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8+ Free Finance Printables That Will Help You Manage Your Budget

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We mention budgeting and budgeting apps frequently on Frugal for Less. But what if you’re someone who rather seeing it all out on paper, or just doesn’t trust technology?

That’s okay too, I’m one of those people who likes to plot out feasible outcomes – “what if I saved $150 a month instead of $100?”

Much like Dr. Strange plotting out all the possible outcomes in Marvel’s Infinity War, except maybe not 14 million different endings though.

So, if you’re like me and rather write your budget out, here are more than 8 free printables to help you manage your budget:

1. Income & Expense List

Let’s start with the basics, writing down all our incoming and outgoing money.

Why is this important to do? You need to know how much you’re really bring in and how much you’re spending each month.

Here’s a free budget printable from for Excel. You can just print it off and write on it.

It’s pretty simple to use, just fill in the numbers for each category (which you can change to fit your lifestyle easily before printing), and then add up each section, transfer the totals to the bottom on “Income vs. Expenses” section, then subtract those two.

A positive number means you have money left over (Yay!). A negative number means your expenses cost more than you’re bringing in and you don’t have enough (Boo!).

This is where you can find ways to cut back to get that positive outcome you need.

2. Bill Tracker

Next, you should have something to track all your bills coming due and how much so you won’t be late and know how much money you need to have.

Missing a payment can cost you more money in the long run by incurring late fees, losing your grace period, a higher interest rate, and lower your credit score.

Here are three printables to download:

By Paycheck

This makes tracking how much of each paycheck goes to what bill coming due. This breaks it down and you know how much to save from each paycheck to save towards a larger monthly bill.

For example, you get paid $500 a week, and your monthly mortgage is $700, you can figure out to save $175 a week (4 weeks) for this payment.

Download Paycheck Printables


If you rather have a printable in a calendar layout to flip through. Print this one off for all your monthly bills.

[Insert Picture of Monthly Bill Payment Tracker]


If you rather keep it easy and just check off a box when it gets paid monthly this is a simple one that even has a section for auto-pay and notes.

Year’s Bill Pay Checklist

3. Debt Overview & Payoff

Another handy budgeting printable to have are debt overview and payoff sheets. These keep track of how much debt you owe and with which creditor, then how long it’d take to pay them off.

This Debt Overview Printable will list all your debts, their interest rates, payment amount, the balance and the payoff date.

If you follow Dave Ramsey, you will have heard of his Debt Snowball plan. Where you pay off the smallest bill first, then when that’s paid, you apply that money to the next debt, and so on.

This Debt Snowball Printable lets you list the lender, the amount owed, the minimum payment, and the snowball payment amount.

4. Savings Plan

Now that you have your budget started and listed all your debts, it’s time to work on a savings plan.

I’m going to share a few savings plan printables for you to choose from. You can pick the one that fits your budget and goals.

5. Goal Charts

These are fun printables to print off and hang around the house – on the fridge or in your office – to remind and motivate you to work towards your financial goals.

Seeing how your goal is growing is a great visual motivator. Here are a few different designs to choose from:

  • Thermometer Goal – Even has a space to glue a picture of your item you’re saving for!
  • Path to Savings – Color in each box as you save up your money
  • Multiple Goals Tracker – Track 4 different Savings Goals at once

6. College Fund

This might not seem like an important sheet to have; you have the bank statements to use to track your college savings, right?

What’s wrong with having a visual representation of it? Tracking it on a chart can either motivate you to save more, or make you aware that you’re not saving enough to make your goal in time.

It should be up there with your other goal tracking charts. Get one for each child and encourage them to help save for college as well.

7. Retirement Plan

Now, let’s check out some retirement planning printables.

Some of us just don’t know how much money we’ll need to live on once we retire, having a great worksheet to assess some numbers is a great idea. Print off as many as you want and fiddle with some numbers for various outcomes.

A good way to protect your retirement savings is not having it all in one account, but instead having a few different retirement accounts to contribute to.

But you’ll need an accounts tracker to keep track of where your accounts are, how much you have in them, and other details.

Keep updating and adjusting your retirement goals often to prevent any surprises down the road.

8. Investment Tracking

The last printable I suggest you have in your finance binder is an investment tracking printable.

You should be tracking your investment’s success or loss over time to see how they are doing overall. Any funds that are slowly spiraling downwards you can change to a better performing one.

Here’s a great spreadsheet for Excel to use to track how all your investments are doing over time.

If you rather have a printable paper version, you can use this one.

Last Word

Budgeting is so vital to your financial success that you should find a way to do it that suits you. Whether it’s an app, a software program, or simply with pen and paper.

Some websites offer a complete financial binder set to print off but many require a small fee or an email sign up to obtain the password to access these printables. But I found one site that offers one for free!

Lastly, if you don’t want loose paper all over, you can choose one of these great Amazon products:

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