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10 Free Money Earning Sites That You Should Know

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free money earning sitesWhen it comes to earning extra cash with zero investment, there are more ways than one to do it online.

There is no end to legitimate money-money making sites that seek to offer you an opportunity to earn extra cash online.

Most of these sites, however, have a common drawback; they take their time to pay your dues.

It may take weeks (or months in extremely rare occasions) to receive your payment in full.

This, of course, doesn’t automatically classify these sites as shams.

They are undoubtedly genuine; it’s just how their payment system is designed to operate.

What if you can’t stand the wait and you’re in dire need of money?

Well, fret not. Here are ten trusted free money earning sites that don’t take their sweet time to pay their dedicated users.

Some will write you a check, while most will pay via PayPal.

Want to skip the reviews? Here’s a quick list of our top 5:

Without further ado, here are the web’s most legitimate sites to earn a side income.

1. Survey Junkie

If, at one point, you may have googled ‘best ways to earn an income online’, you may have probably stumbled upon countless survey sites.

The survey panels are endless, and each one of them claims to pay higher than the other.

Most of the time, these sites promise you a fortune just by giving your honest opinion about a company, brand or institution.

So, which one do you go for? If you’re caught up in this inescapable problem, try out Survey Junkie.

At first, it’s entirely normal to doubt its authenticity.

A couple of survey sites have been known to steal your information for their benefit.

Others will not pay you at all.

Survey Junkie is among the few reputable survey sites with a membership of approximately 3,000,000 individuals.

To start, all you need to do is create a profile, answer simple questions about yourself and voila! You’re good to go.

The answers you give will help Survey Junkie decide which surveys to match you with.

Once you’re done with a review, you automatically earn points.

When it comes to how much you can make, Survey Junkie is careful not to raise your hopes too high

They clearly state on their site that ‘You will not get rich’ – which, in my opinion, is better than working under the false belief that you’ll be wrecking in millions.

On average, a single survey pays approximately $1-3. It’s not much, but it pays better than most other survey sites.

Like every other survey site, Survey Junkie doesn’t offer sufficient surveys.

If you’re fortunate, you’ll receive 2-3 surveys each week, though it’s scarce.

2. Swagbucks

Most netizens have probably heard about Swagbucks, regardless of whether or not they want to earn income online. It is among the most popular rewards site 20 million plus registered users. You make points by watching videos, playing games, shopping and, of course, taking part in surveys.

You can redeem the points you earn for gift cards as well as cash prizes. The surveys offered by Swagbucks is a combination of various sites, which gives it an upper hand in the volume of surveys it provides.

You will be redirected to sites such as Qualtrics, GlobalTestMarket, and Ipsos i-Say, to mention a few.

The extensive profile survey offered by Swagbucks helps it to find suitable matches for demographics of different backgrounds and specialties.

Because all surveys are third-party, you will be required to enter basic demographic details. Unfortunately, for each survey you apply for, you are not guaranteed a qualification because the partners are particular when it comes to choosing the desired demographic.

With that said, Swaggernauts (Swagbucks members) get a rewarding opportunity to trade their passion for typical, everyday activities for unlimited points (referred to as swag bucks or SB), which translates to gift cards and extra cash.

Disqualifications aside, Swagbucks has an entertaining and rather straightforward way of getting cash back in your wallet and raking up your savings significantly.

Swagbucks serves as a network of feasible solutions for a highly qualified survey panel and businesses alike. Prodege, LLC run it.

If you’re concerned about your personal information, you shouldn’t be. Swagbucks uses your personal information exclusively for market research purposes only. If this still bothers you, you can alternatively opt for the various activities that do not involve your info.

3. Vindale Research

As mentioned already, there are countless sites to get paid by simply completing online surveys. Vindale Research is among the trusted few that has established a positive reputation by millions of users as a legit site to earn extra cash online.

What exactly is Vindale Research? It’s a New-York based survey company that pays its members to review products and fill out online surveys. As easy as it seems, it shares a downside with all survey sites: The work is time-consuming with a not-so-pleasant pay.

The amount of money you’ll earn, however, will solely depend on the type of survey you will undertake. More often than not, some surveys are bound to pay more than others.

For instance, surveys such as medical surveys that require critical knowledge will pay better than regular surveys.

Vindale Research offers additional ways to make money. These include evaluations(earn between $5-$75), reward mail (earn up to ten cents for each mail you open and interact with), Vindale videos (make up to twenty-five cents), referrals (earn up to $5), cash contests (earn up to $15) and sending a photo of your payment (earn $5).

Though Vindale Research is a genuine site, don’t rely on it to pay your bills. Though the site seems to get plenty of mixed reviews, it is known to offer considerably higher payments for each survey, compared to most survey sites.

It takes a maximum of 5 days for you to receive your payment. This is an incredibly short waiting time, putting into consideration that most sites take more than six weeks! Though it may take a while before you strike 50 bucks (which is the maximum check-out limit), at least you’re assured of getting it eventually.

4. Ipsos i – Say

Run by a division of Ipsos, Ipsos i-say is among the world’s largest online market research firms. The best thing about it is its straightforward nature. All you need to do is take part in multiple surveys and get paid in the form of points.

You can, later on, redeem these points for a wide variety of prizes and gift cards. Unfortunately, you can only enjoy these privileges if you are 18 years or older and a native of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

The application process takes a couple of minutes because it involves a couple of typical pre-survey questions that you have to answer in a sincere point of view.

Once you’re done, activate your account by clicking the link in the confirmation email. From here, you will receive emails for survey invites, depending on whether you qualify for them or not. If you don’t qualify, you will receive free 5 points for the effort.

Though it may take a while to qualify, you’re bound to earn a lot more, say 50 or 95 points. To expound on this, 100 points is equivalent to $1. Ipsos i-Say offers its users various rewards, based on the number of points you’re eligible to redeem.

Examples of sample rewards include a $5 Starbucks Card, $10 Facebook Game Card, $15 Paypal Funds etc.

Once you log into your account, your dashboard will notify you of the surveys you’re eligible to fill out. You will also notice a ‘Polls’ section. This is a section whereby no surveys are involved, and you earn zero points from answering either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on these polls.

What it does have, however, is the rather interesting Poll Predictor. Here, you will be expected to guess the percentage of people that answered ‘Yes’ to various questions. Depending on how close your guess is, you will be awarded ‘chances’. The chances you get will enable you to qualify to the Ipsos i-Say’s prize draws.

5. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is an exclusive product testing and survey website platform. Why is it exclusive? You cannot become a member unless you receive an invitation to join. It’s worth noting that Pinecone Research is among the most challenging survey websites to join out there.

Once you’ve qualified, you become a ‘panellist.’ Pinecone Research will send you products to test sporadically via email along with surveys which pay anywhere between $3 – $5. You can get as much as $6 from product testing.

This survey platform works with a points system. For every survey you complete, you will earn a specific number of points, depending on their complexity. On the side of product testing, you also get the rare opportunity to test out products that are yet to hit the market.

If you happen to be a product geek, the fact of testing a new product before its release is, in my opinion, incentive enough to fill out a few surveys.

Good as it may sound, you only get to do this when PineCone Research sees it fit to send you products to test out. Sometimes you may fill out a ‘post-testing’ survey whereby you’ll get $3 for answering related questions and $6 for testing out the product.

Pinecone Research is a legit site to earn little extra cash. It is run by one of the top market research companies worldwide – Nielsen. It has been accredited with an A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which is tasked with the responsibility of watching out for scammers.

If this isn’t enough to convince you that this site is 100 percent legit, don’t take my word for it. Give it a try today and be sure of receiving your hard-earned cash.

6. YouGov

YouGov is a global community of online individuals who share their opinions and views on life. It was founded in 2000 in the United Kingdom.

Though it offers full-length paid surveys, the site mainly targets individuals who desire to express their opinions on controversial topics as well as current events. The information collected by YouGov via polls forms general statistics, which are published every day on their official site.

The first survey you’ll take at YouGov will be worth 2,000 points. The primary purpose of this survey is mainly for you to give additional details about yourself as the questions will mostly revolve around your date of birth, race, and gender.

Its mode of operation is relatively simple and very similar to most survey sites. Upon completion of the application process, which involves your email and password, you will be prompted to complete your first survey.

Full-length surveys offer points which are redeemable for gift cards such as Amazon as well as a wide variety of rewards such as gift cards, tote bags, and a t-shirt.

On YouGov, a $15 Amazon gift card can be redeemed for 35,000 points. Unfortunately, it will cost you more effort and time to get that $15 gift card on YouGov than it will on its rival sites. As for alternative ways to earn points, YouGov does not provide many options.

The best and only alternative to earn points is by referring your friends to this site. Once you have completed three surveys, you will receive 4,000 points. Your friend(s) will be rewarded with extra 2,000 points.

For experienced affiliate marketers out there, sign up on YouGov’s affiliate program and earn up to $3 per lead.

7. PointClub

PointClub is operated and owned by Market Research, which also runs iPoll. The company itself has a reputation of having the best online surveys. They are also said to be fun and easy.

Fortunately for interested potential members overseas, PointClub can be accessed outside the U.S., but membership is strictly limited to individuals over 18 years. Accessing the site globally, however, means that the materials represented are available or appropriate for use/consumption outside the U.S.

The contemporary layout of the member’s dashboard and the overall set up of the ‘clubhouse’ are the first features to notice once you have completed the sign-up process.

The Clubhouse contains a list of recommended surveys based on the information you filled out on your profile. It also indicates the length of the survey and the number of points you stand to earn. This is a step ahead of other survey sites with regards to uniqueness and navigation.

The layout upgrade will enable mobile and desktop to find earning opportunities easily. ‘Point Bank’, the new feature, gives you the chance to choose your reward. The system will then automatically pick out the preferred activities for you to attain your desired goal(s) in the shortest time.

Complete surveys from the list provided or from your mail once you’ve qualified from a new survey. It would probably be best to regularly log in to your account to check for available opportunities.

Each survey typically takes 5-30 minutes to complete. A single survey is worth 500 – 5,000 points. 1,000 points are equal to $1. Fully registered members can take advantage of PointClub’s 10,000 points daily giveaway, which is equivalent to making $10 a day.

8. InboxDollars 

If you’re looking for a way of making money securely, with little to no effort, and most of all legitimately, Inbox Dollars is just for you.

It’s an online rewards club that pays its customers in real cash and not points for their daily mobile and desktop activities. The activities involved range from taking research surveys, reading emails, watching videos, playing games… the list is endless.

Also, Inbox Dollars rewards loyal members on a regular basis with a range of incredible prizes.

In a nutshell, what this genuine loyalty program does is to connect products with consumers in a highly beneficial manner on both sides, while simultaneously rewarding members with prizes and cash for simply interacting with different brands through their online activities.

When you sign up, you get an instant reward worth $5. All you need to do is key in your email, create a strong password and finally confirm your account. You will be required to answer standard pre-survey questions about your marital status, kids, race and a few other personal stuff.

Inbox Dollars has gone out of the cliche ‘points to cash’ method and advanced to direct and efficient cash payment. Earning money at your own pace, anywhere and anytime has never been easier.

Here, what you see is really what you get – every dollar you see on your balance dashboard is yours to cash out. The best thing about it is that it is a genuine online rewards program free of any charges.

If you like searching the net for random stuff, playing games, watching videos, completing surveys and other internet related activities, why not get paid for it? Open your free Inbox Dollars account and start earning easy money today!

9. MyPoints

Since 1996, MyPoints has been rewarding its members, while at the same time rapidly growing its membership. US and Canada citizens can acquire MyPoints membership at no cost at all.

If you’re a native of the US, you can also sign up for a free account. However, you’ll be limited to the prizes that the site has to offer. Start earning points immediately you’re done signing up. These points will later be exchanged for cash, airline miles, and gift cards.

Like Inbox Dollars, MyPoints also has many activities you can take part in to earn extra points. They include shopping online, reading mail, local deals, watching videos, searching the web, printing coupons, playing games, referring friends and filling out surveys.

Once you reach 700 points, which is the maximum number of points to redeem, you can go ahead and exchange them for gift cards inclusive of 70 top restaurant and retail brands, that get a direct deposit to your PayPal account or Visa prepaid card.

The cash you earn from filling out surveys will vary based on the length of the survey. A fantastic feature that makes MyPoints stand out is the fact that the survey points can be used immediately, no delays whatsoever.

When you compare this with other survey sites that will make you wait for up to 12 weeks for your balance to be updated, you can sincerely appreciate what MyPoints is offering its members.

You can download the MyPoints app that is available on both Android and iOS platforms. From there, you can make use of the diverse methods of earning points to trade them for real money.

10. Panda Research

Sharing similarity to these and more survey sites the worldwide web has to offer, Panda Research acts as a bridge between you and the brands that desire to know more about you. This involves what you enjoy doing, what you despise, your family members, and such-like information.

It has been operational since 2005, which officially classifies it among the longest-running survey websites.

For individuals who do not frequently qualify for its surveys, Panda Research offers a variety of alternative money-making activities that could prove extremely resourceful.

You could enter giveaways once you complete surveys, refer friends and family, receive special promotions and discounts, fully paid and free offers, and also read paid emails. Panda Research is only available for citizens in the United States who are 18 years or older.

If you’re familiar with how other survey sites work, you will have no problem navigating your way through Panda Research. It is known to pay its users for surveys that have been fully completed. It will credit your account with the stated amount in the survey invitation.

To receive your payments in full, you will need a working PayPal account. Once you’ve attained the minimum withdrawal amount of $50, and half of it has to be from completed offers, only then can you receive your payment.

It pays twice a month – on the 1st and the 15th. If you’re seeking to earn a steadier stream of income, Panda Research is a survey site worth giving a shot.

You are bound to receive higher payout rates, ranging from $25 to $75. Though it has mixed reviews among its users, you would be wise to try it out and see whether it works for you or not.

Wrapping Up

With that said, it is crucial for you to keep an eye out for scammers and ‘fast’ money making sites. Some of them will go as far as selling your valuable and personal information to rogues who may, later on, become a cyber threat to you and your family.

Generally, the ones to closely watch out for are the ones that sound too good to be true. Just focus on the listed money making sites, and you will be assured of getting paid for your hard work. Eventually.

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