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Free $20 Gift Card With $300+ Amex Gift Card Purchase

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Staples is once again holding another promotion for free gift cards – make a purchase of $300 or more in American Express Gift Cards in a single transaction and get a free $20 Staples Gift Card. This deal is available from June 5th to June 11th, 2016.


More Details

Each time you buy a prepaid gift card at a store, you’re most likely going to spend an extra $5.95 for the activation fee. Since you get a free $20 gift card on your purchase, you’re still going to make a profit. Just be sure to buy only one card so you don’t pay for multiple fees.

This deal will net you a bigger profit if you use a Chase Ink Card since you get 5% cash back at all office supply stores. This means that you’re getting $15 in cash back each time you buy a $300 gift card at Staples. Calculating this out with the free gift card and taking away the activation fee, you’re actually making about $29 in profit from this deal (300 + 15 + 20 – 5.95).

You can use the Amex gift card anywhere that accepts American Express, and you can even use it for online purchases. If you’re trying to get rid of the last few dollars on the card (which can be incredibly annoying), you can read our guide on how to turn this cash into Amazon credit.

How Can I Save Even More At Staples?

Unfortunately this deal only applies to in-store purchases, but if you want to save more on your average Staples purchase, you can use what’s called a cash back portal. These portals are online websites that are partnered with thousands of retailers across the web and have their affiliate links placed on their websites. Each time you click on one of their links to make a purchase, they earn a profit and give a portion (if not all) of this money back to you in the form of “cash back.”


Basically you earn money each time you use the links on their site. Keep in mind that you can use these portals for other retailers as well, not just Staples. This includes stores such as Walmart, KMart, etc.

The portal that we recommend in particular for Staples online purchases is TopCashBack. This portal gives you a $10 bonus just for signing-up, and you can withdraw once you receive a minimum of $10 in cash back in your account.

You get 3% in cash back from all Staples purchases (with exceptions). You can withdraw via PayPal, Amazon or Amex Gift Cards. The latter two give you a 3% bonus. There are some other portals that may give you higher rates in cash back, but this one is one of the most trustworthy.

BeFrugal is also a great shopping portal that I frequently use and have never had any problems. Combine this purchase with your Chase INK card plus the TopCashBack portal and you’re getting a total of 8% in cash back.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to grab this deal before it expires on June 11th, 2016. These deals come around about once a month at Staples, and usually only apply to Amex Gift Cards (sometimes Visa). Just be sure to use cash back portals and cash back credit cards to make the most of your purchase and maximize your savings, or you could be missing out on some major cash back. Questions? Comments? We’ll be here. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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