digging and put together a quick comparison of the two companies. 

User Experience

Overall, there aren’t too many differences between FreshDirect and FoodKick when it comes to placing orders and selecting products. The site architecture for each of the sites is very similar.

The main difference between the two is that FoodKick is definitely marketing itself to the young and trendy millennial generation. 

Despite their generous use of hashtags and trendy homepage, FoodKick features a lot of the same products as FreshDirect. According to an article on Brick Underground, FoodKick began life as an app, but they’ve since changed things up to allow website orders too, just like FreshDirect.

Delivery Fee

The main difference between the two companies seems to be the delivery policy. With FoodKick delivery is only available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. 

Fresh Direct, on the other hand, offers delivery in most NYC neighborhoods including the Bronx and Staten Island. It also offers deliveries all over NY state including the Hamptons. 

As a result, FreshDirect does charge more than FoodKick for delivery. For NYC, the delivery charge is a dollar more than FoodKick and for location around NY state, it can be as high as $15.99


After digging around the two websites for a while, I struggled to find any products that weren’t available on both. 

The main difference is that FoodKick heavily advertises it’s trendier products such as Kombucha and Big Gay Ice Cream. In contrast to this, Fresh Direct seems to focus on promoting fruits, veggies and family dinner style products.

Overall, the difference between the two really isn’t that great, but FoodKick does offer better value in terms of delivery. 

What I Like About FoodKick

Too me, FoodKick seems like a pretty useful and affordable service. Some of the things I like most about it include:

Low Delivery Fees

As being frugal is my passion, I can’t help but enjoy the fact that delivery is only $4.99. I mean in my ideal world, delivery would be free, but in real terms, $4.99 is a very good price. 

When you take into consideration that a lot of similar companies and meal delivery services charge a lot more than this, $4.99 really doesn’t seem like all that much

Quick Deliveries

One of the best things about FoodKick is their impossibly fast delivery. Although lots of companies offer next day delivery, they really don’t compare to FoodKick’s next hour deliveries. 

I can think of a lot of situations where this delivery option would come in very useful, especially for busy young professionals living in the city. 

The App 

Over the last few years, there has been a definite rise in the number of grocery delivery services available, but not all of them are app based. 

For me, being able to order using an app just adds that extra level of convenience that would lead me to choose FoodKick over other services. 

When you couple an app which allows you to order on-the-go with super fast delivery times, it really does make FoodKick more desirable than a lot of its competitors.

Long Delivery Hours

With FoodKick you can receive your delivery at almost any time of day. You can plan a delivery for as early as 6:30 AM and as late as 11 PM. This means that whoever you are, or whatever job you do, you’re likely to be able to find a time slot that works for you. 

Customer Service

FoodKick also offers fairly extensive customer service so that customers can easily resolve any problems with their order. Their customer service agents or ‘SideKicks’ are available from 6 PM till 12 AM to assist customers with their orders and deliveries.

They also offer free replacement products if customers aren’t completely happy with their order.

What I Don’t Like About FoodKick

As with everything though, there are always some downsides. Some things I’ll admit to not loving about FoodKick include:

Limited Delivery Locations 

Although FoodKick is definitely a service that a lot of people across the US might be interested in, it’s only available in a very limited area of NYC. For this, the company definitely loses points, as even it’s sister company Fresh Direct offers more location options than FoodKick does.

App Issues

Although the FoodKick app is very convenient, a lot of users have reported problems with the app that cause them to be unable to make an order. For a company that’s marketing itself as new-age and hip, tech issues can really be a kicker (pun intended!)

Despite the few teething problems that FoodKick seems to be dealing with, in my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons. However, my opinion isn’t the only thing that matters. So, let’s take a look at some ratings and reviews to give us a more general picture of what FoodKick customers really think.

FoodKick Reviews – What Do Others Think About FoodKick?

To get a better idea of what using FoodKick was actually like I took a look at a few popular review platforms to see what people had to say. Here’s what I found:

Google Play

On the app listing on GooglePlay, I was surprised to find that FoodKick only has a rating of 3.3 out of 5. 

While this rating isn’t exactly rock bottom, I wouldn’t consider it to be particularly good. Out of the 78 reviews, quite a few of them mention that they had experienced problems using the app. 

One reviewer wrote,

“won’t let me log in, says not connected to network though I am able to browse the site”. 

Another reviewer praised the service but was also unhappy with the app itself, saying 

“Love the service but the app is really bad. Why do I need to log in and enter my address every time I use it? I usually end up opening a Chrome tab on my phone because it’s a lot faster.”

App Store 

On the App Store, FoodKick scores a much more respectable 4.4 out of 5. After browsing the reviews, I noticed there were a lot fewer comments about app issues, so perhaps the smartphone app functions better on iPhones than it does on Android devices. 

Most of the comments on the App Store were overwhelmingly positive, with just a few people complaining that the prices were a little high.


Influenster rated the app a disappointing 3 out of 5 stars, but it seems that this may be partly because there were fewer reviews to go off. One reviewer also mentioned an issue with the app, but most of them had positive things to say about their experience. 

Based on the reviews, it seems that it may be best to use the website instead of the app if you plan on making an order, especially if you’re using an Android device.

Alternatives to FoodKick

If you’d like to use a grocery delivery service but you’re not sold on FoodKick, there are a lot of other alternatives too. Here are some other companies you might want to consider:

Fresh Direct – For NYC and NY State

If you like what FoodKick has to offer but you don’t live in any of the delivery areas, then FreshDirect is the best alternative. Like I mentioned earlier, most of the products are the same, but the delivery price can be higher than FoodKick, depending on where you live.

Peapod – For Outside of NY

Peapod is a delivery service affiliated with the popular company Stop and Shop. According to reviews they have a wide range of products deliver to a selection of cities across the US. 

In comparison to FoodKick, Peapod isn’t the best frugal option as the delivery cost is $9.99 per order.

Instacart – For Major Cities Across the US 

Instacart is an app that allows you to order groceries from stores in your local area. When the order is placed, a personal shopper will go to the store and deliver your items. 

Delivery costs for Instacart are slightly higher than FoodKick at $7.99, but there is also a yearly unlimited delivery plan that can help you to save a little money. This plan cost $149 per year but is discounted to $99 for the first year.

The good thing about Instacart is that it’s available in a bunch of different cities including  Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City and Philadelphia.

Check out our in-depth review of Instacart here.


Alright, that covers pretty much all you need to know before making an order with FoodKick.

Right now, there are still some things that FoodKick could improve on, but they’re a fairly new company, so I’m sure they’ll iron things out in the future. All in all, it seems like a great app. It’s a pretty convenient option if you hate grocery shopping or simply don’t have the time. 

If you’ve used the app or have any frugal tips to share with us about grocery deliveries, let us know in the comments!

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